Fleet Maintenance - 46


Monitors all operational
parameters in real time
Forms to flat, curved, and irregular surfaces
The OEMTOOLS 3-pc SureGrip Flexi-Tray Set,
No. 22417, is designed to hold items in place. Made
of a specially formulated silicone material, the trays
form to flat, curved, and irregular surfaces to keep
tools organized and close at hand. The heat resistant silicone withstands up to 500 degrees F. The
large tray features an integrated ruler for quick reference. The medium tray is designed for hand tools
and the small tray is ideal for nuts, bolts, screws,
and other small parts. The anti-static silicone material protects work surfaces from damage.

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The Sullair LS160 Rotary Screw Compressor
now features a larger and higher efficiency air end
than the original LS160, resulting in greater free air
delivery and increased efficiency up to 150 psi. The
LS160 includes a 25 percent larger low restriction
inlet valve that requires less power. Other notable
features include a full enclosure, electronic spiral
valve, 10" color touchscreen controller, TEFC premium efficiency motor, Wye-Delta starter, phase monitor, and a zero loss drain. The LS160 also offers
Sullair AirLinx remote monitoring as standard,
which offers the opportunity to monitor all operational parameters in real time via computer, tablet,
or smartphone.

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From small vehicle batteries
to multi-battery packs

Handles all tube diameters
greater than 1.3" ID
The Huth Ben Pearson International Power
Slotter is designed to make tube slotting easier for
the technician. It works with any 3.5" Huth expanding cylinder on benders, benchtop expanders, and
other portable swagers and expanders. It handles
all tube diameters greater than 1.3" ID, up to 11
gauge. The standard slot size is 1" by 1/8" and has a
slot spacing guide to help the user space slots evenly. The Power Slotter is easy to set up and offers
custom slot shapes and sizes.

The Clore Automotive 12V 100A Flashing Power
Supply and 100/40/10A Battery Charger, No.
PL6800, from SOLAR is designed to provide stable
power on-demand, up to 100A, to a vehicle electrical system to support module reprogramming. It
also provides full-service battery charging capability
from 10 to 100A, to service everything from small
vehicle batteries to the multi-battery packs found in
over-the-road vehicles. The PL6800 features a voltage output range of 13.1-14.9V, adjustable in 0.1V
increments, allowing the operator to dial the output
in as specified by the supplier of the vehicle under
service. It also features fast load responsiveness for
quick recovery from system demand increases.

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Offers additional grip support
for slippery floors
The ShopSol Supreme Dual Anti-Fatigue Mat
provides comfort and durability, as well as offers
additional grip support for slippery floors in smaller
areas. The Supreme Dual series features the same
benefits as the original Supreme series, but the
extra grip secures the mat in place resisting dangerous mat travel. The mats make standing more comfortable by reducing back, neck, leg, and foot fatigue
associated with long-term standing. The mats are 3'
by 2' by 3/4" and available in black or gray.

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Self-driven functionality
The ISTOBAL HW'Progress is a flexible commercial vehicle rollover wash equipment that can be
adapted to the specific requirements of each type
of vehicle fleet. The equipment has self-driven vertical brushes with an overlapping scrub function and
shampoo injection via a dosing pump, flexible configuration by user with up to 15 programs, a touchscreen control panel, and a choice of service connections: energy chain, loop connection, or a fixed
or swinging post. It also has a high-density polyethylene horizontal brush equipped with a frequency
converter to soften up and down movements, and
five pressure levels to better follow vehicle profiles.
It also has automatic pre-wash systems, a manual
pre-wash gun, and optional extras.

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Offers a range of 50-250 ft-lbs of torque
SATA Tools' 1/2" Drive Electric Torque Wrench, No. ST96527SC, offers a range of
50 to 250 ft-lbs of torque and an accuracy of +/- 2 percent. The wrench comes with
a storage case that allows for hassle-free transportation, features all-steel construction and a durable comfort grip, and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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46 Fleet Maintenance | March 2020

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Fleet Maintenance

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Uptime: Get Involved
The Role of Composites in Heavy Duty Trucking
Best Practices to Establish a Total Vehicle Alignment Program
Document Management in the Digital Age
Smoke Out Cabin Leaks
Four Keys to a Successful Extended Drain Interval Program
Management: Be Aware of Maintenance Scheduling Challenges in the Shop
Training: What Does Trucking Have to Do With STEM?
Fleet Parts & Components
Tools & Equipment
Guest Editorial: The Ripple Effect of Unplanned Downtime
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Fleet Maintenance - Management: Be Aware of Maintenance Scheduling Challenges in the Shop
Fleet Maintenance - Training: What Does Trucking Have to Do With STEM?
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