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Catching up on
fleet maintenance
Take advantage of slow periods to keep your fleet in prime condition.

By David

@ DavidBrierleyFM

Trucking is like any other industry in that
demand can fluctuate from one day to the
next. Though freight is typically steady,
certain situations such as the current COVID19 pandemic can cause a significant drop-off.
After all, the vast majority of consumers are
complying with governmental stay-at-home
orders, meaning stores require less stock of
non-essential items, restaurants aren't receiving their regular deliveries, and auto dealerships are full of inventory.
While this isn't the news any fleet wants
to hear, there are ways to make the best of
a less-than-ideal situation. Now is the time
to take advantage of the lull to catch up on
vehicle maintenance that was being put off,
update your technicians' training, research
ways to streamline your operation, and try
out new practices you've been waiting for "just
the right time" to implement.

Catch up on maintenance

When shipping demand is reduced, not all of
your trucks may need to be on the road, meaning they can be rotated out of service to catch
up on any maintenance that had been put off
in busier times. While tasks such as oil changes are likely kept up-to-date, less pressing and
more time-consuming items such as diagnosing a cabin air leak may have been pushed off.
Perhaps now is the time to go through each
vehicles' brakes and replace any shoes, pads,
and rotors that are getting close to end-of-life,
upgrade interior and exterior lighting to LED,
and ensure each truck has the latest software
updates installed. Any service or maintenance
items that can be completed now will improve
your fleet's uptime when the world gets back
to normal and your trucks are all on the road
once again.

Catch up on training

While demand in the bay is reduced, technicians may find themselves with more time on
their hands, making it the perfect opportunity
to implement any training that had been on
hold. Most in-person classroom sessions have
been postponed, but virtual training is available and can be just as effective.
From virtual trade shows to online certification classes, there are numerous options
to continue training when it's not possible in
person. Keeping technicians updated on the
latest tools, technologies, and maintenance

10 Fleet Maintenance | May 2020

		¬ĽUse this time to research the
latest maintenance practices to
keep your fleet up-to-date.
139809302 | Loginovvados | Dreamstime.com

practices is crucial to keeping each bay operating smoothly and efficiently.

Catch up on cleaning

Speaking of keeping your bays in order, now
would be a good time for a thorough cleaning
and organization of the shop. Move equipment
and toolboxes away from the walls and sweep
those dusty corners that have been neglected
for years. Clear off any work surfaces, organize those bins of odds and ends, clean and
service all the power tools, and update the
shop scan tools. A clean shop is an efficient
shop, and while it may not be the most fun
task to complete, everyone will appreciate it
when it's done.
In addition to cleaning the shop, some of
your trucks may be overdue for a thorough
scrub. Vacuum and clean the cabs to keep the

drivers happy, wash and wax the exteriors to
maintain the paint, and polish the wheels.
Each truck is a rolling billboard for your fleet,
so while it may seem superficial, it's important
to keep them looking their best.

Catch up on reading

Keeping technicians up-to-date with the latest
training is vitally important, but it's also crucial
for you to stay current on industry trends.
Brush up with some light reading in trade
magazines and other news outlets. Check out
online forums to see what practices your peers
are implementing that might be useful in your
shop. Research that latest maintenance practice you've been considering implementing
with your fleet and find what resources you'll
need to test it and make it happen.
The current situation is certainly unprecedented. Make the best of it by focusing on the
maintenance, training, and research needed
to ensure your fleet will emerge from this in
top condition and competitive as ever.

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