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Selecting proper two-post lift accessories
Ensure safety and lift compatibility when purchasing
vehicle lift accessories.
By Spencer Labbe
Using ALI certified lift accessories
can help ensure shop safety.
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Common lift accessories
Frame cradle pads are a popular accessory
for larger trucks and SUVs. They are made
to straddle the chassis frame of a truck,
preventing any movement.


f you're doing serious work using a
two-post lift, you need the right tools
for the job. Not all vehicles are made
equally, and some jobs require special
equipment. Accessories for two-post lifts
help lift different vehicles. However, without the proper research, any addition to
your two-post lift can potentially be dangerous. Knowing the different lift accessories, and how to choose the proper one, can
save you from making harmful mistakes.
So, what are the proper two-post lift
accessories, and how do you know which
ones are considered safe to use?

Confirm lift accessories
are certified
When it comes to automotive lift safety,
there should only be one name on your
mind: the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI).
With full-size vehicle lifts, ALI certification is the best way to be assured of your lift's
safety. The same applies to vehicle lift accessories. An ALI approved accessory is certified for its design and construction safety.
With so much at risk, you need to know
that you can trust the tools you're using on
your vehicle. ALI certification proves that

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the vehicle lift and/or accessories you use
have been rigorously tested and examined.
Additionally, only ALI certified accessories should be used with an ALI certified lift.
If you use an attachment that is not certified
on a certified lift, you could void the certification for as long as the lift remains altered.
Not only is an ALI certified accessory
your safest option, but if you want your lift
to remain certified it's your only option.
Most lift manufacturers sell lift replacement parts and accessories along with
the lifts themselves. In many cases, these
accessories are designed to fit perfectly
and function safely with your lift.
Whether adding an accessory or replacing a part, you should always purchase from
the same manufacturer who made your lift.
This goes for every kind of full-size lift available, from two-post lifts to four-post lifts.
Some accessories may only be ALI certified in conjunction with a corresponding
lift. To find out which two-post lift accessories are ALI certified for a lift, find the
lift on ALI's Lift Directory (
and scroll to the bottom of the page where
compatible lift accessories are listed.

To fine-tune a lift to just the right height,
screw lift pads are the way to go. Screw
lift pads screw vertically, allowing you to
adjust the height of the points of contact
up to an additional 3".
Similar to screw lift pads, adapter pins are
designed to alter the height of the points
of contact. With sizes of low, medium, and
tall, adapter pins provide lifts with an even
broader range of heights to choose from.

Accessorize safely

Using the ALI Lift Directory to find a lift and
the ALI certified accessories that go with it
will go a long way in the accessory buying
process. Moreover, purchasing a lift accessory from the same place you purchased
your lift will ensure that the products were
engineered to work safely together.
If you're in the market for two-post lift
accessories, use these tips to determine the
best and safest accessory for you. At the end
of the day, the accessories you purchase have
more resting on them than just a vehicle.
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