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Enhanced durability, increased thermal
efficiency, and reduced weight
The improved Hyundai Translead HT ThermoTech
refrigerated trailers are among the most durable, thermally efficient, and lightweight trailers on the road, according
to the company. The company has focused on how to work
in compliance with new regulations to maintain temperature efficiency, and has taken steps to address longevity
by redesigning the components of the trailer most susceptible to damage. The deck now uses taller, stiffer structures to support the floor surface. Heavy duty aluminum
floor extrusions fit together with a mechanical lock to take
stress off the welded joints, and the new fully automated
welding fixture lays down a weld-bead of greater mass for
additional strength. All Hyundai Translead products use
the corrosion protection from hot-dipped galvanization of
steel assemblies.

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Tapered grooves and stone ejectors
The Cooper Work Series RHA Tire gives regional
fleets a premium 22.5/32nds deep, four-rib tread
design all-position tire with a wide footprint to maximize
traction. The tapered grooves and stone ejectors are
designed to resist stone drilling. The sidewall features
curb guard protection for tight turns. The tire includes
a casing designed and warrantied for multiple retreads,
and a full replacement value warranty for the first 50
percent of treadwear.

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Dropin battery
replacement for
heavy equipment
The Ioxus, Inc. 24V
uSTART battery support system is a dropin replacement product
that needs no special wiring.
Using two Group 31 batteries
in series, with one 24V uSTART
in parallel, users can replace their
4D battery in heavy equipment. The
ultra capacitor-based product is designed with smart
power electronics to assist in starting engines up to 50L
for large off-road equipment. Using the available smartphone Bluetooth app, users can look at the voltage of
the batteries, the charge level of uSTART, initiate a jump
start without connecting any wires, or put the unit into
maintenance mode for safe removal or repairs.

Designed for fast and easy installation
The Weather Guard Shelf Mounting Kits for
Compact and Full-Size Fans offer 28 unique van shelving units designed for fast and easy installation. Each kit
includes extruded aluminum upper rails, powdercoated
steel mounting plates, and hardware for two shelf units,
for both the driver and passenger side of the vehicle.
These kits also feature mounting straps with steel brackets that result in a unique four-way stop design that provides security and protects against sudden movement
during travel. The no-drill kit includes heavy gauge steel
mounting plates which are installed using existing holes
and reinforced weld nuts.

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Solar battery
charger for liftgates

The Go Power! Fleet 300
watt commercial vehicle
kit is designed to provide
a charging solution for
batteries and conforms
to almost any surface. A
lamination coats the entire
module, allowing it to contour and flex against curved
areas. The panel can be
affixed by adhesive or screw mounting options. Features
include the ability to curve up to 30 degrees, a durable
surface that is less than 1/8" (3mm) thick, compatibility
with industry standard quick-connect cables (MC4), and
a solar output power limited warranty of 10 years. The
kit includes: three 100W flexible monocrystalline solar
panels, a GP-MPPT- 85/20 controller, a 30″ Delphi solar
harness, a 40′ battery harness, and 4Evaseal brand 2 x
15' rolls of adhesive tape.

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38 Fleet Maintenance | May 2019

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