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" The cargo infrastructure at the major
gateway airports has not been touched in
40-50 years. And so obviously that is going
to have an impact on road structure and
access for years to come and it must be
looked at, " he continues.
Therefore, airports looking to bring in
a cargo carrier should allocate funding
to modernize infrastructure to increase
the ease of use for cargo. But if that's not
a possibility, upgrades to technology can
also help. Fried suggests thinking outside
of the box.
" Perhaps we need to be employing more
automation in terms of appointment setting
for the trucks, so that they don't show
up when the freight's not ready for pickup
and that there's some type of an automated,
virtual cargo community, which there is
now starting at several airports, " Fried says.
Communicate for the Future
Once a cargo operation is established at an
airport, Fried says communication between
all parties is the difference between a
long-lasting relationship and a short one.
" Communication is essential, and so is
frequent engagement. We've been having
town hall meetings during normal times,
and since COVID, we've done a few virtually.
Still, before the pandemic, we were
traveling throughout the country to places
like Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston, New York
and Chicago. And we were holding town
hall meetings to discuss challenges and
suggestions with airport managers, and
they were at the table at each city, " Fried
points out.
In addition, each year, the Airforwarders
Association holds their AirCargo
Conference, with the Airports Council
International-North America and the Air
& Expedited Motor Carriers as partners.
" We bring the cargo managers of the airports
in because they realize that having
freight flowing in and out of their airport
is essential to that city's local commerce.
... The reality is that companies want to
locate in cities with frequent air service. So,
they can get products out into the market
as quickly as possible and receive products
from overseas. And, when we engage with
the airport managers, they tell us, 'We want
you to use our airport as much as possible
Electric Driven
* 5000-PSIG rated
* 15 SCFM discharge rate
* Quiet, only 60 dba
* No belts or pulleys
* 2-Stage and double acting
Air Driven
* 5000-PSIG rated
* 36 SCFM discharge rate
* Portable
* Single acting, double acting
and 2-stage configurations
Air Driven
* Two (2) bottle hand truck
* Fits bottles 9.3 " in diameter
and 51 " in height
* Accommodates single / double
acting and 2-stage configurations
* Automatic shutoff safety valves
9201 Independence Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311 USA
(Phone) 818.407.3400 | (Fax) 818.407.3428
Made in the U.S.A.
because we realize that it supports a vibrant
commercial environment,' " says Fried.
Conversations generally revolve around
airport road access, facility development
and how to limit congestion, but also how
to limit the impact of areas neither party
may have control over.
" These include the labor market, the
ground handlers, those in the warehouse
that are preparing the freight for departure
and, of course, arrival. They're having
struggles themselves with getting workers,
and that's backing up the trucks as a result.
So, it's a tremendous concern, and the airport
managers realize it, so they've been
working with us, " Fried says.
And if the struggles can be overcome,
Fried says the future looks bright for both
cargo operators and airports.
" From a long-term perspective, if I were
advising the airport, I would say in your
long-term planning, make sure that you
accommodate excessive or spiked demands
Gas Boosters provide up to
Primary use for filling or topping off...
Onboard Oxygen Bottles * Struts * Escape Chute
High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) * Life Rafts * Tires
Even if your source gas pressure drops below 300-PSI
for air cargo along the lines of what we're
currently seeing. I think that we're going
to see these volumes well into 2022, if not
into 2023 because there are still close to a
hundred ships parked off the coast of the
port of Los Angeles, " he says.
" And as long as we're seeing that, airfreight
is going to continue to be operating
at a very high level because there are too
many shippers right now that are overflying
that maritime bottleneck and using
air cargo as their salvation to get products
to market, " Fried continues. " We've seen
ocean carriers now getting into airfreight.
For example, last week, a European ocean
carrier just committed to three air freighters,
and they're traditionally a maritime
operator. Still, they see the opportunities
in air freight, so they're making a bet that
it's here to stay for a while. "
Hydraulics International, Inc.


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