Fleet Maintenance - 18

Is your CMMS
software VMRS

Kaizen Software Solutions - Vehicle Manager
Vehicle Manager is a Windows-based software solution designed to help fleets optimize their vehicles' resale value by maintaining a vehicle history and sending reminders when service is due. This
software allows fleets to track a vehicle's fuel efficiency, track vehicle service schedules and service
history, and track vehicle drivers, parts, vendors, and contacts.

The added benefits of a
standardized reporting format

* Track up to 10 (home edition), 50 (professional edition), or an unlimited number of vehicles
(fleet edition)
* Schedule recurring maintenance and inspection items by distance or hour intervals
* Track a vehicle's completed service and expenses
* Maintain a database of parts used on vehicles
* Track related vendors and contacts
* Track drivers and their licenses, certifications, and accidents
* Print reports and export to various formats

Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards
(VMRS) is a coding system that allows individual
fleets and shops to follow a standardized reporting format. When selecting a CMMS software,
fleets should verify that the software is VMRS
licensed if there is a chance that they will need
to exchange data with another service provider.
Say, for example, that a small fleet is operating off of a non-VMRS licensed software and
has a truck that is traveling across country
when it breaks down. The fleet doesn't have
a local service provider, so it needs to send
the downed truck to a third-party service provider. To expedite the repair, the fleet wants
to send the vehicle's data to the third-party
provider. But, because the fleet's software
doesn't use the standardized VMRS codes,
that information is not useful to the service
provider. The software doesn't speak the same
"language" as the VMRS licensed software, so it
is much harder to translate that information.
The value of using a VMRS-licensed software
is that it helps ensure that the fleet and any
third-party providers are speaking the same
language-which helps track whether the
repair would be covered under warranty or
identify if it was a failure of the PM program.
"In addition to a VMRS license, fleets should
ask potential maintenance partners if their
support and professional service team are
well-versed in VMRS," advises Bob Hausler,
vice president, marketing and technology,
Dossier Systems, Inc. "Having an experienced partner can make the difference
between having VMRS and using VMRS.
Here are some examples of how software that
leverages VMRS well can benefit a fleet:
* Software should capture the full 9-digit VMRS
data (System-Assembly-Component, Fail Code,
Repair Reason, Work Accomplished) as part
of the natural workflow of performing the
service. When this is captured automatically
through VMRS, it eliminates the need for manual entry after the work is done, reducing the
risk of incomplete or incorrect information.
* VMRS data is available for historic reporting and analysis using any of the VMRS
code keys as the metric for trends in cost,
performance, repetitive repairs, etc.
* Standard repair times can be associated with VMRS codes, delivering
increased productivity monitoring.
* Being able to complete comprehensive cost
reporting categorized by VMRS offers insight
into where a fleet is spending money, and
allows easy identification of problematic assets.
* A warranty claim constructed using VRMS
coding will contain all of the information
needed for the OEM/supplier to evaluate
the claim. Having claims that include full
VMRS coding (which includes the cause and
correction) can improve the possibility of
recovering the cost from the OEM/supplier.

18 Fleet Maintenance | June 2019

Notable features:

ManagerPlus is a cloud-based maintenance management solution that helps
users link all aspects of the management
process, including scheduled maintenance and work orders, parts inventory,
and purchasing functions. This information is available anywhere, and on any
Notable features:

* Collect, integrate, and unify
all asset information
* Proactive maintenance planning and scheduling to improve
uptime and asset life
* Track inspections to know what
needs to be inspected and when
* M+ Mobile App allows users to perform work, inventory tasks, and
scan even in "no service" areas
* Automatically generate work orders
when maintenance is due, and distribute those work orders to technicians
* Analyze data to gain insights
into business operations
* Manage contacts, vendors, and
customer relationships
* Manage parts lists and inventory counts
to prepare for planned maintenance

Prova Systems - Fleet Genius
Fleet Genius is designed to be an affordable and easy-to-use web-based maintenance management software. Fleet
Genius uses a local wireless system
with base stations or mobile phones to
collect data from fleet vehicles. The software automates schedule tracking and
alerts the user when service is due.
Notable features:

* Maintenance invoice and
expense tracking
* Historical vehicle maintenance log
* Alerts when maintenance
is due or overdue
* Spreadsheet reports module
offers reporting flexibility
* Manage the fleet from any web browser

As CMMS software
options continue to
evolve, maximizing
uptime will continue to
remain a top priority.

RTA Fleet Management Software
RTA Fleet Management Software is a vehicle and equipment management solution that is
designed to help fleets improve fuel management, preventive maintenance, vehicle status
monitoring, vehicle replacement and procurement, and more.
Notable features:

* Schedule equipment and track inspections, campaigns, and warranty expiration dates. Fleets can track data, miles,
fuel, hours, and up to four additional
measurements of the fleet's choosing.
The software also allows fleets to create work orders and pull reports.
* Track vehicle status in real-time and check
equipment and vehicle status without a
call to the shop. This feature also allows
users to create a comprehensive downtime
report that indicates how a fleet performs

against requirements and standards.
* Service a vehicle and its associated equipment at the same time. This tandem maintenance feature means that when a vehicle
is getting maintenance done, the software
will access the "partner" service records
to see if that needs maintenance as well.
* This solution stores asset data for life
and provides maintenance records.
* The software offers guidance on when
equipment should be replaced and
allows fleets to factor in inflation costs.


Fleet Maintenance

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In the Bay: Making the case for retreads
Shop Operations: Predicting the future
Diagnostics: "Smart" technologies will help improve maintenance
Powertrain: Specifying vehicles for optimal fuel economy
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