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Business Buzz
Intercargo SAU
Recertifies ISAGO Audit
This summer, Intercargo SAU underwent
a comprehensive International Air
Transport Association (IATA) audit to
recertify IATA Safety Audit for Ground
Operations (ISAGO) quality norm at its
headquarters and Ezeiza, Aeroparque
and Mendoza stations.
Unilode Appoints Akhlaq as
Chief Commercial Officer
Unilode Aviation Solutions announced the
appointment of Mohammed Akhlaq as chief
commercial officer. Akhlaq has more than 30
years' experience in senior commercial and
operational roles in the aviation industry. He has
worked closely with airlines, ground handlers
and logistics companies and is a trusted liaison in
the industry.
Akhlaq's most recent role was chief commercial
officer for Europe at dnata where his commercial
prowess enabled the company to grow
significantly and achieve an incredibly strong
brand recognition.
" I am delighted that Mohammed has joined
Unilode, and I am confident that he will play a
major role in enabling us to enhance our market
position and to strengthen Unilode's undisputed
leader position in the ULD and galley cart sector, "
Ross Marino, chief executive officer, Unilode, said.
" He will be a key member of our executive leadership
team and ensure that we have a commercial
strategy that will produce optimal results and
position Unilode for further growth and success. "
" I am thrilled to join Unilode and lead the
company's commercial strategy to capture new
opportunities and further increase Unilode's
share in the outsourced ULD and galley cart solutions
market, " Akhlaq said. " This is an exciting
and challenging time as our industry bounces
back after the pandemic, and I am looking forward
to working together with my new team to
retain existing accounts, expand our customer
portfolio and provide new service offerings in the
aviation market. "
ISAGO certification is the ground
operations' safety audit performed
by IATA. The audit program, which is
internationally recognized for companies
that provide airport ground
services to commercial, cargo and private
airlines, standardizes processes
that ensure safer and more effective
ground operations.
Menzies Aviation Expands
Board as it Embarks on
Accelerating Growth
Menzies Aviation announced the expansion
of its board with the appointment
of three new members: Ehab Aziz, Dr.
Cheryl Martin and Thomas Plenborg.
The new board, chaired by Hassan
El-Houry, was established following the
acquisition of Menzies by Agility and
will support the executive
management team (EMT).
Aziz is the group chief
financial officer for Agility.
His financial acumen and
extensive M&A experience
will support Menzies' growth ambitions
to become the undisputed No. 1 in aviation
Martin is founder of Harwich Partners,
working with public
and private sector entities
to identify drivers to accelerate
the adoption of new
technologies into key markets.
Alongside innovation,
Martin will focus on sustainability
in support of Menzies' " All In "
strategy, as it works towards becoming
carbon neutral by 2033.
Plenborg is chairman of DSV, the
global transport and logistics company,
10 || Ground Support Worldwide || December 2022/January 2023
and chairman of ECIT, an
accounting and IT services
company. Plenborg's
breadth of experience in
the European logistics
industry will assist Menzies
as it embarks on a
period of rapid growth.
" It is an exciting time to be part of
Menzies and a privilege to serve as
chairman, " El-Houry said. " I'm thrilled
to welcome three new board members
to Menzies, with each bringing
unique qualities and expertise to the
table as we enter a new era of accelerated
growth. "


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