Fleet Maintenance - 49

Provides ideal heat
dispersion for increased

Features the low cab forward design
The Isuzu FTR Truck features the company's low
cab forward (LCF) design which is known for providing outstanding visibility and maneuverability. These
two advantages alone make Isuzu trucks easier and
safer to drive, the company says. Isuzu's multiple
wheelbases give FTR customers a choice of body
sizes up to 30' in length. The FTR Truck offers a 5.2L
4HK1-TC turbocharged, intercooled four-cylinder
diesel engine mated to an Allison 2550 RDS automatic transmission with PTO opening. Additionally,
the FTR also includes a Hendrickson HAS 230 Air
Suspension with a 23,000-lb capacity, a cab latch
switch with an I/P indicator and buzzer, and a new
spare key PIO option, which offers two additional
chassis keys for a total of four.

The Continental Conti
EcoPlus HS3+ Long Haul
Steer Tire is optimized
for maximum mileage
performance, low overall
fuel consumption, and
durability for retreading. It
features a technologically
advanced cap compound to
provide improved cut and tear
resistance for increased mileage,
balanced with rolling resistance for fuel efficiency.
The Conti 3G casing provides ideal heat dispersion
for increased retreadability. The tire has a 19/32"
tread depth and is available in: 11R22.5 Load Range
G and H, 295/75R22.5 Load Range G and H, 11R24.5
Load Range H, and 285/75R24.5 Load Range H. It is
SmartWay verified, CARB compliant, and is covered
by a seven-year, three-retread warranty.
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Provides complete coverage of the blade
The Superior Signals Snow Plow Light LED04
Series is designed to provide complete coverage of the blade when used together. With six
LEDS and 15 flash patterns, the driver and the
surrounding traffic will know exactly where the
blade is at all times. The horizontal set will show
the exact position of the blade when it is down
and in use while the vertical pair indicates blade
position while stored in the travel position. These
lights are encased to resist vibration from the
blade running along the road, as well as corrosion
from water, salt, and chemicals.
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Wirelessly links to Apple or Android
The CURT BetterWeigh Mobile Towing Scale is a
Bluetooth-enabled, smartphone-compatible, compact device
that plugs into the vehicle's OBD-II and measures the realtime weight of the vehicle and trailer, cargo/payload, tongue
weight, pin weight, weight distribution, and trailer brake
gain. It then displays them on the user's Apple or
Android phone. BetterWeigh is powered by TowSense
Technology, an accelerometer that measures changes in force and acceleration. The device works for
bumper pull towing setups, gooseneck towing, and
fifth wheel towing. It is also ideal when loading a vehicle with
cargo, supplies, or equipment, giving users a live look at the
vehicle's weight as cargo is added.
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Little to no sky view required
The DPL Telematics AssetView Max
Tracking System enables wireless monitoring and
remote tracking of any powered or unpowered asset to
improve logistics, manage inventory, and curb theft. The portable GPS unit is completely self-contained and may be hidden on any asset.
The AssetView Max allows owners to remotely monitor any asset accurately
from an intuitive, internet-based software package and mobile app. Its proprietary TruTrace Adaptive Tracking technology increases its reporting frequency
when movement is detected and automatically reduces it when stationary. The
unit features a long battery life, tamper detection, and is IP67 rated. With a
month-to-month agreement, there is no long-term contract and can be deactivated and reactivated anytime without penalty.
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13' low-profile
hydraulic gooseneck
The XL 120 HDG 3+2 Trailer
from XL Specialized Trailers
is adaptable for tall and heavy
loads. It features 120,000 lbs in
10' concentrated capacity rating and a low 18" deck height. The XL 120 HDG trailer
offers several configuration options. The trailer is 53' long overall.
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