Fleet Maintenance - 69

Self-centering hydraulic clamp check

Works on pavement, dirt, and gravel

The Coats HIT5000 Truck Tire Changer can accommodate tube or tubeless tires with rim diameters
from 15" to 38" with an easy-to-use swing arm that
houses all hydraulic controls with a dedicated
lever for each powered
function. Other features
include a self-centering
hydraulic clamping check,
an adjustable pressure
regulator that ensures
proper matching of chuck
pressure to rim strength, dual
tapered roller bearings, and a dual direction hydraulic
motor for smooth torque.

The Automann Wheel Chock, No. 562.6425Y, is a high visibility
yellow, lightweight thermoplastic design with a load capacity of
14,300 lbs per wheel. Featuring an ergonomic handle for easy
use and a bottom metal insert providing a multi-surface functionality for pavement, dirt, and gravel. It is also available with
patented plastic frame support for easy and secure storage.

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Specifically designed for line haul applications
The Michelin X Line Energy T Trailer Tire features SmartWay fuel efficiency mileage and
casing durability in a trailer tire designed specifically for line haul applications. The tire offers
optimized traction and stability with its four circumferential grooves for water evacuation. It
also has 10 percent improved rolling resistance compared to Michelin XT-1 tires due to next
generation Advanced Technology Compound, says the company.

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Scans tires for tread depth and alignment
The Tire Profiles TreadSpec 2.0 is a drive-over
system that automatically scans tires for tread depth
and alignment-related wear. Customers drive over
TreadSpec and the software generates a TreadTracker report
that allows service
personnel to help
consumers make
informed decisions
about tires and alignments. TreadSpec provides
integration, reporting, and
data to capture every tire opportunity, enhancing customer retention, service efficiency, and profitability,
according to the company.

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Combines speed, versatility, and safety

Offers fast and accurate readings

The John Bean T2545T Swing Arm Tire Changer
features a compact design and
is ideal for handling passenger
cars, light trucks, and high-performance wheel and tire
assemblies. The T2545T offers
a locking mount and demount
head offset, and bead breaker
control. The heavy duty pneumatic valves are easy to operate and offer intuitive functionality. The electric motor
generates 885 ft-lbs of torque
to the turntable to mount stiff,
difficult tires.

The PCL Air Technology ACCURA QUBE Tire
Inflator features style and simplicity, yet is
user-friendly and offers fast tire inflation. With a reading accuracy of 1 psi, each
unit is individually
tested and
includes a calibration certificate. The QUBE
offers three
modes: standard
inflate/deflate, tire shop
(featuring overpressure), and nitrogen
(top off and complete purge).

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Walks users through
TPMS reset process
The Myers VT46 TPMS Tool offers
an optional
OBD-II module
that is versatile
and can be
upgraded. The
TPMS tool is for
sensor activation, programming, and ECU
reset for complete tire management. The unit
reads, diagnoses,
and activates 100 percent of OE and
aftermarket TPMS sensors, the company says. The tool supports many
programmable TPMS sensors and is
updated with new features. All sensor data is displayed on the bright
color display, including the sensor
ID, tire pressure, tire temperature,
and battery status. The Myers VT46
displays indirect, OBD, manual, and
auto relearn procedure information,
walking users step-by-step through
the TPMS reset process.

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