Fleet Maintenance - 60

For high-volume grease applications
The Macnaught 50:1 Air-Operated Heavy Duty
Grease Pumps are suitable for high-volume grease
applications requiring continuous high-pressure
grease output. These portable grease dispensing
systems are engineered for 35-lb, 120-lb, and 400-lb
containers. They are equipped with a low air consumption motor that doesn't need to be lubricated
due to the use of modern polymer materials. These
pumps are designed for a wide
range of heavy duty applications and come complete
with a 10-year warranty.

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Removes engine oil deposits and buildup
The BG Dynamic Engine Restoration Service Kit is
designed to remove engine oil deposits and buildup
for higher mileage vehicles. The service kit includes
BG Dynamic Engine Cleaner to clean the crankcase
and lubrication system, BG Dynamic Engine Cleaner
Rinse Oil to remove the cleaner and suspended residue, BG Advanced Formula MOA to protect engine
components, and BG 44K Platinum Fuel System
Cleaner to restore performance and fuel economy.

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Designed for user comfort

Repair leaks and reduce friction
The Bar's Leaks Hydraulic Seal is a professional-grade formula designed to repair leaks, reduce
friction and wear, and renew seals and O-rings
in hydraulic systems. This product is designed to
work in trucks, tractors, construction, and agricultural equipment, as well as industrial applications.
Hydraulic Seal contains a durable, field-proven zincbased additive package with viscosity modifiers to
restore thermal stability and anti-wear additives
in the hydraulic system. This product works with
32, 46, 68, and all other petroleum and synthetic
hydraulic fluids. It is available in 32-oz, 1-gal, 5-gal,
and 55-gal sizes.

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The Lumax Heavy Duty Swivel Handle Oil Filter Wrenches
are ergonomically designed for user comfort and feature cushion grip handles, and slim, adjustable designs. The yoke and link
assembly allows a strong grip but prevents crushed oil filters.
These wrenches are constructed from high-quality components
and built for lasting use and durability. These wrenches are available for a variety of filter sizes. Each filter wrench is sold separately in case pack.

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Gripping jaws grasp stubborn filters

Cleans entire fuel system

The Lisle 3-Jaw Filter Wrenches and Adapters,
Nos. 63830 and 63850, are designed with gripping
jaws to grab even stubborn filters. The 63830 covers
the most common filter sizes, and
the 63850 works on smaller filters.
The removable adapter provides
lower clearance in
tight spots, the
company says.
These tools can be
used with a 3/8" or
1/2" square drive, as well
as be used with a 21mm
wrench or socket. The
63830 has a range of 58mm to 110mm, and the 63850
has a range of 61mm to 124mm.

The ITW Full Throttle Diesel Fuel
System Cleaner, No. FT20100 is a
one-tank, multi-functional formulation
designed to clean the entire fuel system. It helps to restore lost power by
cleaning fuel injectors and breaking
down carbon buildup throughout
the entire fuel system. The Diesel
Fuel System Cleaner removes
carbon deposits on valves and
injectors, diminishes black smoke
through combustion catalysis, and
improves lubricity for better fuel
economy. It also enhances cold
flow properties and reduces emissions, says the company.

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Biodegradable, soy-based lubricant penetrant
The Cortec EcoLine Extreme Lubricant Penetrant (ELP) is a high
performance, biodegradable, soy-based lubricant and penetrant formulated from natural seed oils and select additives that offer lubricity and improved performance. EcoLine ELP can be used on all types
of metals for multiple purposes around the shop, plant, or home.
This product is ideal for a variety of applications including general
lubrication, penetration, and corrosion protection; milling, tapping,
and reaming; cutting, grinding, and drilling; loosening rusty bolts;
quieting squeaky hinges and moving parts; and more.

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60 Fleet Maintenance | September 2019

Oil additive provides wear protection
under extreme pressures
Hy-per Lube zinc replacement additive, No.
HPZ212, offers a way to keep cams, lifters, and rocker
arms safe and eliminate significant wear. The additive allows pressure to be applied to metal-on-metal
surfaces without the additive losing its original properties or causing extreme wear to the components.
The solution is compatible with all motor oils, including synthetic, and can be used in any vehicle year,
make, or model. The additive does not contain heavy
metals, reduces cold-start wear after long periods of
disuse, and is safe to use with all engines, even those
with catalytic converters.

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