Fleet Maintenance - 40

Removes broken exhaust manifold
studs in Ford gas engines
The ProMAXX TEC Kit is designed to
remove broken exhaust manifold studs
faster and more easily in Ford 4.6L, 5.4L,
and 6.8L gas engines. The kit allows
technicians the ability to maximize their
speed and efficiency while boosting
their bottom line. The TEC Kit is demonstrated to
remove broken exhaust manifold studs in under
an average of 15 minutes.

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Increased cooling capacity for heavy tow conditions
The Bullet Proof Diesel 6.7L Power Stroke Oil Cooler is
designed to provide increased cooling capability for trucks that
experience heavy tow or heavy load conditions. According to
the company, this unit features up to a 20 percent increase in
surface area compared to the OE unit. Larger than stock coolant
pathways within the oil cooler resist plugging caused by debris in
coolant. A direct fit, bolt-on replacement, the BulletProof 6.7L Oil
Cooler can be, in most cases, installed in approximately an hour
with common tools, the company says.

AMT for concrete pumper models
The Mack Trucks Mack mDrive HD Automated
Manual Transmission for Mack TerraPro concrete
pumper models is available in 13- and 14-speed
options to offer improved performance, durability,
and uptime in an easy-to-operate package, the company says. The AMT comes with standard split-shaft
PTO functionality, receiving output directly from the
transmission to supply higher torque for large auxiliary equipment. The mDRIVE HD for concrete pumpers
is paired exclusively with the 11L Mack MP 7 engine,
and will be available with higher horsepower and
torque ratings than equivalent models with conventional automatic transmissions. It will be monitored
by the company's GuardDog Connect telematics solution, which provides proactive monitoring and repair
planning, real-time diagnosis of issues, repair scheduling, and confirmation that needed parts are in stock
and ready to install.

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Drop-in, bolt-on replacement with OE fit
The LoadHandler Power Products L545 Gear Reduction Starters are
designed to fit 3.9L to 5.9L Cummins diesel engines. The starters offer up
to 2.5 kW output in 12V systems. The starter is a drop-in, bolt-on replacement with the same appearance, fit, and function as the OE design,
according to the company. The starter features a heat-treated shaft for
improved durability and service life, and the unit includes a one-year,
parts-only warranty.

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Spring-loaded arms
The AST Universal Cylinder Liner Puller, No.
HTLP100, is designed to remove the cylinder lines on
Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes OM460,
and Volvo D13 engines. The puller has spring loaded
arms to fit the liner automatically, and includes a longer
thread shaft and arms.

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40 Fleet Maintenance | September 2019

Maximize fuel capacity without
sacrificing bed space
The Transfer Flow 50-gal High-Capacity Midship
Replacement Tank is designed for 2018 to 2019
Ford F-150 PowerStroke diesel crew cab short bed
trucks. The 50-gal replacement tank is suitable for
users that want to maximize their fuel capacity and
driving range without sacrificing truck bed space.
Crafted from ReliaSteel, 12 gauge U.S. high-yield aluminized steel, this product includes internal baffles
for strength and reduced fuel slosh. Installation is
easy: drop the plastic stock fuel tank, replace it with
the larger steel fuel tank in the same location, fill up
and hit the road. This fuel tank system ships complete with every component needed for installation
and is covered by a six-year, unlimited mileage warranty. The tank is powdercoated for a durable black
finish with an optional upgrade to add a spray-on
textured coat for improved durability.

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