Fleet Maintenance - 40

by as little as 2 percent can exhibit irregular wear
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies
costs for a fleet.
show a 10 percent longer tire life when using tire
Tire underinflation also increases fuel costs.
and other tire issues," Reinhart explains. "In addition,
inflation systems. Continuous inflation helps to
Underinflation of just 10 psi reduces fuel economy
mismatches between identical tires can be caused by
prevent early retreading and reduces overall fleet
by 1 percent. Additionally, improper tire inflation
differences in air pressure, causing irregular wear in
tire costs.
increases tire-related costs by approximately $600
a 'tall tire, short tire' pattern. Variances as small as 5
Ü Increased fuel economy. Based on a FMCSA realto $800 annually per tractor-trailer combination,
psi can cause the tires to be mismatched."
world study on using tire inflation systems, these
Reinhart notes.
Specifying TPMS or ATIS can help fleets prevent
systems have proven to provide a 1.4 percent aver"Tires typically lose up to 2 percent of their air
mismatches and underinflation and can alert fleets to
pressure every month. A tire that is underinflated
age improvement in fuel economy per vehicle.
system issues before any critical damage to tires occurs.
Ü Reduced maintenance
costs. This is achieved
through less time spent
manually checking and
adjusting air pressure, and
by lengthening the intervals between retreads.
Ü Improved safety. Tire
monitoring systems are
designed to help prevent
underinflation which is
the leading cause of tire
blowouts, help reduce the
risk of road accidents, and
deliver real-time warnings of any tire issues.
Not only does TPMS
eliminate the need for
frequent manual pressure
checks, but the system also
ensures greater accuracy.
When checking tire pressure, a manual gauge may
not be properly calibrated
As the pioneers in the fluid
which can lead to inaccuexchange market, ESOC
rate tire pressure readings
Commercial Truck, Inc. is always
and the potential to overevolving to provide the best
look an issue. Also, drivers
solutions for heavy and light
may not be compensated for
duty diesel fluid maintenance.
completing pre-trip inspecThrough OEM requests and with
tions, leading to potentially
customer feedback driving develhurried inspections, if they
opment, ESOC innovation is the
are completed at all.
leader in the industry. Today ESOC
Instead of checking tire
holds over 66 patents covering
pressure manually during
the technology it has produced.
every pre-trip inspection,
drivers may opt to complete
a visual inspection checking
Do you have a
for irregular tread wear and
specific need?
These are the fluids we have been
other tire damage.
We can help you with
"As a driver, you still want
specializing in since 1997
that. As a solutionto inspect your tires," says
Continental's Reinhart.
oriented company, we
"Currently, a TPMS cannot
The lifeblood of any engine, oil keeps gears, pistons, and many
will be happy to work
detect irregular tire wear or
other components of the engine moving smoothly. It not only
with you to provide a
other tire issues. For safety
lubricates the engine, it also cools, cleans and protects it. Oil and
customized resolution.
reasons, you should be monifilter changes are essential to removing any debris build up and
toring and visually inspectmaximize the life of your engine.
All of our equipment is effiing your tires before you
cient, provides reproduceable
start your day."
results, and is scalable to your
According to the AmeriCoolant is also a critical fluid in a well running engine. Coolant
specific application whether it be
can Trucking Association's
performs three important jobs: it prevents the coolant from freezin shop or mobile.
(ATA) Technology and Maining in winter, it prevents overheating in summer, and it fights corroIn addition, we are the cleanest
tenance Council (TMC), a
sion. Maintaining your coolant regularly will avoid costly breaksolution for quick and easy oil
constant 20 percent underdowns on the road such as premature radiator failure, or water
changes, coolant exchange, fuel
inflation in a commercial
pump failure.
priming and fluid filtration.
vehicle tire increases treadIf you would like to have the
wear by 25 percent and
most reliable tools on the market:
reduces the tire life by 30
Clean fuel is essential to the reliable function of any diesel engine
percent. This results in a
and maintaining clean fuel is imperative. Regular filter changes are
Contact us today at
significant increase in tire
crucial to peak engine performance.


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40 Fleet Maintenance | October 2019


Fleet Maintenance

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Fleet Maintenance

Uptime: Are all systems secure?
Cover Story: Connecting to the future
Vehicles: Engine trends impacting performance and fuel efficiency
In the Bay: Understanding tire pressure monitoring and management systems
Shop Operations: How fleets can benefit from RCM
Management: Are you a good global citizen?
Economic Outlook: WDTKAWDTKI?
Powertrain: What are fault code action plans, and how can they help improve the vehicle diagnostic process?
Braking & Collision Avoidance: How will electric vehicles impact commercial truck braking systems?
Fleet Parts & Components
Tools & Equipment
Guest Editorial: Differences servicing air disc brakes versus drum brakes
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Fleet Maintenance - Vehicles: Engine trends impacting performance and fuel efficiency
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Fleet Maintenance - In the Bay: Understanding tire pressure monitoring and management systems
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Fleet Maintenance - Shop Operations: How fleets can benefit from RCM
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Fleet Maintenance - 49
Fleet Maintenance - Management: Are you a good global citizen?
Fleet Maintenance - Economic Outlook: WDTKAWDTKI?
Fleet Maintenance - Powertrain: What are fault code action plans, and how can they help improve the vehicle diagnostic process?
Fleet Maintenance - 53
Fleet Maintenance - Braking & Collision Avoidance: How will electric vehicles impact commercial truck braking systems?
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Fleet Maintenance - Guest Editorial: Differences servicing air disc brakes versus drum brakes
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