Fleet Maintenance - 88


Fits securely
onto the brim
of a hat

Provides up to 1,800 ft-lbs torque
The Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL 1" High Torque Impact
Wrench with ONE-KEY is designed to deliver up to 1,800
ft-lbs of nut-busting torque and 1,500 ft-lbs of fastening
torque while remaining 7 lbs lighter than corded units.
True to all M18 FUEL solutions, the 1" High Torque
Impact Wrench combines three exclusive innovations:
the Powerstate brushless motor, Redlithium battery
pack, and Redlink Plus intelligence. ONE-KEY provides
the ability to customize, track, and manage the impact
wrench, as well as set a repeatable torque. The tool also
has a four-mode Drive Control feature that provides
users the versatility to switch between modes to match
the power and speed for the application.

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All stainless steel folder knife
The Kershaw Boilermaker Knife features a modified
drop-point blade with a 3.3" cutting edge. The all
stainless steel knife provides extra cutting control
with jimping along the blade's spine. The blade opens
quickly with SpeedSafe assisted opening by a push on the thumbstud or a pull back on the flipper. Both the handle and blade have a PVD coating and a stonewashed finish to give
the Boilermaker an industrial look and to provide an additional measure of protection for the steel. The knife also
features a deep carry pocketclip.

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The Klein Tools Cap Visor Light, No.
56402, enables professionals to add light to
any hat or cap. Its contoured metal clip is designed
to fit securely onto the brim of a trades person's hat.
Additional features include a pivoting head of up to a
60-degree angle to provide handsfree lighting where
needed, five LED lights, and a centered power button
to adjust settings from high (125 lm) to low (40 lm). The
light is IP54 dust- and water-resistant.

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Quick and easy fastening
The OEMTOOLS R2 Rechargeable Speed
Ratchets, Nos. 24493 and 24494, are designed
to speed up work for quick and easy fastening.
They are rechargeable and include two 2,000
mAh Li-ion batteries for continuous use for less
work interruptions to re-charge. With an internal
over-torque protection mechanism, there is less
worry about overtightening of fasteners. The
R2 Speed Rachets are lightweight and
have a low profile design for
tight work areas. The two
ratchets are available in 1/2"
drive (No. 24493)
and 3/8" drive
(No. 24494).

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Every Toolbox Needs...
Built-in power inverter powers personal electronics


SINCE 1908

The Michelin Multi-Function Portable Power Source XR1 offers a
variety of features in one compact device. Notable features include: a jump
starter with 40" long heavy duty jumper cables and 300 cranking amps;
built-in power inverter that provides AC power for powering personal fans
and electronics; 260 psi air compressor; and digital Bluetooth radio that
allows users to stream music from their phone or music player.

Tap Extractors
& Tap Extensions
Performance professionals have
depended on high-quality Walton
tools since 1908.

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* Remove broken taps simply
and safely - no drilling, lasers,
damaged threads, scrapped
parts or repair inserts.
* Available in every tap size,
both inch and metric.


Available as sets or
individual pieces.

* Extend the reach of
regular-length taps and
allow tapping in deep holes
and awkward locations.
* Square and round sockets
conform to leading tap sizes.
* Suitable for both machineand hand-tapping.




Tapping into good ideas for over 110 years.

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88 Fleet Maintenance | September 2019

Available in four colors
The LightStar InfiniStar is a 275
lm micro-USB rechargeable
penlight that features
a rubber bite-grip that
allows handsfree use, a
high-CRI LED, and 275/50
lm output from dual modes.
The micro-USB charging port
allows charging from any common source. The battery is good for
up to 400 charge cycles. The light is
available in four colors and comes with
a limited lifetime warranty.

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Provides comfort and functionality with
magnetic dish
The Monster Mobile
Kneeling Pad, No.
MST19400, provides
cushion comfort
and functionality
with its magnetic dish
for nuts, bolts, and small parts.
The three layer thick foam protects knees
from hard surfaces and is slip-resistant, oil proof, and
solvent-resistant. It also comes with a built-in handle
for carrying and easy storage. The size measures 24"
length by 16" width by 1.13" thick.

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Fleet Maintenance

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Product Showcase: Idle Reduction & Fuel Efficiency
Product Showcase: Lubricants, Filtration & Chemicals
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