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Offers a 500-lb weight capacity
The Curt 49" x 22-1/2" Basket-Style Aluminum Cargo Carrier, No.
18113, features a four-bolt assembly for fast, easy installation and a
500-lb weight capacity. The cargo carrier weighs 25 lbs for easy moving and handling and mounts onto any 2" by 2" receiver tube opening.
It also has built-in reflectors to add visibility for increased safety.

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Rugged, sealed
interconnects that install
and disconnect easily
The TE Connectivity single-pole
Deutsch DTSK Connectors are
designed to connect power in a
variety of applications, specifically
offering the ease of connecting
and disconnecting in safer and
more accessible areas than at the
power source itself. These heavy
duty thermoplastic connectors are
rated up to 125A. The connectors
are designed to withstand harsh
conditions and feature latch-style
mating and an integrated secondary lock. DTSK connectors can be
used inline or mounted as passthrough connectors with the addition of an optional flange.

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Engineered to operate
in harsh environments
The Optronics LED Surface
Mount Beacons employ a solid-state, surface-mount device
(SMD) design that protects their
electronics against moisture,
shock, and vibration. The rugged
beacon lamps are available in 5.5"
and 7" heights and feature 30
selectable flash pattern modes.
They come complete with 9', 12V
power plugs and switches. The
beacon lamps meet Class 1 and
California Title 13 requirements,
along with Society of Automotive
Engineers (SAE) standards: SAE
J595 and SAE J845. They have an
IP65 rating for dust and water
resistance. They come with
Optronics' one-diode lifetime warranty protection, which will replace
any lamp if even one diode fails.

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58 Fleet Maintenance | October 2019


Sponsored by Hendrickson

Improve Your Bottom Line
There are more options for trailer
tire pressure management than
ever before. When selecting a
tire pressure system, owneroperators and fleet managers
must determine which technology best meets their operational
requirements and provides the
best return on investment.
Hendrickson delivers a complete
solution with TIREMAAX® PRO.
It is an advanced automatic tire
pressure control system for the
trailer industry capable of active
inflation, relieving and equalizing, resulting in reduced tire
wear, improved productivity and
increased fuel mileage.
TIREMAAX PRO features a
mechanical design that constantly monitors tire pressure to
respond to under-inflated tires
and changes in outside temperature that can cause over-inflated
tires. The patented system draws
from the trailer air supply to help
keep all the trailer tires properly
inflated and rolling smoothly.
PRO detects pressure dips below
a preset level in one or more tires
and directs air to the affected
tire(s). The system responds to
changes in outside temperature and prevents over-inflation
by relieving air from the tires.
This excess pressure flows back
through the supply lines and
exhausts at the controller. Finally,
TIREMAAX PRO equalizes the
pressure at all wheel positions
by using special valves in the

hubcaps that allow air to flow
both to and from the tires. This
ability to equalize pressures
reduces scrubbing between
duals and improves tire life.
According to industry sources, proper tire inflation can
yield savings in the three greatest expense areas for fleets
and owner-operators - labor,
fuel and tires. TIREMAAX PRO can
pay for itself in a year or less with
the savings incurred from labor
savings associated with frequent
tire pressure checks, increased
fuel mileage, and reduced tire
maintenance and replacement
costs. Can you afford not to spec
Hendrickson is a leading global
manufacturer and supplier of medium- and heavy-duty mechanical,
elastomeric and air suspensions;
integrated and non-integrated axle

and brakes systems; tire pressure
control systems; auxiliary lift axle
systems; parabolic and multi-leaf
springs; stabilizers; bumpers; and
components to the global commercial transportation industry. Our
tagline, The World Rides On Us® ,
not only reflects the spirit of the
brand but also Hendrickson's 100
plus years of innovation, engineering advancements and manufacturing excellence.
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http://www.VehicleServicePros.com/21089509 http://www.VehicleServicePros.com/21090830 http://www.VehicleServicePros.com/21093440 http://www.hendrickson-intl.com

Fleet Maintenance

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Fleet Maintenance

Uptime: Are all systems secure?
Cover Story: Connecting to the future
Vehicles: Engine trends impacting performance and fuel efficiency
In the Bay: Understanding tire pressure monitoring and management systems
Shop Operations: How fleets can benefit from RCM
Management: Are you a good global citizen?
Economic Outlook: WDTKAWDTKI?
Powertrain: What are fault code action plans, and how can they help improve the vehicle diagnostic process?
Braking & Collision Avoidance: How will electric vehicles impact commercial truck braking systems?
Fleet Parts & Components
Tools & Equipment
Guest Editorial: Differences servicing air disc brakes versus drum brakes
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Fleet Maintenance - 2
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Fleet Maintenance - 7
Fleet Maintenance - Uptime: Are all systems secure?
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Fleet Maintenance - Cover Story: Connecting to the future
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Fleet Maintenance - Vehicles: Engine trends impacting performance and fuel efficiency
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Fleet Maintenance - In the Bay: Understanding tire pressure monitoring and management systems
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Fleet Maintenance - Shop Operations: How fleets can benefit from RCM
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Fleet Maintenance - 48
Fleet Maintenance - 49
Fleet Maintenance - Management: Are you a good global citizen?
Fleet Maintenance - Economic Outlook: WDTKAWDTKI?
Fleet Maintenance - Powertrain: What are fault code action plans, and how can they help improve the vehicle diagnostic process?
Fleet Maintenance - 53
Fleet Maintenance - Braking & Collision Avoidance: How will electric vehicles impact commercial truck braking systems?
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Fleet Maintenance - Fleet Parts & Components
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Fleet Maintenance - Classifieds
Fleet Maintenance - Guest Editorial: Differences servicing air disc brakes versus drum brakes
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