Fleet Maintenance - 52


Charges and maintains 12V
lead-acid batteries
The PulseTech SP-12, SP-7, and SP-3 SolarPulse
Battery Chargers and Maintainers are designed
to charge, maintain, and desulfate any 12V lead-acid
batteries including VRLA, AGM, gel, and flooded
cell on outdoor vehicles and equipment, without
danger of overcharging or overheating. The SP-12
provides a full 12W of power and is ideal for use
on three to four 12V lead-acid batteries connected
in parallel. The SP-7 provides 7W of power and is
ideal for use on two batteries in parallel, while the
SP-3 provides 3W of power and is ideal for a use on
a single battery. These solar battery charger maintainers are durable and supply the needed power
in a sturdy, small-sized panel allowing for numerous
installation options.

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Features an adjustable trigger mode
The Mac Tools Digital Multimeter, EM721, is
designed to offer accurate automotive electronics
tests and advanced measurements with DC/AC
volts, DC/AC amps, and resistance. The handheld,
battery-operated multimeter also provides accurate frequency and pulse measurements with a
20,000 count on the high resolution 4,000 count
display. It performs diode and continuity tests,
has an advanced measure for sensor and actuators, and a temperature measurement up to 2,498
degrees F for catalytic converters, fan switches,
and more. The multimeter features an adjustable
trigger mode, analog bar graph, USB communication, and a backlit display.

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Bends and expands 2" to 3" pipes
The Huth Ben Pearson International HB-05
Essentials Package is designed to handle everything one needs to bend and expand 2" to 3" pipes,
including tooling. The Essentials Package includes
Huth's Model 1605 Manual Knee Control Bender
and 023 Die Package. The bender is made of steel
I-beam construction and is capable of bending
round, square, and rectangular tubing and pipe.
The HB-05 features knee control activation, manual
depth-of-bend control, and has 58,000 lbs of bending power. The package includes the essential tooling sizes used in many shops for bending, forming,
and slip fit connections.

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Converts smartphone into a code scanner and DPF tool
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The CanDo LD Mobile is designed to transform an iOS or Android smart
device into a code scanner and DPF tool for light duty trucks. The LD
Mobile is a single connector with Bluetooth connectivity that offers full
bidirectional controls and coverage for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda,
and Nissan pickup trucks. It features access to engine, transmission, ABS,
SRS, and body control modules. It is also able to read and clear codes,
present live data with graphing, perform DPF resets and regeneration,
and more. The LD Mobile covers SAE J1850PWM and VPW, ISO 14230-4,
9141-2, 15765-4, and CAN protocols.

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Simplifies used oil collection for recycling
by Joel Levitt
Author of the book
Basics of Fleet Maintenance
Contributing Author
Fleet Maintenance

10 Minutes a Week to Great Time
Management starts the journey with a
strategic overview of time management. The
work is organized around a new three-part
model that can instantly make a difference
in how you view your day ahead: Right Mind,
Right Tools, Right Thing. Time management
allows you to fulfill commitments while
keeping your sanity.
Say YES to time management!

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The Herkules OFC1 Oil Filter Crusher is designed to crush a single
oil filter up to 8" tall, reducing it in size by up to 80 percent. According
to the company, the crusher extracts up to 98 percent of the oil, so
that it can be recycled. The OFC1 is air operated, using 90-120 psi
standard shop air and requires little maintenance. It is available in
both bench and stand-alone models. It is made in the U.S.A.

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Roller clutch impact mechanism prevents kickback
The AIRCAT 810-RW 3/8" Mini Impacting Ratchet provides
50 ft-lb of maximum torque. The roller clutch impact mechanism
prevents kickback and, with its compact design, is ideal for working
on smaller fasteners in tight locations. The patented AIRCAT silencing technology reduces noise levels to 86 dBA. The mini impacting ratchet also features a
forward/reverse switch with a safety lock to prevent unwanted directional changes, ergonomic composite over mold grip for comfort, and 550 rpm to offer ultra-fast
run-down. The tool weighs 1.43 lbs and is 6.3" in length.

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52 Fleet Maintenance | February 2020

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Fleet Maintenance

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Fleet Maintenance

Vehicles: What's Next in Federal Vehicle Emissions Standards?
In the Bay: Technician Tool Support
Shop Operations: State of the Industry
Taking the Extra Step to Prevent Wheel-offs
Planning Ahead for Vehicle Cybersecurity Threats
Management: How Do You Know When to Replace a Vehicle?
Economic Outlook: Won't Get Fooled Again
Letter from the Editor: Real-world Views on Parts, Service, and Operations
Tools & Equipment
Guest Editorial: Moisture in Trailer Brakes is Not Just a Nuisance
Hand & Specialty Tools Supplement
Specialty Hand Tools: The Problem Solvers
Time to Multitask
Get a Hold on Hand Tool Safety
Electric Vehicle Tool Set
Tool Review
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Fleet Maintenance - Taking the Extra Step to Prevent Wheel-offs
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Fleet Maintenance - Planning Ahead for Vehicle Cybersecurity Threats
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Fleet Maintenance - Management: How Do You Know When to Replace a Vehicle?
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Fleet Maintenance - Economic Outlook: Won't Get Fooled Again
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Fleet Maintenance - Letter from the Editor: Real-world Views on Parts, Service, and Operations
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Fleet Maintenance - Tools & Equipment
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Fleet Maintenance - Guest Editorial: Moisture in Trailer Brakes is Not Just a Nuisance
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Fleet Maintenance - Hand & Specialty Tools Supplement
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Fleet Maintenance - Specialty Hand Tools: The Problem Solvers
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Fleet Maintenance - Time to Multitask
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Fleet Maintenance - Get a Hold on Hand Tool Safety
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Fleet Maintenance - Electric Vehicle Tool Set
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