Fleet Maintenance - 24

Brake bleeds

Ü	Repeat steps 1-5 for the remaining three wheel-ends.
Ü	Open the bleed screw to allow brake fluid/air
Technicians will need to bleed the brakes whenever
bubbles to escape. Keep applying brake pedal force
There are other tools and methods available as
air has entered the hydraulic braking system.
as the pedal sinks to the floor.
well to complete a brake bleed. There are pressurized
Ü	Tighten the bleed screw. Release the brake pedal.
"Bleeding the brakes is required anytime the
bleeding tools, such as pneumatic or hand-pumped
Replenish the fluid in the master cylinder so that
closed hydraulic system is opened," Ford's Jendrusch
tools, that can be attached to the master cylinder
says. "Connections between the master cylinder,
it does not deplete all the fluid in the reservoir and
reservoir to push the fluid from the top down. There
are also vacuum pumps available that pull the fluid
hydraulic control unit, calipers, wheel cylinders, and
allow more air into the system.
top down from the bleed screw.
Ü	Repeat steps 2-4 as needed until the pedal feels firm.
brake tubes and hoses are all sources of air getting
into the system."
Changing brake fluid,
if done properly, should
not introduce air into
Sponsored by
the system, says Phoenix
Systems' Terry. The most
common instance of air
entering the system is
when a part or component of the system is
replaced, he continues,
upon which the brakes
may need to be bled.
"Excessive pedal travel and low braking force,
[sometimes referred to as
a] soft pedal, usually indicate that air has entered
services, agriculture, food and beverage, construcFleetPride specializes in selling Parts and providing
the closed hydraulic
tion, and waste management.
Services for heavy-duty trucks and trailers, primarily
system," Jendrusch says.
Class 6-8. The company combines a national reach
"Air will compress, which
with local expertise covering 46 states and nearly
Open to All Buyers
quickly uses the pedal
300 branch and service center locations.
To make the new ecommerce tools as accessible
travel and reduces the
The company is launching a new easy to use
as possible, visitors will be able to quickly set up
amount of force and
online buying experience.
a free online purchasing account. There are no
hydraulic pressure that
purchase minimums or any other thresholds to
can be applied to the
meet. The company welcomes heavy-duty parts
Easy to Find the Parts You Need
wheel-ends. The presence
buyers of all types to visit the website!
FleetPride is committed to getting you Ready for
of air in the hydraulic
the Road Ahead™ by striving to have the broadest
system is observed in
selection of heavy-duty parts when and where you
relatively long pedal travneed them.
el and low, or no, braking
force generated."
The objective of a
brake bleed is to force
the air out of the hydraulic system. There are
many different methods,
procedures, and tools
and equipment that may
FleetPride will offer a variety of additional
be utilized in order to
features and benefits once a visitor signs up for an
The new FleetPride.com will feature multiple tools
complete a brake bleed.
account, including:
to make finding parts fast and easy, including:
The most tried and
* Place and manage backorders
* VIN lookup
true method of a brake
* Access to "My Fleet" - store and manage VIN
* YMME (year, make, model, engine) lookup
bleed is a two-person
and Fleet Information
* An industry leading parts search tool
job. One person will
* Track and manage all Fleetpride orders
* Online chat with heavy-duty parts experts
apply the brake pedal as
* Manage your parts buying team - set
* Live inventory in all branches
the other will open and
permissions, spend limits, track spending
close the bleed screws.
Backed By Industry Expertise
Jendrusch outlines the
FleetPride sells more than 260,000 heavy-duty
Parts In Your Hands Quickly
process as follows:
truck and trailer parts from thousands of the most
With 5 Distribution Centers and Dedicated Delivery
Ü	Attach tubing (preferarecognized, and quality-built brands.
5 days per week to most branches, FleetPride
bly clear so that any air
Formed in 1999 and headquartered in Irving,
promises Faster Deliveries, Better Availability,
bubbles can be seen) to
TX, FleetPride is the nation's largest distributor of
the Best Selection, and All The Parts You Need to
the bleed screw. Have
truck and trailer parts in the independent heavykeep your trucks on or off-road.
a brake fluid collection
duty aftermarket channel. FleetPride operates
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container available for
over 270 locations in 46 states, including more
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the discharged fluid.
than 40 Service Centers with over 300 trained
Ü	Pump the brake
Technicians. Operating through five regional
Visit the new FleetPride.com today and support an
pedal a few times and
distribution centers, FleetPride carries over 400
American brand!
then apply constant
nationally recognized brands and serves a diverse
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24 Fleet Maintenance

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Fleet Maintenance

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