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committee about upcoming events, ballots
or whatever, you're just on the mailing
list, " Barninger adds. " Liaison is probably
the majority of our members. A liaison
member has access to the standards
works website. They can view all the committee
documents. They can participate
in a ballot to the extent that they can read
the draft and they can enter comments
about the draft. "
After exclusively holding virtual meetings
during the pandemic, the AGE-3
committee has returned to its previous
method of holding two annual meetings -
once in person and once virtually.
Convening in the same physical location
comes with benefits.
" In-person committee meetings provide
community building amongst the members.
Face-to-face conversations are not
inhibited by poor internet connectivity.
Members can read facial expressions of
their peers and flow points of discussion.
A quick hallway chat can resolve a ballot
comment that has been lingering over
email responses, " Sassaman says. " In-person
meetings help encourage new standards
ideas through presentations from
different industry stakeholders. "
The current members of the AGE-3 committee
are looking for more participation.
Moore notes volunteers are needed from
all facets of the industry.
" No one in here is selling a product.
We're trying to make our industry better
as a whole, " Moore says.
" I would hope that the different facets
of the industry - the manufacturers, the
airlines, the ground handlers and the GSE
manufacturers - know that there's an
opportunity to join a group at a ground
level to influence and be a part of the
direction the industry is headed, " he adds.
Moore says he joined the committee
because he wanted to better understand
the ins and outs of the industry.
" These were all the brains in the industry
from the engineering world. In order to
be able to talk the talk and walk the walk,
I wanted to get emersed with these folks,
and I've stayed here, " Moore says.
Moore encourages people to review the
committee agendas to see if there is an
area of expertise they can contribute to.
He also notes the meetings are free.
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" We're sponsored, normally by manufacturers, "
Moore says. " Because of that
there's no membership charge to come
give your opinion and participate. "
Barninger says many people discover
the AGE-3 committee by word of mouth.
Others get involved because they're using
a standard in their work and think it can
be improved.
" So, they'll contact us with suggestions
to improve it, " he says.
" If you have an interest in this industry,
we look for members - not just from the
engineering community, designing and
building the equipment - but from the
airline community, the people using the
equipment and from the airframe OEMs
because the equipment is being designed
to work on them, " Barninger continues.
" The more we can get from that mix
of people, the better the standards are
going to be.
" So anybody involved in any one of
those categories and has an interest in
working on standards, I would encourage
them to contact us. "
" There's dedicated people here because
we know that if we can get it right
here, then there's more time at home
later. There's a lot less problems in the
future, " Moore adds.
Industry members who would like to
join can also contact SAE directly for more
information about the AGE-3 committee
and submit an inquiry with the committee
" GSE is a very small community. It's
a tight-knit, little world. Most of us who
are in this business, who have been going
to these meetings for years, we all know
each other. Sometimes we change chairs,
sometimes we change companies, but we
all know each other, " Barninger says. " It's a
close networking group. "
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