Fleet Maintenance - 48

Maintenance software can help with that type
implement the necessary SOP [standard operating
of vehicles, as well as their components," Dossier
procedure] to ensure that preventive maintenance
of predictive analysis. Software can also help with
Systems' Davis says. "With our system, for instance,
we know that a specific component was changed on
preventive maintenance scheduling that is based
is being handled correctly, whether that's proper oil
a certain date and at a certain mileage. The software
on typical failure points, which helps fleets stay on
and filter changes, pre-trip inspections, et cetera."
top of when components may need to be replaced.
Software can help fleets track those service intercan forecast when the component needs to be changed
In order to perform the level of root cause failure
vals, and even alert them when a recommended
again based on that vehicle's utilization."
A fleet could try to maintain those records with
analysis (RCFA) RCM recommends, fleets often need
service is coming due.
pen and paper, relying on meter readings to detersome degree of help from technology. Fleets need a
"A good piece of software can track unlimited mainway to quickly and accurately glean information
tenance schedules and intervals for different types
mine when maintenance should be done. It's not
from its trucks and trailers
and then organize, prioritize, and analyze the data.
According to Bedard of
Cetaris, this is where some
CMMS platforms fall short.
"Fleets need more than
just a superficial service
record," Bedard says.
"Fleets need software with
a rigorous reporting engine
so they can determine
which assets get fixed and
With the Cummins®
when, based on the level of
Guidanz™ mobile app, you
risk they have for failure."
can improve the uptime of
Much of that data originates from the truck's
your Cummins-powered fleet
engine and other compoand increase the productivity
nents. Numerous telematin your service department.
ics companies provide
hardware devices that
plug into the diagnostic
port beneath a vehicle's
dashboard (OBD-II on
light duty vehicles, J1939
When used in conjunction
most often on heavy duty
with the Guidanz INLINE™
vehicles). The hardware
Mini or INLINE 7 vehicle
device pulls data from the
datalink adapters, the
engine and other vehicle
Guidanz mobile app can
components and sends
it to a software system
read prioritized engine data,
(CMMS) so fleets can read
receive fault codes and track
it. Thus, it's important for
GPS location in case you
fleets to make sure there
need to retrieve a vehicle.
is seamless integration
list the most likely root causes
between the telematics
for the fault codes, reducing a
device and software.
technician's diagnostic time.
Fleets can quickly
become overwhelmed with
data, though.
Purchase a paid subscription
"Picking out what is
to Immediate Assessment
important is the essence
and you can do even more.
of RCM," Bedard says.
Even if fault codes are not
The Guidanz mobile app
Assess the service needed
Fleets want to focus on
sent ahead of a vehicle's
makes scheduling of time and
areas where they have seen
by your fleets' Cummins
resources more efficient in
failures before, along with
engines while they are still
your service center. It shortens
those items that can lead
on the road and estimate
reduce the time it takes to
the time your technicians have
to failures with the biggest
the time required to perform
assess engine issues when
to spend diagnosing issues
the necessary service. The
For example, a 100-vehiit does arrive. Using the
and even allows you to make
Guidanz mobile app will even
cle fleet suffered 15 breakGuidanz Mobile App with the
sure you have the correct
downs last year. Fleets can
parts on hand before the
look at the vehicles' engine
Data Link Adapter, a
vehicle arrives.
and sensor data to see what
was going on at the time of
plug in, pull codes
a breakdown.
"Perhaps a certain
and assess the
component failure is reguwork needed in just
larly occurring," Limble's
minutes. You'll know
Improve vehicle uptime and
Christiansen says. "The
overall service efficiency. To
fleet could take steps to


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Get a jump on
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48 Fleet Maintenance | October 2019

engine faults before
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Fleet Maintenance

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Fleet Maintenance

Uptime: Are all systems secure?
Cover Story: Connecting to the future
Vehicles: Engine trends impacting performance and fuel efficiency
In the Bay: Understanding tire pressure monitoring and management systems
Shop Operations: How fleets can benefit from RCM
Management: Are you a good global citizen?
Economic Outlook: WDTKAWDTKI?
Powertrain: What are fault code action plans, and how can they help improve the vehicle diagnostic process?
Braking & Collision Avoidance: How will electric vehicles impact commercial truck braking systems?
Fleet Parts & Components
Tools & Equipment
Guest Editorial: Differences servicing air disc brakes versus drum brakes
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Fleet Maintenance - Uptime: Are all systems secure?
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Fleet Maintenance - Cover Story: Connecting to the future
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Fleet Maintenance - Vehicles: Engine trends impacting performance and fuel efficiency
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Fleet Maintenance - In the Bay: Understanding tire pressure monitoring and management systems
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Fleet Maintenance - Shop Operations: How fleets can benefit from RCM
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Fleet Maintenance - 48
Fleet Maintenance - 49
Fleet Maintenance - Management: Are you a good global citizen?
Fleet Maintenance - Economic Outlook: WDTKAWDTKI?
Fleet Maintenance - Powertrain: What are fault code action plans, and how can they help improve the vehicle diagnostic process?
Fleet Maintenance - 53
Fleet Maintenance - Braking & Collision Avoidance: How will electric vehicles impact commercial truck braking systems?
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Fleet Maintenance - Fleet Parts & Components
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Fleet Maintenance - Guest Editorial: Differences servicing air disc brakes versus drum brakes
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