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Instantly captures and sends
inspection report data
The Inspect App from IntelliShift connects the
health, safety, compliance, and productivity of the
mobile workforce. The app streamlines inspections
of vehicles, assets, equipment, jobsites, and more. As
part of IntelliShift's suite of safety solutions, Inspect
provides the flexibility needed to meet state, federal,
or local regulations. Inspect instantly captures,
compiles, and sends inspection report data to the
IntelliShift platform. It supports fast equipment defect
reporting, work order initiation, and proof of repairs
to prevent false claims or safety hazards. Inspect
provides monitoring capabilities to prevent violations
or safety hazards in real-time. Automated alerts also
prompt leaders to schedule maintenance as issues
are reported.
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Pinpoints high pressure leaks in
heavy-duty applications
The Redline Detection HD PowerSmoke is
used by fleets to locate engine air leaks, the root
cause of excessive aftertreatment maintenance
and repair, as outlined in TMC's Recommended
Practice 375. Using this technology in preventive
maintenance allows fleets to speed repairs, reduce
costs, improve performance and fuel efficiency,
and increase vehicle uptime. HD PowerSmoke was
specifically engineered to provide the pressure
and volume needed to test the integrity of heavyduty
intake and exhaust systems in one quick
procedure, with the engine safely off.
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Features OBD-II live data recording
The Matco Tools Max Drive In-Vehicle Data Recorder, No.
MDMAXDRIVE, is designed to help identify driving problems to solve maintenance
issues quickly and easily. Users can read and record data streams
of the engine to demonstrate them graphically with a user-friendly browsing
interface and clear data display on a Matco Tools' Maximus scan tool. The
data recorder features OBD-II live data recording. Simply connect to start
data recording and unplug to stop.
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Safe for use on hybrid and electric vehicles
The Cornwell Quality Tools Premium Automotive
DMM with Rapid Auto Range & Dual Impedance,
No. CBPDM300, is CAT III 1,000V and CAT IV 600V
approved, making it safe for use on hybrid/EV high
voltage circuits. The Dual impedance (LoZ) allows
both industrial and automotive applications in the
one instrument and the Rapid Auto Range enables
a fast screen refresh rate of displayed voltages. The
CBPDM300 also features True RMS accuracy for
advanced troubleshooting on AC volts and amps. The
DMM is waterproof to IP67 standards and includes
CATIII 1,000V approved test leads, K-type temperature
probe, RPM pick-up, blow molded storage case,
instructions, and battery.
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Includes high-speed USB to CAN interface
The DG Technologies VSI NxGen diagnostics and reprogramming
interface includes CAN FD capability, highspeed
USB to CAN interface, hardware security module
provided by CyberTech, and DG Diagnostics OBD-II software
with Adapter Validation Tool software application,
and DG Assist software with no annual maintenance fees.
This automotive diagnostic tool and Pass-Thru device
ensures complete automotive coverage for all mechanics,
technicians, and more.
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Able to connect to scan tools and devices
The N2 Neuron Dual Channel Bluetooth Graphing Multimeter by Curien
is designed to enable freedom of movement while testing electrical, temperature,
and other systems. N2 is integrated with data interpretation and intelligence
software, enhancing the diagnosis of most electrical circuit problems
and providing training, community, and help forums to increase the user's
capabilities. The composite, rubberized body is resilient and built for shop life,
while its compact size allows for access to tight areas and road tests. In addition,
the onboard 24-bit processor allows for two streams of measurements to
be simultaneously processed and transmitted at high resolutions. The N2 also
comes with standard 4mm banana jacks, over the air updatable firmware, and
a two-year warranty, as well as accepts BNC adapters.
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