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point, and [fleets] have that uptime they are
looking for."
As e-Propulsion systems allow for regenerative
braking, installation of such systems can lead to a
benefit in decreased intervals of braking system
maintenance and extended brake life, as well as a
reduction in time, cost, and effort associated with
servicing the brakes.
Dana provides two avenues of support regarding service parts for their e-Axles, as customers
can go through OEM dealers or utilize danaaftermarket.com to obtain the service parts needed.
Servicing the e-Axle itself has not caused many
changes to the PM procedure for technicians. The
most notable difference would be that technicians are now dealing with high-voltage cabling
and batteries. PMs associated with high-voltage
cabling require safety precautions to be taken
by service professionals. Wearing personal
protective equipment, properly disconnecting
the battery, and lock-out/tag-out procedures all
must be integrated into a fleet's PMs.
Dana's Driveline Forensics training videos and
the Aftermarket Training Academy provide training and educational information for technicians
that are servicing the e-Axles. These resources
develop alongside product development, ensuring technicians understand how to maintain the
vehicle's components.
Allison Transmission, manufacturer of
commercial-duty automatic transmissions and
electric hybrid propulsion systems, offers the
ABE Series e-Axle for the bus market and the
AXE Series e-Axle for medium and heavy duty
trucks. The ABE Series e-Axle is a compact and
fully integrated bolt-in system that replaces

With further federal
and state regulation
changes imminent,
technologies available
today and in the future
are on the path of
potentially drastic change.

the entire traditional powertrain within the
existing frame. Its installation allows space for
battery packs and other electrical components
to be installed. The AXE Series e-Axle is a fully
integrated powertrain system that fits inside a
standard frame along the axle of commercial
trucks. This system includes power electronics
for a complete powertrain solution.
The ABE and AXE Series e-Axles provide
good torque without the noise
associated with a combustion
engine. Not only is there a
noise reduction, but there is an
emissions reduction as well.
"Electric vehicles can also
reduce the emissions that
contribute to climate change,
thus decreasing environmental
damage," says Michael Foster,
chief technology officer, Allison
Adoption of e-Axles in EVs
indirectly affects other vehicle
systems, as there is no longer
an engine, transmission, fuel
system, or aftertreatment.
Hybridization with combustion engines also elicits
improvements on vehicle
systems, particularly extending part life and extending
service intervals, ultimately
resulting in a reduction of
maintenance costs. Vehicle
accessories will need to be
adapted in order to operate
through electricity. Foster also
speaks to the alteration of vehicle system sensors, as different
sensors will be required while
traditional sensors are eliminated. "Sensors are designed
to continually monitor vehicle operation and capture data
when vehicles' components
fail to operate correctly. With
new electrified components,
traditional sensors will be
unable to connect," says Foster.
The ABE and AXE Series
e-Axles offer significant maintenance benefits, as there
are no fluid changes and the
systems contain considerably

fewer parts for wear and tear. "Additionally, with
the advancement of telematics, there will be
more diagnostics ahead of time to ensure vehicles are maintained at the appropriate intervals
and repairs made before any major issues arise,"
says Foster.
The main challenge facing the adoption of
electrified systems is the training that will be
required of technicians servicing such systems.

ยป The TM4 SUMO HD is an electric
powertrain system designed to interface
with standard rear differentials without
the need for an intermediate gearbox.
Images courtesy of Dana Incorporated


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