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Available in six colors
The U.S. General 34 "
6-Drawer Full Bank Service
Available in 1,800 and 4,100 lm
Lumenators from Maxxeon are part of
the company's Dominate the Dark industrial
lighting line. These heavy-duty cordless,
rechargeable area work lights are
available in two sizes: 1,800 and 4,100
lm. They are ideal for illuminating work
areas and for emergency power outage
situations. The Lumenators are available
with optional telescopic 60 " tripods and
magnetic bases.
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Carts from Harbor Freight
are designed to last with
a one-piece, fully welded
body for maximum
strength and a chemical
resistant and scratch
resistant powder coat finish
to withstand years of
use. To prevent accidental
dings, dents, and scratches
around the shop, the
carts offer built-in impact
resistant corner guards.
They also feature gas struts that
open to a full 9-degree angle, internal pry bar storage
system, pass-through ports, six full width drawers
with heavy-duty ball bearing slides, integrated locking
system, non-slip liners, and four swivel casters (two
that lock). The carts are available in six colors: red,
black, orange, yellow, blue, and green.
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Quick-release enables convenient
removal of collected debris
Enables the use of pneumatic tools while servicing a vehicle
The Stertil-Koni Compressed Air-in-Platform Kit attaches
directly to a lifting platform such as the company's 4-Post and
SKYLIFT platform lifts, allowing technicians to run pneumatic
tools while servicing a vehicle. With the piping and air hoses
attached directly to the vehicle lift, tripping hazards from airpower
cables typically strung across the shop floor are eliminated.
The Compressed Air-in-Platform Kit comes with an 8' air pipe,
hardware, and one outlet for easy installation, providing approximately
20' of reach. Kits may be combined for even longer reach.
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The Master Magnetics 36 " Magnetic Floor
Sweeper with Release is designed to quickly and
easily clean up hazardous ferrous metal debris from
indoor and outdoor traffic areas to prevent costly
injuries and repairs. The adjustable sweeping
height enables efficient cleaning for varying sizes
of debris, over any terrain, and in any weather
condition. The quick-release function makes
cleaning fast and safe. Simply pull up the
handle to immediately deposit the load for
disposal or to reclaim usable items such
as nails and other metal items. The floor
sweeper also features an adjustable handle
from 25 " to 44 " and has 7 " diameter
rubber wheels.
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Securely supports 2,400 lb.
The BendPak SL24EVT EV Battery Pack and Powertrain
Lifting System is designed to help technicians safely and efficiently
remove, service, and install heavy electric vehicle battery
packs or internal combustion powertrain components. Compact
and portable, it has a pallet-jack type steering wheel and oversized
urethane casters to provide low rolling resistance and
unparalleled maneuverability. With a press of the button on the
pendant controller, the SL24EVT elevates to more than 6' in less
than 20 seconds. The lift table securely supports 2,400 lb. on its
oversized 40 " by 60 " cushioned rubber platform. The SL24EVT
is powered by a maintenance-free 12V deep-cycle battery and
includes a fully automatic three-stage battery charger.
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Automatic flow control
Emits up to 3,000 lm
The Makita 18V LXT Cordless/Corded Work Light, No. DML811, provides
bright and even illumination for work spaces. At full brightness it provides
3,000 lm of light, 1,500 lm on medium, and 750 lm on low. Adjusting
knobs enable the user to direct the light to the desired angle. It features
dust and water-resistant (IP65 rated) construction and a convenient carrying
handle that folds down. The worklight can be mounted on an optional
tripod stand (sold separately).
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The Clean Burn CB-1750 Used Oil Furnace produces
approximately 175,000 BTUs an hour. It features a
small, low-profile design, making it ideal for numerous
applications and convenient installations. According
to the company, as a broad guideline the CB-1750 is
suitable for facilities generating smaller quantities of
waste oil annually. It features non-welded flue tubes
for longer service life and swing-away burner and
door for easier service.
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