Fleet Maintenance - 56

For draining antifreeze in high-volume shops
The Graco Coolant King 25-gal Used Anti-Freeze Receiver
is ideal for draining antifreeze in high-volume shops. This
receiver features oversized wheels that move smoothly across
uneven surfaces and a funnel that collects fluids from both
a drain plug and a filter port. A removable filter screen helps
prevent debris from entering the tank. The green tank color
makes it easy to identify, and the receiver features a large collection pan for ease-of-use.

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Safe for gas- and diesel-powered vehicles
Hot Shot's Secret Two-Step Oil System Treatment, from Lubrication
Specialties, is safe for gas- and diesel-powered vehicles. This two-step oil system treatment is designed
to improve power and compression, reduce lifter and
valve noise, reduce engine wear, and increase fuel
economy. Step one, Stiction Eliminator, is designed for
overall cleaning of the engine's oil system. Step two, FR3
Friction Reducer, helps support long-term engine performance, restore power, and improve mpg. Combined,
the treatment cleans the engine's oil system, then
extends the base oil performance in shear stability, oxidation stability, and film strength.

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Protects against rust and corrosion
The B'laster Pro-Grade Multi-Purpose Grease is a high-quality lithium grease designed for long-lasting lubrication and performance. This
grease resists water and protects against rust and corrosion in applications where speeds and loads are moderate. This grease can be used in
the automotive, marine, construction, landscaping and farm industries.
It's also suitable for recreational equipment and a variety of general
purpose grease applications in and around the shop.

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Offers an adjustable angled extension
The CTA 19-pc Master Oil Funnel System Kit,
No. 7900, is designed to cover most European,
Asian, and domestic vehicles currently on the road
today. An assortment of different color adapters
makes finding and selecting the correct one for the
job easy. All adapters connect to a 2L funnel and
an adjustable angled extension, which features two
grip seals at the connection end for secure fitment.
The adjustable angled extension also allows access
in hard-to-reach applications. The kit provides fast
oil filling without spillage or waste. Adapters and
extension are packaged in an easy-to-clean blow
molded carrying case.

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A multi-system formula that seals,
stops, and prevents leaks
Bar's Leaks Super Leak Fix, No. 1305, is a
multi-system formula that seals, stops, and prevents leaks in all engine, transmission, power
steering, hydraulic, and gear systems. Super Leak
Fix is safe for automotive, truck, farm, marine, and
small engines running on gasoline and diesel fuels.
Seal-renewing additives in Super Leak Fix restore
flexibility to stop seal and gasket leaks caused by
normal wear and age without clogging filters or
harming the system. Super Leak Fix is effective for
small leaks (add fluid once per month), medium
leaks (add fluid once per week), and preventive maintenance. Both a spout and fill
hose are included to make installation easier and faster.

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Prevents engine oil degradation
The BG Advanced Formula MOA, No. 115, is formulated with 100 percent synthetic chemistry to protect
turbocharged gasoline direct injection engines from
Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI). When added to engine
oil, it protects engine components and fortifies all
brands of engine oil over extended oil drain intervals. It
also protects vehicles with downsized, boosted engines
that have hotter combustion temperatures, higher
cylinder pressures, less piston ring tension, and tighter
tolerances. In addition, it is designed to prevent excessive oil consumption, sludge and varnish, and increased
exhaust emissions.

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Protects engines running at higher
operating temperatures
The Citgo CITGARD 700 Synthetic Blend Engine
Oils deliver the performance needed for newer
engine designs while improving performance in
older engines. The oils are engineered with a proprietary additive technology that protects engines
running at higher operating temperatures and fuel
injection pressures, while meeting tighter wear
limits and lower emission requirements. The SAE
10W-30 viscosity grade assists in attaining the
Phase II fuel efficiency standards by improving fuel
economy, increasing cold start up lubrication, and providing superior engine durability.

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56 Fleet Maintenance | September 2019

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