Fleet Maintenance - 35

Features confirmed fixes from Identifix

Designed for diagnostic and
electrical troubleshooting
The Electronic Specialties 10-pc Back Probe Kit,
No. 804, features an assortment of the company's
back probes designed for diagnostic and electrical
troubleshooting. Each probe connects to industry
standard 4mm banana plugs. The kit includes two
flexible back probe pins, two spoon probe backprobers, four mini back probes/wire piercers, and two mini
alligator clips. The kit comes in a hard storage case.

The Audatex Vehicle Health Check is designed for pre- and
post-scanning, diagnosing, and repairing vehicles. Vehicle Health
Check features multiple package options to meet varying budgets, diagnostics needs, and skill levels. VHC Pro includes a portable Bluetooth vehicle connectivity interface and an application for
smartphones and tablets. Users can perform full system scans
and produce a health report with confirmed fixes from Identifix.
VHC Technician kit includes a ruggedized and warrantied 10.1"
tablet and full access to the Identifix DirectHit solution with
OE procedures, wire diagrams, recall and TSB documents, plus
industry confirmed fixes.

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Retrieve TPMS fault codes easily

The Bartec USA TPMS Software Update 58 offers
updated features and coverage
for Bartec TPMS tools. One
notable feature, VINdicate, is a
fast and easy way to select the
vehicle and retrieve the TPMS
fault codes in one simple step.
Simply connect the Bartec
Pro Series tool to the OBD-II
port and let the tool do the
work. The VIN is detected and
decoded, and with the makemodel-year selected, the DTCs
are also detected and decoded.
Also included in the update is
additional placard coverage for
the Tech400 Pro.

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Features Support On Demand app
The Autoland Scientech iscan 3 is designed to
make day-to-day repairs easier, the company says.
This tool gives users full control of their scanner for
remote guidance, training,
or support. The Support
On Demand app in the
main menu provides
support for the user,
with a remote-pass
through device when
licensed OE software
is necessary but not
available in the shop. When equipped with OE software, the built-in, patented IMS2 and J2534 pass-thru
functionality offers expanded coverage.

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Includes OEM service procedures
The Mac Tools Repair Source Diagnostics is software on the
ET7200 and ET6250 diagnostic tools included in the purchase
price of the tool. This software includes diagnostic coverage
updates, software updates, and Repair Source. Repair Source
offers vehicle service and repair information, including OEM service procedures for A/C and heater, engine, airbag, brake bleed,
steering, suspension, starter, alternator, and timing belt; DTC troubleshooting (test conditions and diagrams and supporting tests);
OE wiring diagrams; component location diagrams; computer
relearn procedures; and more.


The Dossier
Dossier delivers a
complete maintenance
management software
solution fleet managers
rely on to produce the
results needed to control
costs and maximize

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Service information system
The Mitchell 1 ProDemand provides complete OEM repair,
estimating and maintenance information, and real-world industry knowledge in a single lookup, to help automotive technicians
repair vehicles
more efficiently.
The company's
search engine,
1Search Plus,
presents the information needed
in a user-friendly
graphical layout
for diagnosis and
repair. Key features
include expert-based Real Fixes, ADAS quick reference, scalable
color wiring diagrams, the latest TSBs, common repair procedures, Top 10 Repairs dashboard, and integrated estimating with
the Mitchell 1 Manager SE shop management system.

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Fleet Maintenance

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Fleet Maintenance

Product Showcase: Body, Cab & Trailer
Product Showcase: Brakes, Chassis, Steering & Suspension
Product Showcase: Computers, Diagnostics & Repair Information
Product Showcase: Engines & Drivetrains
Product Showcase: Idle Reduction & Fuel Efficiency
Product Showcase: Lubricants, Filtration & Chemicals
Product Showcase: Tires & Wheels
Product Showcase: Shop Equipment & Supplies
Product Showcase: Tools & Personal Gear
Product Showcase: Work Truck Accessories
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Fleet Maintenance - Product Showcase: Engines & Drivetrains
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Fleet Maintenance - Product Showcase: Idle Reduction & Fuel Efficiency
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Fleet Maintenance - Product Showcase: Lubricants, Filtration & Chemicals
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