Fleet Maintenance - 47

Handheld exhaust
gas analyzer

Dual-textured scrubbing towels
The Permatex SCRUBS In-A-Bucket removes dirt,
tar, oils, grease, paints, adhesives, epoxies, caulks,
inks and dyes, urethanes, lubricants, cable jelly, and
asphalt thoroughly from hands, arms, tools, and all
types of surfaces without the use of soap or water.
The professional-grade, dual-textured scrubbing
towels are for use in shops, garages, and around
the house. They feature a clean, citrus scent and
leave skin free of dryness and irritation. The towels
feature a Rough Touch surface that removes and
traps dirt and soil, ensuring that grime remains on
the towel and is not transferred back to the skin.

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Provides diagnostic solutions
for every make and model
Truck Labor Times Software from Diesel
Laptops is a web-based application that allows
users to quickly and easily look up commercial truck
labor times. By utilizing the extensive database of
thousands of ordinary labor times, users can build
accurate estimates and provide their customers
with a printed truck labor time estimate. The software offers both free and premium paid plans. Free
plans allow users to perform three free truck labor
time look-ups per month while premium paid plans
allow unlimited look-ups.

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The Bacharach Monoxor
XR handheld exhaust gas
analyzer measures CO (carbon monoxide) in ambient
air or directly from the
exhaust pipe of forklifts,
floor burnishers, or other
equipment burning propane,
gasoline, diesel, or CNG
(compressed natural gas). It
can also be used for engine
tuning and diagnostics. The
Monoxor XR provides visual
and audible alarming for
instant alerting of personnel
to dangerous CO levels. The
expanded measuring range
of 80,000 ppm allows technicians to test even
the most poorly maintained equipment without
risking damage to the gas sensor. Bacharach
also offers a mobile app, Combustion, which
allows the user to quickly and easily create and
send customizable emissions reports from their
smartphones or tablets.

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Features a 2.5-ton rating
The Cal-Van Tools C-Frame Socket Press, No. 201, utilizes a 2.5-ton capacity
C-frame, included adapters, and the technician's sockets to create an ideal tool for
removal and installation of driveline and non-driveline components. With eight
adapters and the many combinations one can create with various 1/4" to 1/2" drive
impact sockets, the tool can be used on various applications such as cars, trucks,
ATVs, UTVs, farm machinery, and even medium to heavy duty trucks. The press set
can be used at the vehicle or mounted into a vice for added stability and assistance.

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Ensures optimum
protection of equipment
Petro-Canada Lubricants'
GREASE-N-GO ensures optimum
protection of equipment operating
in the food manufacturing, general
manufacturing, construction, petrochemical, and heavy duty industries.
Once installed, the automatic lubricator can be left in-situ to deliver
grease for a chosen lubrication
period, reducing safety hazards and
risk of system shutdowns associated
with re-greasing in hard-to-reach
locations. Available in two sizes
and for use with Petro-Canada
Lubricants' Purity FG, Precision, and
Peerless product lines, GREASE-NGO is a compact automatic lubricator that is universally adaptable and
environmentally friendly due to its
ability to be refilled and reused.

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by Joel Levitt
Author of the book
Basics of Fleet Maintenance
Contributing Author
Fleet Maintenance

10 Minutes a Week to Great Time
Management starts the journey with a
strategic overview of time management. The
work is organized around a new three-part
model that can instantly make a difference
in how you view your day ahead: Right Mind,
Right Tools, Right Thing. Time management
allows you to fulfill commitments while
keeping your sanity.
Say YES to time management!

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Fleet Maintenance

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Fleet Maintenance

Uptime: Get Involved
The Role of Composites in Heavy Duty Trucking
Best Practices to Establish a Total Vehicle Alignment Program
Document Management in the Digital Age
Smoke Out Cabin Leaks
Four Keys to a Successful Extended Drain Interval Program
Management: Be Aware of Maintenance Scheduling Challenges in the Shop
Training: What Does Trucking Have to Do With STEM?
Fleet Parts & Components
Tools & Equipment
Guest Editorial: The Ripple Effect of Unplanned Downtime
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Fleet Maintenance - Uptime: Get Involved
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Fleet Maintenance - The Role of Composites in Heavy Duty Trucking
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Fleet Maintenance - Best Practices to Establish a Total Vehicle Alignment Program
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Fleet Maintenance - Document Management in the Digital Age
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Fleet Maintenance - Smoke Out Cabin Leaks
Fleet Maintenance - 29
Fleet Maintenance - Four Keys to a Successful Extended Drain Interval Program
Fleet Maintenance - 31
Fleet Maintenance - 32
Fleet Maintenance - 33
Fleet Maintenance - Management: Be Aware of Maintenance Scheduling Challenges in the Shop
Fleet Maintenance - Training: What Does Trucking Have to Do With STEM?
Fleet Maintenance - Fleet Parts & Components
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Fleet Maintenance - Guest Editorial: The Ripple Effect of Unplanned Downtime
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