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A roundup of the latest tool and equipment offerings.
Tool length of 4.9 "
Integrated spring makes for easy use
The Lisle Corporation Plastic Clip Removal
Pliers, Nos. 42870 and 42880, feature 45- and
80-degree angled tips for easy removal of plastic
push pin type panel fasteners with center pins.
They are designed to prevent damage to the pin or
anchor. The pliers can also be used on traditional
clips or to remove automotive fuses from panel. Its
integrated spring makes the tool easier to use and
its built-in cutter allows technicians to cut off fastener
heads in stubborn applications. The narrow
tip design is ideal on ATO, Micro, Mini Blade, Maxi,
and Pal type fuses.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21155879
The Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL
1/2 " Compact Impact Wrench w/
Friction Ring, No. 285520,
delivers 250 ft-lbs
of nut-busting and
fastening torque while
measuring 4.9 " . It features
the company's
Powerstate brushless
motor, Redlink Plus
intelligence, and Redlithium battery pack, as well
as Drive Control. With four-mode Drive Control, the
tool offers greater precision with a range of pre-set
rpm and ipm levels, and includes auto shut-off and
bolt removal modes. For increased visibility in confined
and low-light workspaces, the cordless impact
wrench offers tri-LEDs that deliver bright light with
less shadows. The tool is also available as a kit.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21157240
Compatible with many light,
medium, and heavy duty vehicles
The Autel MaxiSYS MS909CV Commercial
Vehicle Diagnostics Tablet is compatible with
more than 80 models of light, medium, and heavy
duty vehicles. The 9.7 " wireless tablet performs
extensive vehicle diagnostics, including the ability to
read/erase codes (active and inactive codes), view
and graph live data, and perform active tests. The
tablet includes a Bluetooth-enabled VCI/J2534 PassThru
programmer, alligator clamps, multimeter and
amp clamp, and the MaxiBAS B200 battery starting
and charging system tester. The tablet, powered
by an Octa-Core processor and supportive 126 GB
storage memory, includes ADAS calibration software
for Class 3 to 5 vehicles and Class 6 to 8 vehicles
with dynamically calibrated systems.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21223240
Able to handle high torque loads
The CTA 5-pc Metric Driver Set, No. 8608, features
a long flex cable shaft to allow access in tight
areas to service hose clamps and other fasteners.
The 6-point hex drivers have a rugged cable design
that can handle high torque loads. Their molded
composite plastic handles have a hang hole for
easy storage. Their overall length is 11 " and includes
sizes: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, and 10mm.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21204646
Available by size or as a kit
The Black Diamond Valve Guide Honing System
from Goodson Tools and Supplies is now manufactured
using CNC technology to provide accuracy
and consistency. It's available for guides from .193 "
to .389 " (4.9mm to 9.9mm). The tooling is available
by size or as a kit that includes four mandrel assemblies
(.271 " to 3.89 " range), a drive head, four nylon
bristle valve guide brushes, and an 8 oz. bottle of
Diamond Honing Oil.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21213970
Features a 12-gauge oil resistant cord
Cut level A4 resistance
The T-REX Flex Series Lean Gloves, No. TRX443,
from Magid are designed to deliver ultra-lightweight
impact protection with ideal dexterity and
all-around A4 cut resistance. The touchscreen compatible
gloves feature a soft Hyperon shell, foam
nitrile coating, and thin TPR material.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21222446
The Legacy Manufacturing Flexzilla Pro
60' Retractable Extension Cord Reel, No.
FZ8120603, comes with 60' of cord, a lighted
triple tap outlet, and grounded 4.5' lead-in cord.
The 12-gauge oil resistant cord allows users to
power heavy duty equipment in the shop or on
the jobsite. The reel utilizes a self-leveling system,
which winds the cord evenly as it automatically
retracts. The reel also contains a circuit breaker
with reset button, adjustable cord stopper, power
indicator light, and a swivel mounting bracket.
The reel locks the cord out in 2' increments. The
impact-resistant housing protects and stores the
extension cord when not in use. The retractable
reel is ideal for commercial and industrial use.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21213966
44 Fleet Maintenance | June 2021
http://www.FleetMaintenance.com/21157240 http://www.FleetMaintenance.com/21155879 http://www.FleetMaintenance.com/21223240 http://www.FleetMaintenance.com/21204646 http://www.FleetMaintenance.com/21213970 http://www.FleetMaintenance.com/21213966 http://www.FleetMaintenance.com/21222446


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