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Built for convenience
The Samson PumpMaster 4 5:1 Bulk Tankless Packages
are built for convenience and designed to be mounted on
top of CUBET tanks. The packages include a PumpMaster 4
5:1 stub pump with bung adapter, 504 series (double arm)
hose reel, mini piggyback filter-regulator, quick coupler and
nipple, and a choice between EC8 electronic, MC8 mechanical,
or a preset digital meter. The PumpMaster 4 5:1 packages
are ideal for handling synthetic and mineral-based oil,
antifreeze solutions, and water-based solutions.
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30,000-lb. fully tested rating
The CURT PowerRide is a fifth wheel hitch that features
a 30,000-lb. fully tested rating and a 7,500-lb.
vertical load limit. PowerRide equips a truck with a
professional-grade solution for fifth wheel towing.
Features include a cast head with multi-directional
tilt, a self-resetting handle, enhanced portability, and
no welding or fabricating required for installation.
The hitch uses two interlocking jaws to fully wrap the
kingpin for less chucking, and its cast yoke head tilts
in multiple directions to promote a smooth ride. The
self-resetting handle resets the jaws to the ready-tocouple
position after uncoupling. PowerRide features
a one-pin head removal system for installation and
removal. The central pin can be removed as needed,
breaking the hitch down into smaller, easier-to-lift
pieces. The fifth wheel head is equipped with a durable
wear indicator which also contributes to smoother
towing and eliminates the need for grease or a lube
plate. The hitch is also equipped with strategically
placed grip points for a comfortable, confident hold
when lifting. PowerRide is tested to SAE J2638 specifications
for safety.
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Provides complete coverage of the blade
The Superior Signals Snow Plow Light LED04 Series is designed to provide complete coverage
of the blade when used together. With six LEDS and 15 flash patterns, the driver and the
surrounding traffic will know exactly where the blade is at all times. The horizontal set will show
the exact position of the blade when it is down and in use while the vertical pair indicates blade
position while stored in the travel position. These lights are encased to resist vibration from the
blade running along the road, as well as corrosion from water, salt, and chemicals.
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Used to hold batteries or as a tool compartment
The Minimizer In-Frame Tool Box, No. 103851, is
designed to fit on 27 " to 28.5 " frames and has clearance
for the driveshaft built into the bottom of the
box. It can hold up to two Group 30 or Group 31
batteries, or can be used as a tool compartment.
According to the company, the toolbox won't rust,
crack, break, or need paint. The toolbox comes exclusively
in black and has a lifetime guarantee.
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Fits full-size pickups
Fully welded box frame
construction for durability
The XTM Extreme Duty Reel from Coxreels is
designed for high demand industries requiring a
level of construction above truck duty. Built with
mining, off-road, heavy equipment, and heavy
equipment lubrication in mind, the XTM series offers
professional grade features inside a solid all-welded
box frame with an integral roller bracket. The series
features dual lubricated precision bearings, 1 " stainless
steel pinch-proof guide rollers, stainless steel
lock ratchet, and an external fluid path with swivel
retaining plates. Mounting options include bottom
mount, floor mount, and wall mount. The XTM series
is made in the U.S.
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The Transfer Flow 50- and 80-Gallon Diesel Refueling
Tanks fit full-size pickups and come with mounting hardware,
fuel cap, and rollover valve. The tanks are ideal for
manually fueling diesel trucks or equipment out in the field.
The refueling tanks are manufactured from 14-gauge aluminized
steel for superior rust resistance and strength. They
have internal baffles for extra durability and are powder
coated black. They are compatible with GPI and Fill-Rite 12V
refueling pumps, which are sold separately.
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Made from reinforced steel
The Luverne Grip Step XL Running Board is engineered for
commercial vans and fleets. Inspired by the company's Grip Step
7 " running boards, Grip Step XL features the same high-traction,
expanded metal treads. In addition, the Grip Step XL offers an
ultra-wide stepping surface of 9-1/2 " . Also, the boards are made
from reinforced steel, instead of aluminum. According to the company,
the steel boards won't flex or bend. The running boards are
available in single-board applications for various cargo van makes
and models (passenger-side only).
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