Fleet Maintenance - 48

How to get involved
Step 1 Register
Any technician employed in the
trucking industry may register for
TMC's National Technician Skills
Competitions and must do so by the
August 16 deadline.
The entry fee for TMC technician
members is $275. The entry fee for
non-member technicians is $375,
which also includes TMC technician
membership for the balance of 2019.
The entry fee is waived for verified
champions of 2019 state trucking
association technician skills contests.

ยป TMCSuperTech is considered trucking's only industrywide national technician skills competition.
Photo courtesy of TMC

Finding the
best of the best
Six steps to participating in
the TMC National Technician
Skills Competitions

TMCSuperTech 2019 marks the
15th anniversary of the Technology &
Maintenance Council (TMC) National
Technician Skills Competitions,
designed to determine the industry's top technician through a variety of troubleshooting tests and skills
Organized by TMC's Professional
Technician Development Committee
(PTDC), TMCSuperTech 2019 will
showcase the high degree of skill
and knowledge shown every day by
trucking industry technicians. This
competition is considered trucking's

only industry-wide competition
dedicated both to honoring technician professionalism and acknowledging the "best of the best."
This year's competition schedule
includes a written test, a series of
qualifying rounds, and the final
Hands-on Skills Challenge. For
2019, there will be three professional tracks - traditional (heavy
duty), trailer, and light/medium
vehicle. The traditional (heavy duty)
track spans two days - Sunday and
Monday. The trailer and light/medium tracks will take place on Monday.

Step 2 Come to Raleigh
The competitions will be held at the
Raleigh Convention Center, Sept.
15-16. Registration opens Saturday,
September 14, where attendees will
be given TMCSuperTech credentials.
The orientation takes place Sunday,
September 15 at 7 AM.
Step 3 Compete in the
qualifying rounds
All traditional (heavy duty) track
contestants will compete in qualifying rounds on Sunday, September 15,
consisting of several hands-on skill
pre-qualification tests. There are no
qualifying rounds for the trailer or
light/medium technician tracks.
Step 4 Attend the reception
After the qualifying rounds, at the
TMCSuperTech 2019 Reception
contestants who will compete in
the traditional (heavy duty) track
finals on Monday, September 16 will
be announced. A maximum of 119
traditional track contestants will
advance to compete in Monday's
Hands-on Skills Challenge. Certified
grand champions from State
Trucking Association contests will
automatically be included in the
Hands-on Skills Challenge.
Step 5 Enjoy the finals
On Monday from 8 AM to 4 PM, qualifying contestants will compete in a

TMCFutureTech 2019
The National Student Technician Competition consists of a set of skill
stations for technician students to be held on Monday, September 16.
Winners will be announced at Tuesday's TMCSuperTech 2019 Awards
Banquet, which is open to both contestants and meeting attendees.
Student registration is limited to 80 individuals for 2019. The student
competition registration fee is $200. The registration cutoff is August 16.
"TMC's Professional Technician Development Committee organizes
skills competitions to further our efforts to promote careers for professional commercial vehicle technicians in all segments of the trucking industry," said Robert Braswell,
executive director of ATA's Technology & Maintenance Council. "For 2019, TMC is able to continue the
National Student Technician Competition thanks to our official sponsor, the TechForce Foundation."

48 Fleet Maintenance | July 2019

Sunday, September 15
7 to 8:30 AM
TMCSuperTech 2019 Heavy
Duty Track Orientation and
Qualifying Written Exams
9 AM to 4 PM
TMCSuperTech2019 Heavy
Duty Track Qualifying Rounds
7 to 8 PM
Welcome Reception and
Hands-on Skills Challenge
Finalists announcement
Monday, September 16
7:30 AM to 4 PM
* TMCFutureTech 2019
National Student
Technician Competition
* Trailer Track Competition
* Light/Medium Track
8 AM to 4 PM
Traditional (Heavy Duty)
Track Hands-on Skills
Challenge finals
Tuesday, September 17
7 to 8 PM
TMCSuperTech 2019
and TMCFutureTech
2019 Awards Banquet

series of stations, covering a variety
of diagnostic skills areas.
Observers are welcome on the
competition floor, too.
Step 6 Attend the
awards banquet
The winners of the competition
will be announced and presented
trophies and prizes during TMC's
Industry Awards Banquet. Awards
will be given for first, second, and
third best in the overall competition and separately for the trailer
track. Winners will also be named
for those receiving the best score at
each skills station.
First Place: TMCSuperTech Grand
Champion will receive an expensepaid trip to the 2019 Daytona 500,
plus other prizes. The winner will
also be presented with a special
trophy and his or her name will
appear on the TMCSuperTech Grand
Champion Banner that is displayed
at every TMC meeting. Second place
and third place winners will also
receive trophies and valuable prizes. Individuals who place "Best in
Skills Category" will be recognized
as well.


Fleet Maintenance

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Fleet Maintenance

Uptime - How you can make the most out of your shop's ROs
Foundation for success: How do you find and keep technician talent?
Vehicles - Examining the e-systems available for today's fleets
In the Bay - Do techs understand the fundamentals of electrical system diagnosis?
Shop Operations - How to assess replacement parts
Reman, Rebuild, Replace - Reasons fleets should consider reman
Economic Outlook - Uncertainties with today's global economy
Tire Tactics - Factors to help determine the lifecycle of tires
Management - The "shop improvement" conundrum
Fleet Parts & Components
Tools & Equipment
Guest Editorial - Increase shop efficiencies through fluid management
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Fleet Maintenance - 2
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Fleet Maintenance - 4
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Fleet Maintenance - Uptime - How you can make the most out of your shop's ROs
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Fleet Maintenance - Foundation for success: How do you find and keep technician talent?
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Fleet Maintenance - In the Bay - Do techs understand the fundamentals of electrical system diagnosis?
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Fleet Maintenance - Reman, Rebuild, Replace - Reasons fleets should consider reman
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