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For 12V and 24V applications
The Electronic Specialties Relay Fuse Buddy,
No. 316, is a diagnostic tool that features an on/
off relay bypass switch and live current meter.
The tester will normally connect at the fuse panel,
where most vehicle relays are found. Relay Fuse
Buddy has many applications and can assist in
determining whether the problem is the relay, the
circuit, or the component. It can be used to turn
on/off DC motors, fuel injectors, and fuel pumps,
for example. Adapters are included for six of the
most common types of relays, providing wide test
coverage. An amp probe is not required.
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Features optional
OBD-I coverage
The Innova FixAssist
5160RS is a feature-rich
scan tool. Features include
bidirectional control,
special reset functions,
enhanced data streaming, all-system network scans,
ABS and SRS, electronic parking brake retract/ABS
brake bleeding, optional OBD-l coverage, and more.
The variety of features allows even enthusiast-level
DIYers to perform scans with professional-level functionality,
the company said. The 5160RS also comes
with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology and can be
paired with Innova's RepairSolutions2 diagnostic app.
The tool comes with a one-year warranty.
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262-279-1400 |
Features 28 maintenance reset functions
The ThinkTool Pros from Thinkcar features OEM level diagnostics,
28 maintenance reset functions, programming, and
actuation testing. The large 10 " touchscreen provides easy
access to its intuitive operating system. The rugged exterior
case is slip resistant and can withstand a 3' drop. With
optional TPMS, ADAS calibration, and heavy-duty compatibilities,
users can enhance the abilities of the tool even further,
the company said. ThinkTool Pros integrates seamlessly
with ThinkTool modular accessories including video scope,
Bluetooth VCI, portable report printer, four-channel scope
box, battery testing module, worklight, and thermal imager.
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Pass or fail test
The Dieselcraft DEF Test is designed to test for
water and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) in all diesel fuel.
The test is a pass or fail test with results in less than
one minute. The kit contains one test tube, 10 test
strips, and one transfer pipette. Simply remove one
test strip from the package, place the colored end
down into the test tube, and add questionable liquid.
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For dump truck drivers, owners, and brokers
The TRUX Drive App is designed for dump truck
drivers, owners, and brokers. It expands on the first
generation of the TRUX Now app and features a
redesigned user experience that enables better fleet
management, opportunities to find work, integrated
earnings, and visibility into plant and job site location
information, the company said. The app also includes
more intuitive functionality like one-button navigation
for plants and job sites, and earnings history that can
be filtered by week, job, or driver. Additionally, it features
advanced scheduling tools, streamlined earnings
reports, GPS-assisted location and navigation, and
digital load slips to help reduce paperwork. TRUX Drive
app is available on both Android and iPhone devices.
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Operates on shop air or inert gas
The Mastercool Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic
Smoke Machine, No. 43060-HD, is designed for all
heavy-duty truck intakes, exhaust, vacuum lines and
components, cabin air and water leaks, and much
more. It is not for EVAP testing. Accessories include
two large inflatable block-off bladders with safety
chains, 6 " rigid smoke stack ring, pressure sensor
port adapter, oxygen sensor port adapter, temperature
sensor port adapter, high intensity battery powered
smoke illuminating flashlight, and 8 oz. smoke
producing fluid.
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Signals with light and a buzzer
The Lisle Corporation Circuit Tester with Buzzer,
No. 28620, tests low voltage up to 28V. The spring
loaded hook can be removed to use the probe tip
only. The heavy-duty tester signals with a light and
a buzzer and can also be used to check polarity and
battery drain.
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28 Fleet Maintenance | September 2021


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