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What's new in products for more efficient fleet operation.
Solar-powered trailer
tracking device

Enhances safety, driver
comfort, and productivity
Volvo Trucks Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS)
is an active steering system designed to lessen
steering force up to 85 percent, helping reduce
driver fatigue and increase road safety, says the
company. The steering system features an electric
motor mounted on top of the hydraulic steering
gear. Input from multiple vehicle sensors, at over
2,000 times per second, determine the appropriate
steering wheel response. VDS is ideal for diverse
and changing terrains and automatically adjusts
to handle any roadway condition. With more
controlled steering, VDS helps reduce operational
fatigue by filtering road vibration and noise
through the steering wheel.

Offers a low-profile design
The Stowe Cargo Systems Strong Box is designed
to offer clean, secure, and weather-tight storage
for work equipment and personal gear. The Strong
Box features a high-tech aluminum and composite
construction, making it a secure and rugged storage
space. It has a 400-lb load carrying capacity and
offers a low-profile design to provide a low lift-over
height that doesn't block rear window visibility. The
toolbox is made with premium automotive-grade
materials, is dent-proof, and has easy-open stainless-steel push-button locks for quick access.

The Transflo Trailer Tracking
solar-powered device integrates
with the Transflo Mobile+
platform to give fleets near
real-time communications and
GPS-based tracking of trailers,
containers, and other assets. The
TT600-series telematics device
is manufactured by Flex. It's
compact, rugged, simple to install,
and has a solar cell and backup battery that lasts up to four
months with no solar charge.

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Ultra fuel
efficient casing

Increased heat output efficiency
The third-generation Eberspaecher Hydronic
S3 Economy and Commercial Water Heater
offers an increase in heat output efficiency and a
compact design. With their wide range of outputs,
the Hydronic S3 Economy and the Hydronic S3
Commercial featuring the 5.6 kW power variant are
suitable for many different vehicles, from small delivery vans to heavy duty trucks. The pre-heaters can
be controlled using the permanently installed and
intuitive EasyStart Pro operating element. The timer
function allows the required starting time and heating duration to be set in advance. The display and an
LED color ring around the operating button indicate
the current function status.

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The Michelin X Line
Energy Z Steer Tire
features a patented dual
compound tread and
fuel efficient casing. The
mileage top layer controls
tread stiffness and stress
to reduce irregular wear.
The retreadability bottom
layer minimizes internal
casing temperatures for
low rolling resistance and
extended casing life. The
decoupling grooves and
directional miniature sipes provide even wear to the
end of tread life. The tire is approved for use on EPA
SmartWay certified equipment and meets California
CARB requirements.

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Provides notifications and view of the status of units
The Thermo King TracKing TK Notify Mobile App provides data-rich
notifications and a detailed view of the status of units so fleets can make
informed decisions in real-time. In part of Thermo King's ConnectedSuite,
TracKing now features an app to send notifications when a unit requires
maintenance. Information includes setpoint, return air, discharge air,
sensor temperature door status, mode of operation, and the location of
the unit at the exact time a problem occurs, giving fleets a clear snapshot
of the reefer during the event. Managers can escalate events to drivers,
service technicians, or dealers to streamline communication and optimize
fleet performance.

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56 Fleet Maintenance | October 2019

For Cummins QSF 2.8L engines
Prestolite PowerPro 2.5 12V and 4.5 24V
Starters are engineered and built to meet the
demands of QSF 2.8L engines used in a full range
of demanding off-highway applications, including
agriculture, surface and underground mining, and
construction. The PowerPro 12V starters produce
2.5 kW of cranking power and the 24V starters
produce 4.5 kW of cranking power. Each PowerPro
unit features a variety of design and construction
enhancements to help ensure longer service life
under even the most demanding operating conditions, says the company.

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Fleet Maintenance

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Uptime: Are all systems secure?
Cover Story: Connecting to the future
Vehicles: Engine trends impacting performance and fuel efficiency
In the Bay: Understanding tire pressure monitoring and management systems
Shop Operations: How fleets can benefit from RCM
Management: Are you a good global citizen?
Economic Outlook: WDTKAWDTKI?
Powertrain: What are fault code action plans, and how can they help improve the vehicle diagnostic process?
Braking & Collision Avoidance: How will electric vehicles impact commercial truck braking systems?
Fleet Parts & Components
Tools & Equipment
Guest Editorial: Differences servicing air disc brakes versus drum brakes
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Fleet Maintenance - Management: Are you a good global citizen?
Fleet Maintenance - Economic Outlook: WDTKAWDTKI?
Fleet Maintenance - Powertrain: What are fault code action plans, and how can they help improve the vehicle diagnostic process?
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Fleet Maintenance - Braking & Collision Avoidance: How will electric vehicles impact commercial truck braking systems?
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