Fleet Maintenance - 44

For up to 10L school bus engines

Fits most SAE standard pad mount application

The Prestolite PowerPro 5 Starter is a school bus starter for up to 10L diesel engines.
The starter is designed for performance and reliability with a compact, space-saving design. The starter offers 12V 5kW starting power and weighs less than 29
lbs. The planetary gear reduction design allows higher torque/speed and less
power consumption, and soft-start relay technology helps eliminate ring gear
damage. Overcrank protection helps protect the motor in any operating condition for a reliable start anywhere, any time, the company says. The starter
includes a two-year warranty for school bus applications.

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Industrial motive power battery utilizing
Copper Stretch Metal technology

The Denso PowerEdge 24PE Pad Mount
Alternator is designed to require less engine power,
reducing fuel consumption. The 12V, 170A alternator fits most Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
standard pad mount application and covers nearly all
Class 8 vehicles in operation. Denso's patented rectangular segment conductor (SC) technology incorporates a square wire copper stator for a compact, lightweight alternator with longer life, the company says.
All units are 100 percent
new with no core charge
and are backed by a
one-year unlimited
mileage warranty.

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The Storage Battery Systems Xtreme Force is an industrial motive power
battery that utilizes Copper Stretch Metal (CSM) technology. This technology
allows the battery to run longer under extreme conditions. Xtreme Force has an
increased operating time for material handling trucks due to its high energy content and reduced internal resistance of CSM. The battery runs on two shifts with
opportunity charging. Storage Battery Systems partnered with Systems Sunlight
S.A. on the introduction of this new battery technology.

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Restores engine performance

Removes diesel injectors on 6.7L
Power Stroke engines

Delivers more horsepower and torque,
improved NVH, and reduced weight

The SP Tools Ford Power Stroke Injector
Puller Kit, No. 16300, removes diesel
injectors on 6.7L Power Stroke engines
2011 and newer. Over time and with
many miles on the engine, the
injectors become heavily coated with carbon between
the tip and cylinder head,
causing them to
stick together.
When using
a factory tool
to remove the
injector, it can
rock the injector
and cause binding into the cylinder head, damaging the
injector. This tool is designed to pull Ford injectors
straight out without rocking, reducing the possibility
of damaging the injector or cylinder head.

The Cummins 6.7L Turbo Diesel is designed to
deliver more horsepower and torque, improved NVH,
and reduced weight. The new
high-output engine offers
400 hp and 1,000 ft-lbs
of torque for RAM 3500
equipped with the Aisin
transmission option.
For the RAM 2500 and
3500 equipped with
a 68RFE Auto, horsepower and torque have
increased to 370 hp and
850 ft-lbs to provide the
right power for these models. The engine also features a compacted graphite
iron material to reduce the overall weight by almost
60 lbs, a cast-iron cylinder head containing high-temperature capable exhaust valves actuated by all-new
hydraulic lash adjusters, and a higher-strength alloy
crankshaft with a 10-bolt crank flange.

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The BG 44K Platinum, No. 208, is designed to clean
modern gasoline direct injection (GDI) fuel delivery
and combustion systems. Pour
right into the gas tank to restore
performance and gas mileage, the
company says. It removes accumulated deposits from the oxygen
sensor and deposits in combustion
chambers, cleans the catalytic converter, restores flow to fuel injectors, prevents corrosion, and stays
in the fuel system to continue to
clean over time and miles.

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Press-in midship assembly
Locates air leaks
The Lisle Turbo Air System Test Kit with Smoke
Adapter, No. 69910, plugs the output side of the
turbo and the intake inlet. Air and smoke are applied
through one adapter to show the presence of leaks
within the system. The kit features a pressure gauge,
shut-off valve, pressure regulator, and includes six
pairs of stepped adapters to fit most turbo systems
on cars and light trucks. It can also be used on some
cooling system hoses.

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44 Fleet Maintenance | September 2019

The Dana SPL 250 Lite Driveshaft is an aftermarket replacement that offers simplified
installation with a press-in midship assembly that includes the complete driveshaft, coupling shaft, and service components. It does not require torque wrenches or boot clamps
for service, says the company. Designed to handle torque ratings up to 18,400 ft-lbs,
this driveshaft is up to 25 lbs lighter than other products, the company says. SPL
250 Lite assemblies are built to order, while service parts are offered through the
company's Crossville, Tennessee, distribution center.

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