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A roundup of the latest tool and equipment offerings.

Features lower vibration
The Jet 4", 5", and 7" Industrial Angle Grinders
feature long lasting and powerful motors to meet
continuous work demands. The 4" and 5" have a
1.2hp motor and the 7" has a 1.8hp motor. The
grinders offer precision beveled gears that produce
lower vibration and a longer operating life, a refined
spindle lock design for easy wheel changes, and
a lock off safety lever to protect against accidental startup. It also has an adjustable wheel safety
guard to control spark direction and an adjustable
exhaust to direct air away from the operator. The
4" ( JAT-464) has a free speed of 13,000 rpm, the 5"
( JAT-465) has 12,000 rpm, and the 7" ( JAT-467)
has 7,600 rpm.

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Combines a spotlight with
a wide-angle floodlight
The STKR BAMFF 8.0 Dual LED Tactical
Flashlight combines a powerful spotlight for long
distance visibility with a wide-angle floodlight.
These two LEDs can be used simultaneously or
independently to provide users with more light
and increase their overall visibility. The BAMFF 8.0,
which stands for Broad Array Multi Flood Flashlight,
features an aircraft grade aluminum body, waterproof construction, removable belt clip, S.O.S. and
strobe modes, and a tactical style bludgeon tip
for self-defense. The flashlight emits 800 lm and is
powered by a 2600mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
or AAA batteries.

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Offers a 120-degree wide beam angle
The Capri Tools Handheld Rechargeable 620
Lumen LED Work Light allows users to freely adjust light
output with a dimmer switch that can easily switch between
cool white light and UV leak detection modes. The 10mm
thin design lets the user navigate tough-to-light narrow spots
with ease and a magnetic base secures the worklight to any
flat steel surface in any orientation with a 360 degree swivel
to provide maximum handsfree coverage. The worklight is
rechargeable and offers three hours of battery life at maximum brightness.

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Features a dual-spray pattern
and volume adjuster
The B'laster ProStraw with Control Flow
Technology offers a dual-spray pattern and volume adjuster that allows users to control the flow
of product for each specific application. Users are
able to simply flip the straw up for pinpoint precision and down for wide coverage. The ProStraw also
features a clear straw to monitor the volume and
an ergonomic button for comfort. The ProStraw is
currently available on PB B'laster, a penetrant that
quickly busts loose rusted or frozen parts caused
by rust and corrosion.

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Extended neck offers a longer reach in tight spaces
The Milwaukee M12 FUEL Extended Reach Ratchets
feature a slim head profile with an extended neck that gives
users a longer reach in tight spaces. The 3/8" ratchet, No.
2560-21, delivers up to 200 rpm and 55 ft-lbs, and the 1/4"
ratchet, No. 2559-21, delivers up to 250 rpm and up to 40
ft-lbs. The M12 FUEL Extended Reach Ratchets also feature
Milwaukee's Powerstate brushless motor, Redlithium battery
pack, and Redlink Plus Intelligence hardware and software. A
cast steel yoke housing and anvil materials provide a robust
and durable solution to withstand shop and jobsite use.

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Wi-Fi signal covers 20m distance
The Oasis Scientific Vividia W1149 Wi-Fi Dual-Camera Borescope
features two small cameras mounted on a 42" long 4.9mm diameter
insertion tube. One is forward facing and the other is side-mounted for
a 90-degree view. Its free app, "Videoscope i" is available from both the
Apple app store and Google play store. The Wi-Fi signal can cover a 20m
distance, and the built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery can last for two
hours after a full charge. The insertion probe is semi-rigid for easy operation and able to bend to desired angles. The borescope is suitable for
car repair and maintenance, home and building inspection, A/C examination, and industrial quality control.

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Removes rusted and
corroded recessed lug nuts
The Induction Innovations
Mini-Ductor Thin Wall Coil
Pack is designed for use with
the Mini-Ductor series. The
Mini-Ductor series product line allows users to release hardware from
corrosion or thread lock compounds, without the dangers of an open
flame. The Thin Wall Coil Pack offers four of the most common sizes and
enables users to release rusted or corroded recessed lug nuts in a matter
of seconds, says the company. The pack includes a 19mm, 21mm, 23mm,
and 25mm thin wall coil, and comes in a compact storage tube.

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February 2020 | VehicleServicePros.com


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