Fleet Maintenance - 49

Eliminates dry starts

Mounts to most trucks
The Minimizer 50" Underbody and Chest Tool
Box mounts easily to most trucks and is made from
a proprietary material that the company says will
never rust, corrode, crack, or need paint. The 50"
toolbox comes in six standard colors: black, red,
white, silver, yellow, and granite. It is also available
in two styles: chest and underbody. Minimizer tool
boxes come with a lifetime warranty.

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The Lucas Oil Heavy
Duty Oil Stabilizer is a
pure petroleum multi-use
oil supplement formulated
to eliminate dry starts and
reduce friction, heat, and
wear in any type of engine.
It allows motor oils a higher degree of lubricity which
reduces oil consumption and operating temperatures. Lucas Oil Stabilizer is used in gear oil to stop
leaks, reduce operating temperatures, and increase
the life of the gear oil. Since it is pure petroleum,
it can safely blend with all other automotive lubricants, even synthetics, ATF, and mineral oil.

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Built to handle
winter conditions
The Double Coin
RSD3 Drive Position
Tire is designed
for all-seasons and
severe winter conditions. The tire features zigzag siping
and a tread block design for increased performance
and wear. It also offers ultimate traction on all road
surfaces and conditions as well as an open shoulder design for added cleaning ability in winter conditions. The 225/70R19.5 RSD3 has a load index of
128/126N, 14PR (Load Range G), and N speed rating.

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Auto-locking coupler mechanism
The CURT SecureLatch Series consists of pintle hooks, ball, and pintle combination hitches and lunette rings, as
well as pintle mounts and channel mounts. The pintle hitches feature a patented auto-locking lever that engages
the primary latch without any manual coupling required. The lunette rings come with an integrated locking pin that
accepts a padlock. Insert the pin to protect the trailer when it's unattended and turn the pin 90 degrees while coupled. The pintle hooks and combos have a cupped design that tightly holds the lunette ring, fore, and aft. The pintle
mounts adjust vertically, but use slots instead of fixed holes, making adjustments easier.

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The CanDo HD TPMS is an activation tool with functionalities specifically
designed for the maintenance of trucks and buses. Read sensors in twin
wheels and manage up to 22 wheels! The tool is compatible with today's
leading truck and bus TPMS sensors and can be updated with new heavy
transport vehicles as soon as they are introduced.

Activates and reads OE sensors in seconds


Check tire pressure to prevent under-inflation


Check sensor battery levels to prevent sensor failure



Display sensor ID, tire pressure and temperature,
battery status and more!
Identifies the sensor by vehicle and sensor reference,
or simply scan all protocols to activate



Compact to easily fit under the
wheel arch
Manage and store up to
22 wheels


Frequent updates


3 years software included!




http://www.VehicleServicePros.com/21118526 http://www.VehicleServicePros.com/21115191 http://www.VehicleServicePros.com/21115134 http://www.VehicleServicePros.com/21114848 http://WWW.CANDOINTL.COM http://www.VehicleServicePros.com/11078899

Fleet Maintenance

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Vehicles: What's Next in Federal Vehicle Emissions Standards?
In the Bay: Technician Tool Support
Shop Operations: State of the Industry
Taking the Extra Step to Prevent Wheel-offs
Planning Ahead for Vehicle Cybersecurity Threats
Management: How Do You Know When to Replace a Vehicle?
Economic Outlook: Won't Get Fooled Again
Letter from the Editor: Real-world Views on Parts, Service, and Operations
Tools & Equipment
Guest Editorial: Moisture in Trailer Brakes is Not Just a Nuisance
Hand & Specialty Tools Supplement
Specialty Hand Tools: The Problem Solvers
Time to Multitask
Get a Hold on Hand Tool Safety
Electric Vehicle Tool Set
Tool Review
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Fleet Maintenance - Management: How Do You Know When to Replace a Vehicle?
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Fleet Maintenance - Specialty Hand Tools: The Problem Solvers
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Fleet Maintenance - Get a Hold on Hand Tool Safety
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