Fleet Maintenance - 43

For use on oil and fuel cannisters
The Lisle 7-pc Low Profile
Filter Socket Set, No.
13270, is designed to work
on a variety of applications. The set includes
6-point 24mm, 25mm,
27mm, 28mm, 29mm,
32mm, and 36mm
sockets for use on
oil and fuel canisters when replacing the element.
These sockets
are designed
for use with
a 3/8" drive.

For interior car applications
The Carlyle Tools Interior Creeper, No. 815-1337, is
designed for interior vehicle applications to
properly position the technician for tasks
under the driver or passenger sides. This
product is suitable for replacing fuses,
cabin air filters, and stop light switches.
The 915-1337 offers tool-free height adjustment from 15" to
25" in 1" increments, and has protective rubberized corners
to prevent damage to the interior of light duty vehicles. It also
offers a removable kneeling pad for use in low height applications. An optional LED and tray are also available.

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Textured surface designed to
improve gripping power
The Eppco Tiger Grip Gloves feature a raised,
full textured surface designed to improve gripping
power. These gloves are commercial grade, 8mil
thick, puncture-resistant, and latex free. They are
available in orange to provide high visibility and to
allow users to see dirt, grime, and grease, helping to
prevent transferring it to vehicle interiors and other
unwanted places. These gloves are available in sizes
small thru 3-XL.

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Align up to five axles simultaneously
The Pinnacle Automotive Systems Jumbo 3D Super
Alignment System is an imaging aligner for multiple axle
trucks, buses, and trailers. Utilizing imaging technology, the
Jumbo 3D Super is ideal for every environment, the company says. With one short runout compensation, users can
have alignment readings on all five axles in less than three
minutes. With an extensive database, easy-to-use, intuitive
software, the ability to align up to five axles simultaneously,
and an optional car/light truck add on kit, this alignment
system is suitable for a variety of shops.

Dossier delivers a
complete maintenance
management software
solution fleet managers
rely on to produce the
results needed to control
costs and maximize

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Redesigned for improved performance
The Kaeser Compressors SM Series Rotary
Screw Compressors are designed to reduce
energy costs, improve overall performance, and
extend service life. The SIGMA 06 airend offers
an increased intake capacity, and the IE4 motors
on the 10 and 15 hp models deliver up to 10
percent more flow than the company's previous
versions, the company says. The update also
includes a dual-flow fan with an external facing
cooler, offering approach temperatures as low as
7 degrees F. The SM series is available in 7.5 to
15 hp models, with flows from 19 to 55 cfm and
pressures up to 217 psig.

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Kink-resistant stainless steel hose
The Dill Air Controls Digital Tire Inflator with
Stainless Steel Hose, No. 7260, is designed to make
inflating tires easy. This inflator features a 2' kink-resistant
stainless steel hose and a large back-lit display. The 7260
includes an auto on/off feature, and each unit is assembled
and tested in the U.S.A.

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