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Ground Service Providers
Other areas of the standard that are
undergoing revision include the on-product
label durability testing requirements,
he says.
" This is due to the fact that the label
manufacturers have transitioned from
tests prescribed by the American Society
of Testing and Materials (ASTM) to a testing
standard developed by Underwriters
Laboratories (UL), " Switalski explains.
Also, he says, the Care and Use section
of the standard is being expanded to
reflect safe use requirements based upon
input from manufacturers of the products
with regard to how their products
have been misused and/or abused.
Ground Support Equipment
Various pieces of ground support equipment
help ground service providers work
above ground.
For example, Mallaghan produces
products such as deicers, cleaning and
catering trucks, fire rescue stairs, maintenance
platform lifts, medical lifts for
passengers with reduced mobility (PRM)
and lavatory service trucks.
Mallaghan's GSE is designed and
manufactured in line with EN standards
and IATA recommendations, according
to Marcel Bernhardt, regional sales manager
at Mallaghan.
" Our bespoke solutions include platforms
with extendable handrails and
safety gates, swivel platform leading edge
and anchor points for
safety harMallaghan's
CT8000 catering truck was designed to raise higher, lift heavier
payloads and safely dock to every door of the Airbus A380.
ness, " he says. " We also ensure warning
labels and advice are in place ahead of
handovers to make operators aware of
any risks associated with the height. "
Safety features are designed for
ground service personnel as well
as passengers.
At Stinar, one of its most popular
products, especially among airports
without jetways, is the Disabled Passenger
Lift. The truck-mounted aircraft service
vehicle is designed for transporting
people with injuries, disabilities or limited
mobility to and from aircraft.
To transfer passengers from ground
Stinar's Disabled
Passenger Lift includes
wheelchair mounting
rails, stretcher mounts,
oxygen tank mount, and
bench seat and mount.
level to the van body, there's a hydraulic
rear lift gate. A double scissors lift
mechanism enables raising the van body
to aircraft door threshold heights of 90
to 228 inches, and the van body has a
rated capacity of 3,000 lbs. Whenever
the van body is raised, hydraulically
operated stabilizers are used. The scissors
lift and stabilizers are powered
by a hydraulic pump driven from the
truck's transmission, and the hydraulic
pump functions only when the
power take-off (PTO) switch is turned
on from the cab control station.
Craig Kruckeberg, CEO/CVO at Stinar,
says sensors prevent the lift from raising
or lowering if it senses anyone on the
front platform bridging the gap between
the van body floor and the aircraft
door threshold.
An intercom system permits communication
between the van body and
the cab. Cameras and monitors can
26 || Ground Support Worldwide || December 2022/January 2023
enable operators to see what's going
on around the equipment or inside the
cabin, Kruckeberg adds.
When the lift is in the air, Kruckeberg
explains two floodlights on the front
of the unit and two floodlights on the
rear illuminate about 20 feet around
the vehicle.
Other features include diamond
plate flooring, telescoping side rails with
rubber bumpers on the extended railings
and a full-width rubber bumper at
the front of the platform. The railings
on the platform sides are painted in
safety yellow.
" Every unit that we ship out, we fly in
and train everybody that's going to be an
operator, " Kruckeberg says.
He encourages managers to ensure
their employees are well trained and
reminds equipment operators not to rush
while operating the equipment.
JETechnology Solutions, Inc. (JSI)
manufactures military and commercial
aircraft maintenance stands and fall prevention
Mitchell Hamilton, USMC (Ret.), business
development manager, JETechnology
Solutions, describes the company's
equipment as passive protection.
" You're just walking onto a platform
to do maintenance on an aircraft, "
he says.
Basic features include things like
anti-slip platforms, which include
traction tread or grip strut, railings
(typically 42 inches high) and 4-inch
high kickplates.


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