Fleet Maintenance - 70

Features three
energy-efficient units

For ADS 325 and ADS 625 diagnostic tools

The Associated Equipment
Heavy-Duty AGM Battery
Chargers are energy
efficient and are available
in three units: 6006AGM,
6009AGM, 6012AGM. The
6006AGM charges all AGM,
standard, and maintenancefree 6/12/24V batteries with
five charging positions. It
also features a 70/65/30A
continuous rating and
280A crank assist. The
6009AGM 6/12V fast charger
has a high performance 265A crank
assist. The 6012AGM 6/12V fast
charger offers a crank assist of 250A.
All three U.S.-made chargers have fully insulated
clamps on 100-percent copper twin-extruded DC
leads (tangle-free), chrome-plated steel handles,
and two-year bumper to bumper warranty, and fiveyear transformer/rectifier warranty.

Features asymmetric arms

Holds vehicle's chassis frame in place
Features padded end clamps
to protect vehicle
The Sunex Tools REDLUH Underhood Light is
designed to provide users with head clearance
when working under the hood. The REDLUH offers
1,000 lm SMD square LED and can extend up to 68"
to fit most hood sizes. The end clamps rotate 360
degrees and are padded to protect the vehicle's
paint while using the light. It is IP65 rated to protect
against water.

The BendPak Wide Frame Cradle Pads are
designed to attach to the arms of any BendPak twopost lift equipped with 60mm diameter fastener
pegs. The Wide Frame Cradle Pads straddle the
vehicle's chassis frame, holding it firmly in place to
prevent any movement. The cradle pads are an ALI
certified two-post lift accessory.

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messy oil changes, stripped



oil pans, & over-tightened
drain plugs with

Simply replaces your existing oil drain plug.
With over 5,000 applications in stock,
No-Spill Systems drain plugs fits:
Cat, Cummins, Detroit, Volvo,
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70 Fleet Maintenance | October 2019


Moves up to eight
tires at a time

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for over
25 years!!

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The AMGO OH-9 Two Post Lift is designed with
asymmetric arms but also can be configured to be
symmetric. The lift offers standard features including
adjustable height, direct drive, powder coat finish,
stackable rubber pads, as well as other features such
as a clear floor design which provides unobstructed
floor use.


The Bosch BAT 120 Wireless Battery and
Starter/Charger System Tester is designed to
wirelessly transmit data via Bluetooth connectivity
to a pre-installed app on the Bosch ADS 325 and
ADS 625 diagnostic tools. It is also compatible with
OTC Encore and Evolve diagnostic tools running
software versions 2.10 or higher. The BAT 120 works
on 6V and 12V automotive batteries, including
regular flooded, enhanced
flooded, absorbent glass mat
(AGM), EV, and start-stop,
as well as batteries with as
little as 1.5V. It also conducts
12V and 24V charger/starter
systems tests and can test
a vehicle's battery charging
system to gauge alternator health and
troubleshoot charging issues.

The Martins Industries
Tire Rider Tuff tire cart
is designed to assist workers with no longer having
to worry about changing
the tire cart's gas cylinder.
The company replaced the
gas cylinder with a steel
spring mechanism. The
cart weighs 79 lbs and has
a carrying capacity is 550
lbs. It can move up to eight
tires at a time. The Tire
Rider Tuff tire cart comes
with a lifetime warranty.

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Four models to meet user's preferences and budgets
The Chicago Pneumatic CP7755 1/2" Impact
Wrench Series is designed to provide accurate power control with greater ergonomics
and comfort. The series offers four models
that feature the patent pending power selection
system in which power can be set to 5, 10, 15, 20, 25,
30, 35, 40, 45, 50, or 100 percent of the tool's maximum
torque for a precise match with each job's requirements.
The series also features a flat-topped body shape, allowing
the operator to conveniently pick each tool up from the floor
by the hose without having to bend down. The wrenches are
lightweight, compact, and have low levels of vibration.

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Fleet Maintenance

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Fleet Maintenance

Uptime: Are all systems secure?
Cover Story: Connecting to the future
Vehicles: Engine trends impacting performance and fuel efficiency
In the Bay: Understanding tire pressure monitoring and management systems
Shop Operations: How fleets can benefit from RCM
Management: Are you a good global citizen?
Economic Outlook: WDTKAWDTKI?
Powertrain: What are fault code action plans, and how can they help improve the vehicle diagnostic process?
Braking & Collision Avoidance: How will electric vehicles impact commercial truck braking systems?
Fleet Parts & Components
Tools & Equipment
Guest Editorial: Differences servicing air disc brakes versus drum brakes
Fleet Maintenance - 1
Fleet Maintenance - 2
Fleet Maintenance - 3
Fleet Maintenance - 4
Fleet Maintenance - 5
Fleet Maintenance - 6
Fleet Maintenance - 7
Fleet Maintenance - Uptime: Are all systems secure?
Fleet Maintenance - 9
Fleet Maintenance - Cover Story: Connecting to the future
Fleet Maintenance - 11
Fleet Maintenance - 12
Fleet Maintenance - 13
Fleet Maintenance - 14
Fleet Maintenance - 15
Fleet Maintenance - 16
Fleet Maintenance - 17
Fleet Maintenance - 18
Fleet Maintenance - 19
Fleet Maintenance - Vehicles: Engine trends impacting performance and fuel efficiency
Fleet Maintenance - 21
Fleet Maintenance - 22
Fleet Maintenance - 23
Fleet Maintenance - 24
Fleet Maintenance - 25
Fleet Maintenance - 26
Fleet Maintenance - 27
Fleet Maintenance - 28
Fleet Maintenance - 29
Fleet Maintenance - 30
Fleet Maintenance - 31
Fleet Maintenance - 32
Fleet Maintenance - 33
Fleet Maintenance - In the Bay: Understanding tire pressure monitoring and management systems
Fleet Maintenance - 35
Fleet Maintenance - 36
Fleet Maintenance - 37
Fleet Maintenance - 38
Fleet Maintenance - 39
Fleet Maintenance - 40
Fleet Maintenance - 41
Fleet Maintenance - 42
Fleet Maintenance - 43
Fleet Maintenance - Shop Operations: How fleets can benefit from RCM
Fleet Maintenance - 45
Fleet Maintenance - 46
Fleet Maintenance - 47
Fleet Maintenance - 48
Fleet Maintenance - 49
Fleet Maintenance - Management: Are you a good global citizen?
Fleet Maintenance - Economic Outlook: WDTKAWDTKI?
Fleet Maintenance - Powertrain: What are fault code action plans, and how can they help improve the vehicle diagnostic process?
Fleet Maintenance - 53
Fleet Maintenance - Braking & Collision Avoidance: How will electric vehicles impact commercial truck braking systems?
Fleet Maintenance - 55
Fleet Maintenance - Fleet Parts & Components
Fleet Maintenance - 57
Fleet Maintenance - 58
Fleet Maintenance - 59
Fleet Maintenance - 60
Fleet Maintenance - 61
Fleet Maintenance - Tools & Equipment
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Fleet Maintenance - 68
Fleet Maintenance - 69
Fleet Maintenance - 70
Fleet Maintenance - 71
Fleet Maintenance - 72
Fleet Maintenance - Classifieds
Fleet Maintenance - Guest Editorial: Differences servicing air disc brakes versus drum brakes
Fleet Maintenance - 75
Fleet Maintenance - 76
Fleet Maintenance - I1
Fleet Maintenance - I2
Fleet Maintenance - S1
Fleet Maintenance - S2
Fleet Maintenance - S3
Fleet Maintenance - S4
Fleet Maintenance - S5
Fleet Maintenance - S6
Fleet Maintenance - S7
Fleet Maintenance - S8
Fleet Maintenance - S9
Fleet Maintenance - S10
Fleet Maintenance - S11
Fleet Maintenance - S12
Fleet Maintenance - S13
Fleet Maintenance - S14
Fleet Maintenance - S15
Fleet Maintenance - S16
Fleet Maintenance - S17
Fleet Maintenance - S18
Fleet Maintenance - S19
Fleet Maintenance - S20