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Connected at the Gate
The SafeControl Apron Management system uses real-time intelligence to
optimize operations on the ramp.

Photo courtesy of ADB SAFEGATE

By Josh Smith


n a data-driven world, more information
provides opportunities to be efficient.
ADB SAFEGATE is helping deliver key
information to ground personnel while
keeping them connected with airport and
airline officials for improved operations on
the ramp.
Working in tandem with its Safedock
Advanced Visual Docking Guidance Systems
(A-VDGS), ADB SAFEGATE's SafeControl Apron Management (SAM) system uses
real-time intelligence to optimize the use of
resources and improve the predictability of
events on the apron.
As a result, aircraft docking, turnaround
and pre-departure sequencing processes can
all be streamlined to improve airport and airline performance via faster gate turns, reduced
delays, less ramp congestion and increased
Previously, ADB SAFEGATE offered a gate
operating system designed to control, monitor
and maintain the Safedock A-VDGS. Niclas
Svedberg, ADB SAFEGATE's global product
manager for the SafeControl Apron Management, explains the SAM system is capable of
monitoring all gate activity and managing the
entire process of arriving and departing aircraft.
"It can be used to manage all stands/gates -
equipped with A-VDGS and 'marshalled only'
stands," Svedberg says. "SAM is the natural
connection point for integrating all systems and
equipment in the apron area, including flight
feeds and other systems such as weather systems, baggage handling systems, resource/asset
management systems and surveillance systems."

Ramp Connectivity

Automated aircraft docking via Safedock
A-VDGS is at the heart of the SAM system,
Svedberg notes. The strategic location at each
gate allows the A-VDGS to be used as intelligent sensors to track the progress of the aircraft turnaround and the position of aircraft
in the gate area.
SAM shares information from other connected systems with the Safedock A-VDGS,



such as flight feeds and weather information
like lightning warnings. SAM also tracks and
reports aircraft movements, gate status and
turn milestones, including block-on/block-off
time and use of ground support equipment
(GSE). It then relays that data back to airport
and airline systems.
"SAM monitors all connected systems,
tracks history and reports analytics that
can be used by airport operators to measure
compliance to procedures and performance to
improve operations," explains Svedberg.
"SAM supports collaborative decision-making to optimize ground operations,"
he continues. "Real-time gate intelligence and
accurate flight information is shared with airport, airline and ramp and air traffic control
Integration with other systems allows SAM
to inform ground personnel of critical arrival
and departure information via Safedock's LED
ramp information display system (RIDS).
"Airport and airlines can use actual and
automated block times for reporting of
on-time performance (OTP)," adds Svedberg.
"Airports have the ability to track gate use by
user for better tracking and analysis."
Standard SAM features include gateway to
external systems; automated docking startups; real-time status view of each gate; gate
adjacency rules; support of MARS stands;
camera view of the ramp; error messages and
alerts; tracking and reporting turnaround
progress; tracking and reporting block times;
tracking and reporting passenger boarding
bridge position; tracking and reporting GSE
use; ramp closed message when lightning
is detected; automated and free text RIDS
messages; central maintenance for software
updates and configuration changes; access for
remote support; and user management.
"By connecting systems involved in the
turnaround process, vital information is
shared to increase situational awareness and
allow the right decisions or corrective actions
to be taken to ensure smooth and safe operations," says Svedberg. "By managing the



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