Fleet Maintenance - 17

Fleetio is designed to help monitor and
streamline a fleet's maintenance process
for preventive maintenance, routine
inspections, and repairs. This software
allows fleets to log defects from anywhere
and track their resolution, allowing fleets
to act on issues as they arise. Regular
service reminders help fleets keep up with
planned maintenance and routine inspections. The software can also track completed work and report on maintenance costs
and trends to target problem areas.

FleetSoft Fleet Maintenance Software is available in a variety of packages, allowing fleets to
choose the level of functionality that best meets their needs. The standard package includes asset
management, warranty tracking, service code management, work orders management, preventive
maintenance scheduling, personnel management, pre-made and custom reports, and more.
Notable features:

* Intuitive and expandable user interface
* Vehicle warranty tracking with
reminders and service warnings
* Add PM reminders and reported
problems directly to work order
* Record total hours with optional start/

stop times for multiple technicians
* Organize recurring PM services to be
performed on a specific schedule, and
link PMs that contain the same services
* Build service classification
codes and categories

Notable features include:

* Complete service history for every asset
in the fleet
* Scheduling and
predictive service reminders
* End-to-end issue management system
* Plan, schedule, and track detailed maintenance tasks and costs
* Track fleet parts and supplies across
multiple storage locations

Fleetmate is a full-featured fleet maintenance software that helps keep PMs up to
date while keeping data organized and easy
to access. This software is designed to help
fleets maximize asset availability, reduce
maintenance costs, extend asset life, and
improve operational efficiency.
Notable features:

* Built-in multi-user network functionality
* Comprehensive vehicle information
* Asset tracking and reminders by usage, time, or both
* Automatic asset utilization
* Comprehensive work orders
* Customer-defined PM schedules and service intervals
* Fully integrated inventory tracking with barcode support
* Unlimited PM templates and
unlimited PM tasks per template
* Flexible options and customization settings per user

CMMS software
can help fleets
identify weak
points in their PM
programs to improve
operational efficiency.

FTI Groups - sureFleet
FTI Groups sureFleet is a web-based maintenance software designed to improve
business operations through efficient
management, tracking, and reporting on
fleet maintenance, repair costs, and fuel
purchases. This software creates a direct
line of communication between the fleet
and the drivers, eliminating paper forms.
Drivers use the mobile app to complete
daily vehicle inspections, report issues, and
record fuel purchase information.
Notable features:

* Assign and manage tasks performed
on vehicles, and track useful data
points including total downtime
* Drivers can attach photos, leave
detailed notes, and sign off on the
pre- and post-trip inspections
* Reports include vehicle rosters,
downtime and cost, services due,
fuel/gas purchasing, and more

Innovative Maintenance Systems
- Fleet Maintenance Pro
Fleet Maintenance Pro is a fleet maintenance
software designed to maximize uptime and
efficiency to extend the life of assets. This software can track preventive maintenance tasks
by date, mileage, hours, or fuel consumption,
and can provide automated maintenance due
Notable features:

* Track preventive maintenance tasks
by a variety of parameters
* Log and track repair costs from start to finish,
and monitor the frequency and cost of repairs
* Log a detailed maintenance history to
analyze costs and monitor trends in wear
to make more effective decisions
* Record fuel transactions to catch potential issues with efficiency or abuse
* Itemize and track usage of parts
when maintenance is performed
* Generate work orders based on
PMs due or repair requests
* Print, email, or export from a wide
range of flexible reporting options

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Fleet Maintenance

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Fleet Maintenance

Uptime: Planning for change
Considerations when selecting CMMS software
Vehicles: How fleets can benefit form electric axles
In the Bay: Making the case for retreads
Shop Operations: Predicting the future
Diagnostics: "Smart" technologies will help improve maintenance
Powertrain: Specifying vehicles for optimal fuel economy
Fleet Parts & Components
Tools & Equipment
Guest Editorial: Advancements in new filter media
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Fleet Maintenance - In the Bay: Making the case for retreads
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Fleet Maintenance - Shop Operations: Predicting the future
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Fleet Maintenance - Diagnostics: "Smart" technologies will help improve maintenance
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Fleet Maintenance - Powertrain: Specifying vehicles for optimal fuel economy
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Fleet Maintenance - Guest Editorial: Advancements in new filter media
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