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Features Durahide leather construction
The Mechanix Wear Torch Welding Series Gloves are designed to elevate
protection for welders in the field. The gloves include a patent-pending fingertip
design and high-wearing Durahide leather technology. The Torch series
is made up of four different gloves: Pulse TIG Welding Gloves, Cascade MIG
Welding Gloves, Flux Extended Gauntlet Leather Driver Gloves, and Regulator
HD MIG and Stick Welding Gloves. Additionally, the series includes three accessories:
X-Finger Heat Barrier, X-Pad Heat Barrier, and SpeedKnit Heat Sleeves.
Select gloves and accessories feature DuPont Kevlar, a cut-and-heat resistant
material designed to improve protection, performance, and longevity.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21217762
Generates sharable, printable trip reports
Built-in charging station
The GEARWRENCH 35 " 7 Drawer GSX Series
Rolling Tool Cart with Tilt Top, No. 83246, features
a built-in charging station with four outlets,
two USB ports, and an on/off switch. Each drawer
and top storage space is equipped with black foam
liners for protection. The tool cart is made from
20-gauge steel for strength and durability. Textured
coated paint finish provides increased resistance
to corrosion, weather, and staining. With a trigger
lock system and aluminum drawer pulls, the drawers
open and close easily. Additionally, it offers two
fixed and two swivel heavy duty industrial polypropylene
casters, providing easy mobility of the cabinet.
Each caster's weight is rated to 450 lbs.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21217755
The Diesel Decoder, No. 904-SCAN, by Dorman HD Solutions
and Diesel Laptops is a diagnostic scan tool that accurately
delivers detailed information to a smartphone for all heavy duty
truck makes, without the need for code scanning hardware.
The Diesel Decoder can detect all true fault codes, as well as
detect and store truck specifications. It grants instant access
to the Diesel Laptops repair library, can help plan maintenance
intervals using engine operating hours, and generates sharable,
printable trip reports.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21217823
Delivers 35 ft-lbs of torque
The Milwaukee Tool M12 FUEL 1/4 " and 3/8 " High Speed
Ratchets, Nos. 2566-22 and 2567-22, deliver 450 rpm and 35 ft-lbs of
torque for installing and removing fasteners. With a compact head size
and a recessed shift knob, the ratchets are designed to allow users access
into tight spaces. A steel yoke housing and premium rubber overmold also
delivers durability to withstand shop and jobsite use. Additionally, the ratchets
feature the company's Powerstate brushless motor, Redlithium battery pack,
and Redlink Plus intelligence hardware and software.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21204453
Up to 9,000-lb clamping force
Universal fit for most high and
low-lift transmission jacks
The OTC Heavy Duty Clutch Adapter, No. 1797,
is designed to help technicians easily handle
heavy duty clutch assemblies during service. The
adapter has universal mounting slots in the base
for a universal fit of most high and low-lift transmission
jacks. These versatile mounting slots allow
technicians to use just one adapter for a variety
of repair jobs. The adapter also includes a built-in
splined adapter mount that easily rotates to help
align the clutch spline and the flywheel. Safety
straps hold the clutch securely to the jack when
working, keeping technicians safe. The clutch handler
adapter is designed to be used with 10- and
14-splined adapters.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21216690
The Industrial-Grade Bench Vise from Olsa Tools is designed to
withstand the toughest jobs. The S45C steel is forged to extreme high
pressure of 90,000 psi, resulting in a vise that is significantly stronger
than cast iron and ductile iron alternatives, the company said. The industrial-grade
vise can handle a clamping force of up to 9,900 lbs and is available
in 4 " , 5 " , 6 " , and 7 " jaw widths. It also includes the mounting hardware
and a set of protective rubber jaw covers that attach and detach easily
which are ideal for getting a firm grip on delicate materials.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21219184
Resists water, dust, and vibration
The Getac Technology Corporation K120 Windows 10 Tablet is a fully
rugged, handheld computer that is IP66 certified and meets the latest
military-grade specifications. The K120 features a 12.5 " FHD screen,
backlit buttons, multi-mode (regular touch, glove, and pen) display with
Getac sunlight readable technology, impact-resistant polymer chassis,
hot-swappable battery technology, multi-functional hard handle,
front and rear cameras, and a wide variety of vehicle and office docks,
straps, and harnesses. With the latest-generation Intel Core Processor,
the K120 can carry out multiple tasks at once without slowing or overheating,
while its Intel Iris Xe Graphics lets users see more with less
battery drain, the company said.
For more information visit FleetMaintenance.com/21220693
48 Fleet Maintenance | June 2021
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