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What's new in products for more efficient fleet operation.
Creates a 360-degree surround view
Expanded network of
Authorized Upgrade Centers
The Bendix Upgrade Program has increased as
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems expands
its network of Authorized Upgrade Centers (AUC).
The network consists of dealers and distributors
that install the company's advanced safety
systems on existing vehicles. Systems available
for retrofit on select vehicles include: Bendix
Wingman Fusion driver assistance system; Bendix
Wingman Advanced collision mitigation technology;
AutoVue 4G Lane Departure Warning
System by Bendix CVS; Bendix BlindSpotter side
object detection system; SafetyDirect by Bendix
CVS video and data event recording; and Bendix
VORAD VS-500 collision warning system for trucks
and tractors without the Bendix ESP full-stability
program. Additional technologies,
including the
Bendix Intellipark Electronic Parking Brake, will
continue to expand the scope of the program.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21218216
with a nitrogen
gas-charged system
24V, 12kW starting power
Features a redesigned workbench bumper
The RM-45 Crane Body from Reading Truck
Group reflects more than a year of development
between Reading's engineering and design with
input from customers in the field. The RM-45 is
built to deliver lifting capability, safety, and lighting.
The Crane Body features a torsion box understructure
which provides the strength to enable
a 45,000-ft-lb lift at 100 percent capacity rating.
Built from galvanized steel to resist corrosion, the
RM-45 features a wheelhouse panel, a redesigned
workbench bumper with built in grip steps, and
quick mount brackets for easy accessory installation.
Headache rack and rear compartment
mounted work lights and strobes provide additional
lighting and enhances safety for the operator.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21223772
Prestolite PowerPro Extreme 12 Starters
from Leece-Neville have an even higher level of
dependability and performance through iRelay
(intelligent relay) technology that provides programmable
protection features that are fully customizable
to OEM requirements, for both single
and dual starter applications, as well as added
protection against early life failures caused by
a range of cranking issues, pinion and ring gear
tooth abutments, and more. A standard SW030
starter control relay with an added electronic
module provides programmable " intelligent " protection
using small microprocessors. PowerPro
Extreme 12 starters feature 24V, 12kW starting
power ideal for diesel engines up to 40L in single
configuration, up to 85L in dual configuration,
and above 90L in triple configuration.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21223776
Dayton Parts' CARGOMAXX
HD shock absorbers are designed
for superior ride control and cargo
protection in Class 7 and 8 commercial
vehicle applications. The shocks are equipped
with a nitrogen gas-charged system, which provides
faster response time to road changes and
reduced fade, and are available in three models:
cab shocks, standard duty shocks, and steering
damper shocks. The shocks are designed for
linehaul trucks, tractors and trailers, as well as
vocational and last-mile delivery vehicles, school
buses, and more. They feature a sealing system
for consistent damping, minimizing excessive
misting. Thick-shouldered permanent-mount
bushings with exclusive rubber compound provide
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21223779
No trenching or hard-wiring required
The STEMCO GateReader SVT is designed to
help automate and manage mileage and fuel information
to improve fleet operations. Because it
connects wirelessly with its corresponding devices,
all DataTrac SVT sensors, installation on the lot
entrance is simple, with no trenching or hard-wiring
required. The GateReader SVT sends information
automatically to the WebPortal SVT, giving users
easier access to fleet data than ever before, without
having to walk around the facility. And, with its Wi-Fi
connectivity, the GateReader SVT eliminates costly
cellular data charges, the company said.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21222751
The Bosch Video-Based Driver Assistance
System, available for industrial trucks and off-road
vehicles, uses four cameras to create a 360-degree
surround view of a vehicle's current surroundings.
The driver receives a realistic image of their own
vehicle as the current surroundings are displayed
in real time. Based on steering-angle and driving
direction signals, a driving lane is displayed and can
be adjusted to increase visibility on different surfaces.
Field of view is automatically adjusted based
on current driving speed. Depending on steering
angle, the camera can pan digitally.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21218217
42 Fleet Maintenance | June 2021
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