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Has a total load capacity of 500 lb.
Clean up spilled coolant and oil
The Flo-Dynamics AirVac Handheld
Shop Vac helps shops clean up spills.
Weighing 8 lb., the shop vac was designed to
be easy to handle. The patented venturi system
creates enough vacuum to pick up all
kinds of fluids, from coolant to heavy-duty
gear oil, and comes complete with a bucket
for draining. The bucket also has casters to
make it easy to move around the shop. To
use, connect the unit to shop air, clean up
the fluid, and drain the unit into the included
waste container. The AirVac requires no
additional pellets, rags, or pads to clean up
spills, and was made in the U.S.
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The Cornwell Tools 3 Drawer Flip Top Cart, No.
CTBF353KB, features an integrated power strip with
three 120V outlets and two USB ports. Push handle
and 5 " by 2 " casters provide ease of mobility and
molded bumpers help prevent dings and dents.
Full-extension drawers and
top till are secured with a
tubular lock. Drawers have
full-length pulls, liners, and
100-lb. of weight-carrying
capacity and the till offers a
gas-piston assisted
lid. Open bottom
shelf provides
storage for bulky
items. The total
load capacity is
500 lb.
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Built for rigorous heavy-duty applications
The ESCO Pro Series Bottle Jack Line is designed for
rigorous heavy-duty commercial applications and range
in sizes from 12- to 30-ton capacities. The bottle jacks
are equipped with a re-engineered thick base plate,
offering a stronger foundation to support heavy loads.
They feature fully welded cylinders and frames, as well
as have a compact footprint. Their double-spring design
allows for controlled and safe descent while releasing
pressure from the cylinder. All four bottle jacks operate
using air or can be manually adjusted with the included
two-piece lifting/lowering handle. Each jack has a 4'
swivel-end hose with a handheld push-bar air trigger.
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Features a thermoplastic worktop
The Beta Tools C50S Service Tool Trolley with 3-Drawers is designed
to offer flexibility and storage on the go. It features a thermoplastic worktop,
front centralized safety lock, and a 882-lb. load capacity. Each drawer
measures 2.75 " high, has ball bearing slides, and is protected by foam rubber
mats. The large, lower shelf is protected by an anti-oil and anti-rubber
mat. The tool trolley also includes a convenient side screwdriver holder,
two side built-in spray can holders, and four 5 " casters (two fixed and two
steering, one with brake).
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Includes positioning cameras and guides
The Bosch DAS 3000 ADAS Recalibration System
guides technicians through steps to calibrate ADAS
systems, giving them the confidence to accurately
repair advanced vehicles quickly. Designed for current
and future ADAS technologies, the DAS 3000 is fast
to set up and works with a large range of different
vehicle makes and models spanning back to 1995.
The DAS 3000 system includes 13 camera targets
covering the most popular OEMs, recalibration fixture
and distance markers, Bosch ADAS Positioning
System (BAP), floor mat calibration targets, dual purpose
Volkswagen radar and camera board, technician
training for easy set-up and use, and a storage box.
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Easy-to-use automation
The Renegade I-Series TL HRPW WD Horizontal Rotating Parts Washer is designed to
effectively clean challenging dirt and debris. As parts rotate from its balanced centerline,
the spray manifold thoroughly flushes fine particulates from the blind holes and other hardto-clean
cavities. The unit offers custom fixtures for secure placement of parts and components
in the top load parts washer. A two-stage wash/dry automation is designed for high
production, repetitive cleaning operations for maximum cleaning efficiency. The parts washer
features a PLC programmable wash cycle timer and heater timer, as well as a large PLC/
HMI touchscreen for electronic filter monitoring, low water warnings, preset maintenance
and wash cycles, temperature display, and more.
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58 Fleet Maintenance | September 2021


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Product Showcase: Computers, Diagnostics & Repair Info & Training
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Product Showcase: Idle Reduction & Fuel Efficiency
Product Showcase: Lubricants, Filters & Chemicals
Product Showcase: Tire & Wheel
Product Showcase: Shop Equipment & Supplies
Product Showcase: Tools & Personal Gear
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