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Hunter Engineering
RX12 Scissor Lift
This lift's versatility and ability to
streamline vehicle service make it
an asset to the reviewer's shop.
By David Brierley

The Hunter RX12 car scissor lift series is designed to
maximize productivity while utilizing limited space. The
lift features extra-wide 24" runways, along with optimal
drive-on height, standard safety locks, sensor feedback
system, velocity safety fuses, and an integrated airline
kit, as well as the company's patented control panel and
exclusive louvered ramps. The lift also features a hydraulic system to lower descent times by 50 percent, while
standard swing air jacks provide high-capacity lifting
up to 6,000 lbs.
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he goal for any automotive repair shop is to provide customers quality vehicle service in a
convenient timeframe. Typically,
if a customer can wait a short time for
their vehicle to be serviced and not have
to leave it at the shop for part of a day, it's
considered a win.
Brandon Henson, owner of Henson
Auto Service in Greer, South Carolina,
uses the RX12 Scissor Lift from Hunter
Engineering mainly for tire and alignment services. He finds that the lift, paired
with Hunter's Hawkeye Elite alignment
machine, allows him and his technicians
to complete a full, four wheel alignment
very quickly.
"Most of our alignments ... literally take somewhere between 15 to 30
minutes," he says. "You can have a car
on the lift and up in the air in ... one to
two minutes."
Henson's Hunter lift is equipped with
the company's Fully Integrated Align-

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ment (FIA) system, which syncs the lift
and alignment equipment to streamline
the alignment process. Henson notes that
in addition to the Hawkeye Elite alignment machine, his shop also uses Hunter's
Revolution tire changer and Road Force
wheel balancer.
"As far as the alignment machine with
that lift, they're made and designed to be
used together so all of the functions go
from one console to the lift itself, and
back through the alignment machine, so
everything functions flawlessly," he says.
"There's a lot of automation that's going on
between the locking of the lift, unlocking
of the lift, things like that."
Alignments aren't the only service the
technicians at Henson Auto Service use
the Hunter lift for, however.
"[Even though] it's an alignment lift,
we still use it as a service lift sometimes to
do brake jobs [and] tire rotations," Henson
says. "And we do all of our service jobs on
it as well - [such as] oil changes - because

it's so fast, and it allows us to do our alignment rollouts at [the same] time. We can
do an alignment check, oil change, and
tire rotation, and still have the car back
up front in 30 minutes or so."
In addition to enabling the shop to provide speedy service, Henson says the lift
has proven reliable and easy to maintain
as well, improving the shop's efficiency by
providing consistent uptime and quick,
in-house maintenance.
"I've had that piece of equipment now
... [at least] three years, and I've never had
a major malfunction, ever," he adds. "We
keep up with maintenance ourselves - it's
very easy to maintain."
After using the lift for several years,
Henson couldn't be more pleased with its
performance, versatility, and durability.
"That machine has been pretty much
flawless," he says. "It's one of the backbones, if not the backbone of the shop."
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