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Business Buzz
Çelebi Tanzania Signs Ground
Handling Agreement with
flydubai in Dar Es Salaam
Çelebi Aviation announced that its
subsidiary Celebi Tanzania Airport
Services Limited has signed a new
agreement with flydubai for providing
ground handling services in Dar Es
Salaam, Tanzania.
" Flydubai is one of the most reliable
and valuable partners across our network
since many years. It is our pleasure
to extend this partnership also in
Tanzania. We are excitingly waiting for
the first day of the operation with my
experienced team and our equipment in
place. We are looking forward to a successful
collaboration, " Celebi Tanzania
managing director Ferda Yakar said.
Hactl Appointed by CMA
CGM Air Cargo for New
Hong Kong Flights
Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited
(Hactl) has been appointed to handle
CMA CGM Air Cargo's new Hong Kong
services. CMA CGM Air Cargo is the cargo
airline of the CMA CGM Group.
CMA CGM Air Cargo has added five
scheduled flights per week from Paris
Charles de Gaulle airport to Hong Kong,
joining its existing services to the U.S.
The new Hong Kong services are being
operated with brand new Boeing 777F
aircraft. Under the new partnership,
Hactl will provide a total cargo solution
to CMA CGM Air Cargo, including terminal
and ramp handling, as well as
documentation services. Capacity on the
flights is being marketed by CMA CGM
Air Cargo, together with the support of
" We are delighted to welcome CMA
CGM Air Cargo to our carrier family, and
wish them every success with this new
venture. We are honored that they are
entrusting their important new service to
DC Aviation G-OPS to Open
a New FBO at Nice Airport
In January 2023, DC Aviation G-OPS will
be opening a brand new FBO at Nice
Airport. The new FBO is committed to
delivering a complete range of VIP handling
services backed by the dedication,
professionalism and experience of the DC
Aviation G-OPS team.
The FBO's location will help optimize
operations and support services. It
includes a spacious lounge. And in keeping
with the high quality and standards
of DC Aviation and G-OPS, passengers
and crew will find that the lounge has
the latest technological innovations.
The purpose of the DC Aviation G-OPS
FBO is to offer customers the services
and standards DC Aviation already has in
place at locations in Europe and the UAE.
G-OPS's experience in ground services for
VIP clients and its presence in the French
Riviera presents a strength in the launch
of the new FBO.
" DC Aviation - G-OPS will be an integral
part of the airport ecosystem and
maintain close collaboration with airport
authorities, acting as our clients' unique
point of contact to deliver best-in-class
services, " Karim Berrandou, CEO of
G-OPS said, while speaking about the
new DC Aviation G-OPS FBO.
" We are looking forward to building a
dependable and close-knit cooperation
with the airport and our local partners
to achieve the set goals - in terms of
14 || Ground Support Worldwide || December 2022/January 2023
our care, and look forward to supporting
them with comprehensive, efficient and
resilient ground handling services, " Hactl
chief executive Wilson Kwong said.
sustainability as well - while offering our
customers facilities that meet our high
standards with respect to quality, comfort
and discretion, " Michael Kuhn, CEO
of DC Aviation added.
WFS Celebrates New
Baggage Handling and CIP
Terminal Contracts in Hong
Kong and Singapore
Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) is celebrating
two significant new contract wins
in Asia for baggage handling services at
Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)
and the renewal of its CIP Terminal Services
contract in Singapore.
In Hong Kong, WFS will commence its
new baggage handling responsibilities
on behalf of the Airport Authority Hong
Kong in January 2023 at the start of a
three-year contract.
" We've been honored to be part of the
Hong Kong aviation scene since 1998,
serving the Airport Authority Hong Kong
and every airline at this outstanding
international airport, " said WFS' regional
managing director, Hong Kong and Singapore,
James Carey Jr.
In Singapore, JetQuay - the airport
services and passenger experience specialist
majority owned by WFS - has
successfully renewed its contract, with
effect from January 2023, to operate the
airport's elite CIP (Commercially Important
Passenger) Terminal. It provides a
comprehensive range of VIP services
for travelers, including airline check-in
and immigration clearance, a luxury
lounge as well as limousine service to
escort high priority guests to and from
their aircraft.
" JetQuay has operated the CIP Terminal
for over 16 years, prior to this latest
contract renewal, and we are immensely
honored to continue to gain the trust
of the airport authority to serve Changi
Airport's VIP guests and to ensure the
best-in-class service and comfort levels
they deserve. This new contract reflects
the airport's trust in the JetQuay team's
ability to maintain these high standards
and to make Singapore an airport of
choice for VIP travelers, " said Abraham
Lim, general manager at JetQuay.


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