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Includes company's AIRKeeper app
The G 2-7 Rotary Screw Air Compressors from
Atlas Copco Compressors come equipped with
an efficiency motor, a low-vibration screw element,
and an Elektronikon base controller. The
G 2-7 models are the company's smallest rotary
screw compressors, ideal for shops with changing
compressed air demands that are looking to
expand. Designed for intermittent or constant use,
the rotary screw technology doesn't require the frequent
cool-down periods of a piston compressor. The G 2-7 touts
sound levels as low as 61 dBA providing the ability to install the
unit close to the point of use without requiring sound attenuation.
Available in floor-mounted and tank-mounted models.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21222442
Quick to join and detach
Holds and protects masking tape
The Polyvance 2 " Tape Thing Magnetic Tape Spool, No. 6480, is
designed to hold and protect masking and aluminum tape, such as
Polyvance's 6482 and 6485 aluminum tape, which is used to hold broken
plastic parts together while the parts are repaired with a plastic welder or
adhesive. Since the tape is susceptible to being damaged if dropped on
the shop floor, the Tape Thing spool protects it from damage and keeps
it handy for easy access. The tape spool is easily inserted inside the core
of the aluminum tape. The flange of the spool has three strong magnets
embedded inside, allowing the spool to stick to any metal surface.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21222450
Power or manually driven
The Vessel Ball Grip Cordless Screwdriver, No.
220USB-1U, is a battery powered/rechargeable or
manually driven cordless Ball Grip screwdriver with enough torque for
tough jobs in the automotive industry. When power driven, it delivers up to 17.7
lb-in torque and withstands up to 88.5 lbf-in torque when manual driven. The tool is compact and features
an easy-to-use Ball Grip, charging port and charging indicator with a slide on/off switch, and a built-in LED.
It comes with a 1/4 " hex bit, along with a USB charging cord with instructions for use and charging.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21222448
The Beta Tools COMBO C99 Modular System
is comprised of three different types of tool
cases. The system is designed to allow users to
combine and easily transport different types of
tool cases. The tool cases are easily joined to
each other by a simple click via the functional
side snap-on mechanism. The tool cases are
made of sturdy, shockproof ABS and provide
an internal load capacity of 55 lbs and bear up
to 220 lbs of weight on the lid. The system also
includes a wide range of accessories such as
hard thermoformed trays, tote trays with removable
partitions, small parts boxes with transparent
covers, and soft foam pre-cubed inserts.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21222721
Reduces post-weld cleanup
The Lincoln Electric Low Silicate GMAW Solution is
designed to deliver high-speed, low-spatter welds with low-surface
silicates to reduce post-weld cleanup and improve paint
adhesion. The solution addresses heightened industry requirements
for increased corrosion life on automotive frames, subframes,
and suspension components, the company said. It
combines a Rapid X LS waveform and a specifically formulated
SuperArc XLS filler metal. The SuperArc XLS produces
GMAW welds with reduced surface silicates, increased corrosion
resistance, and a smooth arc operation. The Rapid X
LS is designed to deliver low-spatter operation with SuperArc
XLS filler metal, providing a high-speed waveform that increases
travel speeds and productivity while generating a stable arc.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21220507
Includes three output options
Offers four lens options
The Industrial Strength Face Shields from Miller Electric are
designed for all-day wear and comfort. They are impact resistant
for durability and protection. Four lens options are available: clear
(288269), clear anti-fog (288274), shade 3 (288270), and shade 5
(288273). Each face shield features HDV technology to provide a sharp, detailed view
at any angle without distortion, enhancing welding operations. The clear anti-fog face
shield has anti-fog coating to prevent fogging of the lens for enhanced visibility.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21217753
The Clore Automotive PRO-LOGIX 12V 1.0A
Battery Charger/Maintainer, No. PL2112, from
SOLAR utilizes advanced microprocessor-controlled
logic to deliver a fully automatic, precisely
controlled charging routine to optimally charge
and maintain each battery serviced. It has the ability
to properly charge different lead acid battery
types, including conventional, AGM, gel cell, spiral
wound, deep cycle, and marine batteries, as well
as LiFePO4 lithium batteries. Additionally, it offers
an advanced battery maintenance routine once
the battery has reached full charge. The PL2112
also incorporates many safety features, including
over-voltage protection, reverse polarity protection,
and battery fault detection. It includes three output
options: clamps, rings, or 12V male adapter.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21222722
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