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requirements for many participating
companies. The CM also provides assistance
with information distribution
about the event logistics, clerical support
for committee information collection and
posting and obtaining documents that
are up for review, " Sassaman says.
" However, one of the biggest roles
of the CM during an AGE-3 committee
meeting or document creation is to
ensure that the process and procedures
of the SAE Aerospace Council are being
adhered to, " she adds. " This involves
answering committee member questions
about voting, document verbiage,
intellectual property rules, copyright
procedures and directing participants to
the appropriate contacts within the SAE
organization when needed. "
What's more, Sassaman explains CMs
coordinate inter-committee collaboration
when topics cross over committees. The
G-12 E
Air Cargo
position also requires supporting committee
participants in using the technology
platforms for voting and commenting
on documents, as well as technology
onsite at meeting locations.
Once a meeting begins, the objective is
to move the industry forward with facts,
discussion and collaboration.
" It's as data-driven as possible, " Castillo
says. " You go off and do your homework.
Then you come and present it to
the committee. The whole premise is that
your opinion is only as valuable as someone's
ability to repeat it later or be able to
produce the same result. "
Although volunteering in the AGE-3
committee requires an investment
in time, energy and resources - from
both a corporate and personal level,
Castillo says participating in the group
is worthwhile.
" It's valuable in the sense that you get
to be at the forefront of these topics that
are going to affect your industry, " he says.
" We're at the table when discussions are
being had about where the industry is
going and what are the challenges - from
safety all the way up to new technology
that's coming into the industry. This is
the forum to participate in that. "
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Joining the Committee
There are three ways to participate
in the AGE-3 committee: as a mailing
list member, as a liaison and as a
voting member.
" SAE committees are open to the
public, " Sassaman says. " Information
about each committee can be found on
the SAE website. If a person is interested
in becoming involved with a committee,
the individual completes a 'join committee'
form and is entered into the SAE
system as either a mail list, liaison or
voting member. "
Voting members contribute to the
work of a technical committee, vote on
all technical report ballots and maintain
active participation on a respective
technical committee. Liaisons coordinate
with parallel activities occurring in the
government, other associations and related
SAE technical committees and may
serve in an advisory capacity on specific
projects. Liaisons receive technical report
ballots and may provide comments. However,
they do not have an approval/disapproval
vote. Mailing list recipients receive
information on technical committee
meetings. They do not receive information
related to technical report ballots.
" If you're only interested in receiving
email communications from the


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