Fleet Maintenance - 92

Helps reduce noise and improve heat retention
The DEI Boom Mat Sound Damping and Insulation Kit
for Sprinter Vans is available for both short wheel base (No.
050400) and long wheel base (No. 050401) vehicles to help
reduce noise and improve heat retention. The short base kit
includes 250 sq. ft. of Boom Mat D-Mat thermal acoustic insulation, Boom Mat damping material, and Boom Mat Hi-Temp
Spray adhesive, providing enough to cover the side walls and
ceiling. The long base kit provides 350 sq. ft. of insulation. DEI
also offers a floor insulation kit for either short or long base
vehicles to help reduce road noise.

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Maximizes unused space in the back of trucks
The CargoGlide Truck WallSlide is a work truck storage system
designed to maximize the unused space usually found in the
back of a truck. The Truck WallSlide has a steel framework which
is mounted to a truck bed with manual or motorized walls. The
product allows tools and material to slide out of the truck bed
directly into the user's arms at chest height. This system eliminates the need to bend over, twist, and reach for materials. The
overhead ceiling slide rail allows ladder storage and utilization of
the top center space.

Haul bulk diesel on the road
The Thunder Creek Equipment Multi-Tank Upfit
can haul bulk diesel on the road without requiring a
CDL or HAZMAT endorsement. Each truck is outfitted
with eight independent 115-gal tanks (920-gal total
capacity) that are only connected when a common
manifold is opened at the pumping station. This upfit
is currently compatible with the Ford F550 chassis
(Class 5, with or without PTO), and Thunder Creek
plans on engineering the body for additional Class
5 and Class 6 trucks. The rear utility box contains
the diesel pump and the manifold system. Options
include a variety of meters for measuring, security
and tracking, numerous reel options and lengths, a
4-micron filter, and a variety of color schemes.

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Field tested and designed by technicians
The LocknClimb Drag Link Stand for Truck Engine Service,
No. DLSTAND, is a stand designed for engine maintenance service. This stand features a slip-resistant surface that helps prevent falls, offers full foot support to help reduce the chance of
foot thrombosis, and is designed to fit between the spring and
drag link. The stand is made of 6061 industrial aluminum, has a
lightweight, portable, one-piece design, and exceeds OSHA and
ANSI specifications. This product is field-tested and designed by
technicians and is 100 percent made by hand in the U.S.A.

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Provides up to a
4,000-lb capacity
The Thieman
Tailgates Level
Ride Stowaway
Liftgate, No.
LRST40, provides up to a 4,000-lb capacity, and features a self-leveling action and an adjustable platform
to offer a stable, "level with truck" surface for all types
of loading conditions. Thieman has incorporated
self-lubricating Teflon bearings at all of the LRST pivot
points. The LRST has a unique design so the cylinder
rods are retracted during transit to protect them from
road debris. The LRST also includes a standard plastic
pump enclosure for protection from the weather. This
liftgate also features a large 80″ by 60″ aluminum platform and self-lubricating bearings.

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Designed for fast
and easy installation

Offers a unique double-folding ramp design

Offers durable build and no-drill installation

The Curt 50" x 30-1/2" Aluminum Hitch Cargo
Carrier with Ramp, No. 18112, offers a double-folding ramp design and a 500-lb load capacity. The cargo
carrier hinges in the middle, allowing the ramp to
fold in half in the vertical position. The ramp features
three folding positions including outward for easy
loading, vertically in half for smooth transportation,
and it also folds into the cargo carrier itself for easy
storage and portability. The cargo carrier mounts
onto any 2" by 2" receiver tube opening and features
an 8-bolt assembly for fast, easy installation.

The ARIES AscentStep 5-1/2" Running Boards
feature a sleek profile, unique dual-construction step
pads, a highly durable build, and no-drill installation,
using the company's VersaTrac mounting system.
AscentSteps are engineered with a teardrop-shaped
profile and seamlessly blended, rounded end caps.
The running boards also have unique step pads with
a two-part construction. The step pads are made up
of a polyethylene tread that is overlaid by a stainless
steel plate. AscentSteps are made from powder coated carbon steel. The powder coat is a durable carbide black finish that offers long-lasting resistance.

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92 Fleet Maintenance | September 2019

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The Weather Guard
Shelf Mounting Kits
for Compact and
Full-Size Vans offer
28 unique van shelving
units designed for fast
and easy installation.
Each kit includes
extruded aluminum upper
rails, powder coated steel mounting
plates, and hardware for two shelf units for
both the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle.
These kits also feature mounting straps with steel
brackets that result in a unique four-way stop design
that provides security and protects against sudden
movement during travel. The no-drill kit includes
heavy gauge steel mounting plates which are installed
using existing holes and reinforced weld nuts.

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