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		»Pictured is a Bendix AD-IS dryer with
PuraGuard oil-coalescing filter mounted on
a truck. Oil-coalescing filters are essential
for trucks with AMTs due to an AMTs'
need for extremely high-quality air.
Photo courtesy of Bendix



ore of today's Class 8 trucks are steering away
from the traditional manual transmission.
As fleets look to increase the pool of potential new drivers, improve fuel economy,
and reduce maintenance costs, automated
manual transmissions (AMTs) have become
increasingly common.
According to Gary Pfister, manager of technical services for Eaton Vehicle Group North
America, industry reports show that AMTs
accounted for more than 75 percent of Class
8 market sales in 2019.
"Market share varies greatly by OEM and
their production mix of linehaul versus
vocational trucks," Pfister points out. Eaton
is a power management company whose
broad product range includes transmissions
and clutches.
While fully automatic transmissions have
gained favor with Class 8 vocational trucks

(see sidebar, p. 16), the AMT has assumed
dominance in the tractor-trailer segment.
Rich Nagel, director of marketing and
customer solutions - air charging for Bendix
Commercial Vehicle Systems, a supplier of
active vehicle safety systems whose broad
product range includes air treatment solutions and valves, is not surprised by the rapid
shift toward AMTs in linehaul trucks.
"Driver convenience is a big issue," Nagel
says. "Veteran drivers typically don't like
AMTs because they like to have control. But
look at who is driving trucks now. It is often
somebody who did not grow up driving a
truck. These new drivers need an AMT."
Fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance
are other benefits of an AMT.
Because an AMT is automated, electronics
play a larger role. The gear shifting system is
electronically controlled by the transmission
electronic control unit (TECU).
"The system uses sensors monitoring
things like inclination, temperature, gear
position, road speed, air pressure, GCW [gross
combination weight], and air resistance to
consistently make the best possible shifts -
similar to a good driver driving a manual
transmission," says Ashley Murickan, product marketing manager for Volvo Trucks
North America, which offers a full range of
medium to heavy duty trucks.
For a linehaul fleet, Murickan says
this more efficient shifting can result in
fuel savings of roughly 1 percent when
compared to an average driver with a manual
Technicians could also see a reduction in
transmission component wear and tear, as
long as preventive maintenance is kept up
to date.
"Electronics offer remote diagnostic capabilities, so a technician may be aware of
an issue with the transmission
before the truck is even
brought into the shop,"
Murickan says. "Fleets
can benefit from the
versatility of selecting
different transmission
software and shift
strategies to best suit
their respective
applications, and
this can be done
over the air using
Volvo Trucks' Remote
Programming service."
Jeff Parietti, public relations manager for truck
manufacturer Kenworth,
says the Paccar 12-speed
automated transmission also

reduces maintenance costs and downtime.
This AMT was introduced a few years ago and
is available on both Kenworth and Peterbilt
trucks suited to linehaul applications.
"The first lube change interval occurs
at 750,000 miles and requires only 16
pints of oil - nearly half of what similar
transmissions specify," Parietti says. "A
greaseless 430mm self-adjust clutch is maintenance-free, and the input shaft wear sleeve
can be replaced quickly and easily without a
costly and time-consuming teardown."
Parietti says various built-in preventive
maintenance features further improve
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When it comes to
the automation
of AMTs, these
are shifted either
or electrically.
		»Volvo's I-Shift AMT was introduced in
2007. The latest update took place in
2017 and included upgraded hardware
and software, a new countershaft brake
for improved performance and shifting,
improved clutch durability and torsional
dampening, I-See predictive cruise
technology, a redesigned transmission cooler
to optimize fluid temperatures in cold and
warm climates to improve fuel efficiency,
13-speed (low crawler gear) and 14-speed
(ultra-low crawler gears), and remote
diagnostics and programming capabilities.
Photo courtesy of Volvo

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