Fleet Maintenance - 49


Overview of
competition tracks
Competition Skill Stations will consist of the
following skill areas:
SUNDAY: Qualifying
There will be a total of 13
skill stations in Sunday's
qualifying round. Each
station, featuring table-top
equipment mock-ups, will
be divided into 10 substations. Each station rotation
will last 25 minutes. The
13 stations will be:
* HD1: Written Test
(two rotations)
* HD2: RP Manual
* HD3: Wiring Diagrams
* HD4: Safety &
* HD5: Fuels & Lubricants
* HD6: Coolants & DEF
* HD7: Aftertreatment #1
* HD8: Electrical Circuits
* HD9: Fasteners
* HD10: Precision
* HD11: Service Information
* HD12: CSA Compliance
* HD13: Cybersecurity
MONDAY: Hands-on
Skills Challenge (Finals)
There will be a total of 13
skill stations in Monday's
Hands-on Skills Challenge.
Each station will be divided
into seven substations.
Each station will last 25
minutes including an
opening two-minute
instruction period. The
13 stations will be:
* HD14: Brakes (two
* HD15: Wheel End
* HD16: Fifth Wheel
* HD17: Liftgates
* HD18: Heating, Ventilation,
& Air Conditioning (HVAC)
* HD19: Tire & Wheel
* HD20: Tractor Preventive
* Inspection (PMI)
* HD21: Starting & Charging
* HD22: Steering &
* HD23: Telematics
* HD24: Aftertreatment &
Integrated Powertrains
(two rotations)
* HD25: Holding Pen #1
* HD26: Holding Pen #2
Twenty-five minutes will
be allotted to each cycle.
Orientation, instructions, and
task completion will occur
within this time allotment.
At end of 25 minutes, with
appropriate signal, contestants will be escorted to next
station within rotation.

The Trailer Technician
Track will consist of the
following skill areas:
* T1: Written Test
(two rotations)
* T2: 7-Pin Receptacle
& Plug Repair
* T3: Hydraulics
* T4: Electrical Circuits
* T5. Trailer Wheel End
* T6: Precision Measuring
* T7: Trailer Fasteners
* T8: Trailer Preventive

Inspection (PMI)
* T9: Trailer Alignment
* T10: Roll-up Doors
* T11: Trailer Lighting
* T12: Liftgates
* T13: Central Tire Inflation
* T14: Trailer Electrical
* T15: Trailer Antilock
Braking System (ABS)
* T16: Trailer Telematics
Twenty-five minutes will
be allotted to each cycle.
Orientation, instructions, and
task completion will occur
within this time allotment.
At end of 25 minutes, with
appropriate signal, contestants will be escorted to next
station within rotation.

The Light/Medium
Technician Track will consist
of the following skill areas:
* LM1: Written Test
* LM2: Fasteners
* LM3: Wiring Diagrams
* LM4: RP Manuals
* LM5: Coolants & DEF
* LM6: Precision Measuring
* LM7: Electrical Circuits
* LM8: Hydraulics
& Drivebelts
* LM9: Fuel & Lubricants
* LM10: Wheel End
* LM11: EVAP Systems
* LM12: LMV Preventive
Inspection (PMI)
* LM13: LMV Liftgates
* LM14: Service Information
* LM15: LMV Aftertreatment
Twenty-five minutes will
be allotted to each cycle.
Orientation, instructions, and
task completion will occur
within this time allotment.
At end of 25 minutes, with
appropriate signal, contestants will be escorted to next
station within rotation.

* FT1 ASE Written Test
(two rotations)
* FT2: Fasteners
* FT3: RP Manuals
* FT4: Service Information
* FT5: Wiring Diagrams
* FT6: PMI
* FT7: Electrical Circuits
* FT8: Safety &
* FT9: Fuel & Lubricants
* FT10: Precision Measuring
* FT11: Coolants & DEF
* FT12: Trailer Lighting
* FT13: Trailer Wheel End
* FT14: Aftertreatment
* FT15: Hydraulics
& Drivebelts
Twenty-five minutes will
be allotted to each cycle.
Orientation, instructions, and
task completion will occur
within this time allotment.
At end of 25 minutes, with
appropriate signal, contestants will be escorted to next
station within rotation.

TMC Recommended Practices Enter Appeal Period

The Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) of American Trucking Associations is proposing adoption of the following Recommended Practices.
* Proposed RP 182(T), Troubleshooting 12-Volt
Cranking and Charging Systems Equipped
With Three Terminal Ultracapacitors. This
Recommended Practice (RP) provides
a sequential procedure for evaluating or
troubleshooting the electrical charging and
cranking systems of heavy-duty vehicles
with three-terminal ultracapacitors (UCs)
which utilize the added third "S+" terminal
design during a pilot inspection, preventive
maintenance (PM) inspection, or repair/
diagnostic procedure.
* Proposed RP 184(T), High-Voltage Cable For
Heavy-Duty Truck Wiring Systems. This RP
defines the terminology and specifications for
high-voltage primary or shielded cable that
meets the performance requirements needed to
design and service heavy-duty truck, tractor or
trailer electrical systems.
* Proposed RP 203E(T), Truck/Bus Tire
Regrooving. This RP presents two federal
regulations that must be followed when
regrooving heavy-duty truck and bus tires, and
covers the recommended steps that should be
followed to avoid causing damage to the tire.
* Proposed RP 230C(T), Tire Test Procedures
For Tread Wear, Serviceability and Fuel
Economy. This RP provides guidelines on tire
testing procedures.
* Proposed RP 231C(T), Wheel System
Maintenance Labeling Guidelines. This RP
establishes a standard format for wheel system
maintenance labels that are installed by fleets
and original equipment manufacturers on
trucks, tractors, trailers, chassis, dollies and
other vehicles.
* Proposed RP 232B(T), Inspection Procedures
To Identify Potential Sidewall "Zipper
Rupture" In Truck and Bus Tires. This RP
provides inspection procedures for identifying
potential circumferential ruptures, also known
as "zipper ruptures" on truck and bus tires
(Load Range "F" and higher) and light truck

tires (Load Range "E" and lower) of steel cord
radial construction.
* Proposed RP 239B(T), Commercial Vehicle
Tire Inflation and/or Monitoring Systems
Guidelines. This RP covers current capabilities
and basic operation of tire inflation and
pressure monitoring systems. It is designed to
help fleets select tire inflation and monitoring
systems for commercial truck tires.
* Proposed RP 240B(T), Steel Wheel and Rim
Refinishing Guidelines. This RP provides
guidelines and inspection criteria for steel
wheel and rim refinishing and for evaluating
refinishing suppliers.
* Proposed RP 264(T), Guidelines For
Tire Shop Tools and Equipment. This RP
provides guidelines for setting up or making
improvements to tire shop work areas and
service vehicles. These tool and equipment
recommendations apply to the servicing of tire/
wheel assemblies on Class 4-8 vehicles.
* Proposed RP 332C(T), Guidelines For Hoses,
Clamps, and Fittings For Cooling and Charge
Air Cooler Systems. This RP addresses the
proper use of hose clamps used on all engine
support systems. It describes the proper
matching of hose clamp and hose application
on cooling and charge air cooler engine support
* Proposed RP 414C(T), Truck Cab Air
Conditioner Specification Guidelines. This
RP is designed to help industry professionals
reduce heavy-duty truck air conditioner
problems through better specifications when
purchasing and designing new vehicles.
* Proposed RP 445(T), Power Management
Strategies For In-Cab Medical Devices (PAP).
This Recommended Practice (RP) offers
guidelines for specifying and implementing
power management strategies for in-cab, air
pressure medical devices, such as Type A,B
and C positive airway pressure (PAP) devices
used in the treatment of sleep apnea.

* Proposed RP 631C(T), Recommendations
For Wheel End Lubrication. This RP offers
equipment users recommendations and
operational considerations for selecting,
inspecting and using lubricants in wheel
end applications for Class 3-8 trucks, buses,
tractors, and trailers designed for on-highway
* Proposed RP 746A(T), Drawbar Length
Considerations. This RP offers a
comprehensive source of information for fleets
and manufacturers to use when specifying
drawbar lengths on commercial vehicles with
the exception of driveaway/towaway and
stringer-steered applications.
* Proposed RP 1115A(T), Guidelines For
Qualifying Products Claiming a Fuel Economy
Benefit. This RP provides equipment users
with guidelines on how to qualify, or critically
review, product claims of improved fuel
* Proposed RP 1616A(T), Mobile Maintenance
Safety. This RP helps ensure that mobile
maintenance technicians have as safe of a work
environment as possible. This RP outlines
safety protocols and procedures for running a
mobile maintenance operation.
Any party may submit a written request of appeal
of a proposed Recommended Practice (RP). However, the request must be received by the Technology & Maintenance Council within 90 days of
publication of this notice. If no appeals are made
at the end of the 90 days, the RP will be formally
adopted by TMC. (The suffix "T" indicates an RP
is proposed.)
With the printing of this issue of Fleet Maintenance, the following RPs are now open to the 90day appeal process. Written appeals can be sent
to TMC Technical Director Jack Legler, 950 N.
Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22203. Phone: (703)
838-7956; jlegler@trucking.org

TMC Task Forces to Meet September 17, 2019 in Raleigh, N.C.
The following Task Forces of the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) will meet in open session on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at the Raleigh
Convention Center in Raleigh, N.C. Task Force meetings are scheduled for approximately one hour and will take place between 8 am and 4 pm. Parties
wishing information on how to attend specific Task Forces should contact TMC headquarters at (703) 838-1763 or visit http://tmc.trucking.org.
S.1 Electrical
* RP Updates (S.1)
* Electrical Infrastructure Safety
and Interoperability for HighPower Electrical Refrigeration
* High-Voltage Cable for HeavyDuty Truck-Tractor Wiring
* Non-Connector Based Wiring
* Fifth Wheel Ground Strap
Installation Guidelines
* RP 110C Update (Low-Tension
Cable For Heavy-Duty TruckTractor Wiring Systems)
S.2 Tire & Wheel
* RP Updates (S.2)
* Tire Asset Management (Cradle
to Grave)
* Specification of Tires for HeavyDuty Electric Vehicles
* Repolishing Aluminum Wheels
* Driver Pocket Guide for Tires
and Wheels
* Kill the Mallet
* Effects of Regenerative Braking
on Tires
* Proper Tire Inflation Procedures
Outside the Safety Cage
S.3 Engine
* RP Updates (S.3)
* RP 364 Update (Fleet Purchasing
Specification for Organic Acid
Technology Extended Life
* Guidelines for Diesel Particulate
Filter Cleaning
* Smoke Detection Guidelines
* RP 371 Update (LNG/CNG)
* RP 338 Update (Extended Service
Interval Coolants)
* RP 326 Update (Recycled Engine
* LNG/CNG Thermal Events
* RP 365 Update (Coolant
Maintenance Guidelines)
S.4 Cab & Controls
* RP Updates (S.4)
* RP 430 Update (Guidelines for
Collision Warning)
* RP 443 Update (In-Cab Cleaning
& Deodorizing Guidelines)
* In-cab Gas Detectors
* Conversion of Rear View Mirrors
to Cameras

* Odometer Synchronization
* RP 401C Update (Location and
Operation of Instruments and
Controls in Motor Truck Cabs
* RP 406C Update (Wiper System
* RP 417/435 Update (Tractor-toTrailer Air/Electric Lines)
S.5 Fleet Maintenance
* VMRS Codes Committee
* RP Updates (S.5)
* RP 512A Update (Technician
* Developing Key Performance
* Cybersecurity Issues
* Internet of Things
* Right to Repair
S.6 Chassis & Brake Systems
* RP Updates (Chassis-Related
* RP Updates (Brake-Related RPs)
* RP 602/626 Update (Towing
* RP 605 Update (Reconditioning
Brake Shoes)
* RP 614A Update (Air Brake
Tubing & Fittings)
* RP 608B Update (Brake Drums
and Rotors)
* RP 648 Update (Troubleshooting
Ride Complaints
* Disc and Drum Brake Integration
* RP 638 Update (Heavy-Duty
Clutch Maintenance)
* RP 642B Update (Total Vehicle
* Rear Suspension Inspection
* Proper Diagnosis of S-cam Outof-Service Criteria
* RP 652 (Air Disc Brake Service/
* Wheel End Thermal Events (Joint
S.7 Trailers, Bodies & Material
* RP Updates (S.7)
* RP 708C Update (Trailer Axle
* Van Trailer Washing Procedures
and Testing
* Cryogenic Cooling Systems

* Heavy Haul Trailer Issues
* RP 755 Update (Alternative
Liftgate and Material Handling
Charging Methods)
S.11 Sustainability &
Environmental Technology
* RP 1112 Update (Lightweight
Components and Fuel Economy)
* RP 1105 Update (Idle Limiting
* Future Energy Conservation
(Joint with Future Truck)
* SmartWay Activities
* Alternative Energy
Implementation Elements
* Terminal Tractor Powertrain
* RP 1118 Update (Cost Modeling
for Aerodynamic Devices)
S.12 On-Board Vehicle
* RP 1226 Messaging
* RP 1208D Update (PC Selection
Guidelines for Service Tool
* RP 1210C Update (Windows
* RP Updates (S.12)
* Mobile Device Communication
* RP 1210 Compliance
* RP 1210 OEM Application
Validation Testing
* Connected Vehicle
* Electronic Logging Devices
* Open Wireless Vehicle Data
Adapter API
S.14 Light- & Medium-Duty /
Specialty Trucks
* RP 1514 Update (Hydraulic
System Failure Analysis)
* RP 1412 Update (Walk-in Van
Electrical System Routing/Load
* Work Truck Platform
* RP 1411 Update (Light- &
Medium-Duty Auto Transmission
Fluid Guidelines)
* Inspection of CMV Axle and
Transmission Fluid Levels

S.16 Service Provider
* Implementing TMC RPs in Fleet
& Service Provider Operations
* Safety Guidelines for Mobile
* Developing and Leveraging Next
Generation Leaders
* Refinishing to Maximize
* Heavy-Duty Collision Repair
* RP Updates (S.16)
* Frame Correction
* Proper Vehicle Lifting Procedures
and Equipment
S.17 Corrosion Control
* Corrosion of Non-Ferrous on
Chassis and Suspension
* Corrosion Manual Update
S.18 Automated Vehicles
* Automated Vehicles
* Platooning
* Electrified Vehicle
Educator Committee
* Curriculum Development
* Educator Involvement
* NATMI Curriculum Advisory
* Credentials for Truck Program
* Grant Writing for Medium/Heavy
Truck Programs
Professional Technician
Development Committee
* No PTDC Task Forces meet at
the fall meeting.
Future Truck Committee
* Future Electrical/Electronic
* Future Tire Reliability/Durability
* Future Alternate Propulsion
* Future Cab and Driver Interface
* Sensor-Enhanced Maintenance
* Future Chassis and Brake
* Augmented and Virtual Training
* Future Trailer Productivity

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In the Bay - Do techs understand the fundamentals of electrical system diagnosis?
Shop Operations - How to assess replacement parts
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Economic Outlook - Uncertainties with today's global economy
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Fleet Maintenance - Foundation for success: How do you find and keep technician talent?
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