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Auto-shutoff feature to conserve battery life
The Allstart Boost Max Jump Starter and Portable Power Unit, No.
560, produces 15 percent more starting power than its predecessor,
enough to jump start up to a 9.6L gas engine or 7.0L diesel in seconds.
The 2,500A jump starter has six safety protections ensuring safe, simple
starts, and a boost feature that delivers additional power needed for
jump starting extremely low voltage batteries. It has internalized safety
protections, allowing for longer cables to make it easier to access hardto-reach
batteries. With dual USB charging ports with a quick charge
feature, the unit provides fast device recharges. It also has a multi-mode
LED flashlight which includes a hard-sided case, jump start cables, A/C
adapter, and charging cable.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21212192
Safe for use on metal and plastic surfaces
The Lube-It All Deep Lubricating Oil from
FedPro is a silicone-free lubricant that contains
Moly oil for ideal lubricating performance. It penetrates
through fine gaps to deliver a coating to
assembled parts and obstructed surfaces without
attracting dust. It's safe to use on metal and plastic
surfaces, rotating parts and gears, and thoroughly
forms a thin lubricant coating to reduce
friction. It displaces 1,200x its volume of water on
surfaces and repels moisture to prevent corrosion.
It is made in the U.S.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21210834
Cut resistant and oil repellent
The Ansell HyFlex 11-939 Foam Gloves are lightweight, cut-resistant,
and oil-repellent gloves featuring a reinforced thumb crotch that provides
increased durability for extended wear. The gloves offer RIPEL technology
to keep oil from making contact with the skin, keeping hands safe and
dry. There lightweight 18 gauge design provides dexterity as well as
comfort. In addition, the gloves feature FORTIX coating for extended
product use, have a knitwrist cuff style, and are silicone free. They
are available in black or grey, and sizes from six to 11.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21213457
Includes charging shelf for smaller devices
The 6 Drawer Flip Top Cart with Power Drawer from Cornwell
Quality Tools measures 47 " wide and features a vertical power
drawer with organization designed for air tools, cordless tools, and
chargers. The extra-deep till measures 9 " and offers a charging
shelf for smaller devices like tablets and phones. Available in six
colors, the cart includes black drawer pulls, corner bumpers, casters,
and lock. Its overall capacity is 4,060 sq. in. / 28,960 cu. in.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21212843
Automatically determines the exact weight needed
Designed to handle heavy engines, drive
axle assemblies, transmissions, and more
The ATD Tools 2,500 lb Powertrain Lifting
Table, No. ATD-7478, is engineered to handle
heavy engines, drive axle assemblies, transmissions,
electric vehicle batteries, and other vehicle
components. Its scissor lift design allows access to
all four sides of a component and its independent
adjusting screws tilt the table 11 degrees side-toside,
front-to-back. The lift table includes two sets
of heavy duty ratcheting tie down straps as well
as two 8 " diameter locking swivel casters for easy
movement and secure positioning. The table measures
19.7 " by 32 " and has an air/hydraulic foot
pump with 10' hydraulic hose extension.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21212194
The Dannmar MB-240X Manual Wheel Balancer from Bendpak
is ideal for small shops requiring precision wheel balancing at a
fraction of the cost, the company said. The balancer is accurate and
dependable and uses proprietary digital sensor technology to automatically
determine the exact weight needed for optimal balance.
It clearly displays the amount and location of weights in about six
seconds. The MB-240X is easy to use. Simply rotate a large crank
attached to the post mount wheel balancer's axis, observe the display
information, then add the required weights to achieve balance.
This manual-spin wheel balancer works on wheels up to 26 " diameter
and on many trailer wheels.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21210873
Reduces waste size and recycles used oil for safe disposal
Leveraging Herkules patented air-bag technology, the Herkules OFC6 Oil Filter
Crusher provides four tons of crushing power in a streamlined, compact unit.
The crusher, available in both a bench and standalone version, extracts oil remnants
for recycling while reducing the used oil filter's size up to 80 percent, the
company says. Measuring only 17 " in diameter, the air-powered crusher is the latest
addition to Herkules crushing line. Environmentally friendly, the air-operated
crusher reduces waste size and recycles used oil for safe disposal.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21220564
46 Fleet Maintenance | June 2021
http://www.FleetMaintenance.com/21212192 http://www.FleetMaintenance.com/21213457 http://www.FleetMaintenance.com/21210834 http://www.FleetMaintenance.com/21212843 http://www.FleetMaintenance.com/21210873 http://www.FleetMaintenance.com/21212194 http://www.FleetMaintenance.com/21220564


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