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Business Buzz
The Microsoft Climate Innovation
Fund has made a $50M investment to
support the construction of LanzaJet's,
and the world's, first alcohol-to-jet sustainable
aviation fuel (SAF) production
plant. The innovative structure of Microsoft's
financing will enable LanzaJet
to bring lower-cost sustainable aviation
fuel and renewable diesel to the
global market.
This investment also creates the
opportunity for LanzaJet and the Microsoft
Climate Innovation Fund to
work together in enabling LanzaJet,
through the Freedom Pines Fuels plant,
to catalyze the market for second
generation, waste-based ethanol feedstock,
demonstrating clear demand
signals for ethanol that can achieve
greater carbon reductions.
The construction of Freedom Pines
Fuels is progressing as planned, even
with supply chain, manufacturing and
labor shortages impacting the global
economy. The LanzaJet Freedom Pines
Fuels plant is expected to achieve
mechanical completion this year and
begin producing 10 million gallons
of SAF and renewable diesel per year
from sustainable ethanol, including
from waste-based feedstocks, in 2023.
" We are thrilled to bring on Microsoft
and its Climate Innovation Fund
to help us build our first-of-its-kind
sustainable fuels plant in Georgia. The
partnership with Microsoft is more
than just financing - it advances our
work towards net zero fuels, it enables
lower-cost sustainable fuels into the
market, and it supports the urgency to
have real, proven technologies scaleup
and deploy, " said Jimmy Samartzis,
LanzaJet CEO.
" We set a bold ambition to support
the White House with a goal of 1 billion
gallons of sustainable fuels by
2030. With Microsoft's support, this
first plant significantly expands the
production of sustainable fuels in the
U.S., establishes Georgia as a leader in
cleantech, and is the foundation for us
as the first alcohol-to-jet sustainable
fuels producer, and as a blueprint for
the commercial plants we're developing
globally. "
Menzies Achieves Further IATA
Pharma Handling Accreditation
at Heathrow and Budapest
Menzies Aviation announced that its
cargo operations at Heathrow Airport
(LHR) and Budapest Ferenc Liszt International
Airport (BUD) have received
IATA certification to handle time- and
temperature-sensitive pharma products.
The Center of Excellence of Independent
Validators for Pharmaceutical Logistics
accreditation (CEIV Pharma) is recognized
by IATA and follows the recent
CEIV Pharma accreditations awarded to
Menzies' Sydney and Melbourne bases.
This accreditation formally endorses
Menzies' ability to safely handle
high-value, time-sensitive and temperature-controlled
transported into
and out of LHR
and BUD, in line
with shipper
requirements and
with the speed
and consistency
required. Menzies
is currently focusing
on achieving
CEIV Pharma certification at more locations
across its global cargo network.
" The CEIV Pharma accreditation is
recognized by all of our customers and
the latest certifications represent the
strengthening of our supply chain in
Europe, providing confidence to manufacturers,
freight forwarders and carriers
that products handled by our teams at
Heathrow and Budapest will be appropriately
handled in line with the regulations, "
said Robert Fordree, executive
vice president global cargo services at
Menzies Aviation.
Shell Announces Carbon
Neutral 100LL Avgas
in the US Market
Shell Trading Company and Shell Aviation
delivered the first truckload of carbon
neutral avgas to Avfuel as part of a new
offer for customers refueling at select FBO
locations in the U.S. Avfuel purchased a
7,000-gallon truckload of avgas bundled
with carbon credits to compensate 75
metric tons of CO2e emissions.
10 || Ground Support Worldwide || February 2022
Carbon neutral 100LL avgas is traditional
100LL avgas that Shell, in collaboration
with Avfuel Corporation, delivers
bundled together with carbon credits. The
lifecycle CO2e emissions from the product
including the raw materials, transport,
production and distribution as well as
usage of the product will be offset by
Shell's global portfolio of verified naturebased
carbon credits.
" Avfuel is proud to collaborate with
Shell to help further advance aviation's
sustainability goals, " said Joel Hirst,
Avfuel vice president of sales. " By supplying
avgas that is already offset with
carbon credits - making for a carbon-neutral
avgas option-we can make
the concept of net-zero more accessible for
the aviation community. "
FBO Riga Confirms
Compliance with IS-BAH
Stage 2 Safety Standards
FBO Riga business aviation center located
at Riga International Airport (RIX)
in Latvia has confirmed IS-BAH Stage 2
accreditation after successfully passing
an audit by the International Business
Aviation Council (IBAC).
" To confirm compliance with IS-BAH
Stage 2 requirements, we again passed an
audit of our management systems, security
procedures, organizational structure,
training protocols and operational processes.
This is a detailed audit that takes
several months, " said Roman Starkov,
co-owner of FBO Riga. " Our team demonstrates
the first-class quality of service
and compliance with the highest safety
requirements in business aviation - every
day, on each flight - and this has been
confirmed by the IBAC audit. "
" The international recognition of FBO
RIGA's professionalism, confirmed by the
IS-BAH Stage 2 certificate, is very important
for our clients. This is a guarantee
of safety of their travels and proof of the
highest quality of passenger and aircraft
handling in FBO RIGA, " said Leonid Gorodnitski,
co-owner of FBO RIGA.


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