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Business Buzz
Universal Aviation Expands
Presence in Spain
Universal Aviation, the worldwide
ground support division of Universal
Weather and Aviation Inc., has expanded
its presence in Spain. Universal Aviation
Spain has teamed with Andalucia
Aviation, adding six ground handling
locations in southern Spain. As part of
the agreement, the locations will remain
branded Andalucia Aviation locally but
will now fall under the Universal Aviation
The six new Universal Aviation Spain
locations include Almeria (LEAM), Ciudad
Real (LERL), Granada (LEGR), Jerez (LEJR),
Malaga (LEMG) and Sevilla (LEZL). The six
new locations join existing Universal Aviation
Spain locations in Madrid (LEMD),
and Barcelona (LEBL) and Girona (LEGE)
giving the network a total of nine locations
in Spain and 23 total in Europe, the
Middle East and Africa. Universal Aviation
Spain has been providing ground
handling services in Spain for more
than 43 years.
" We've experienced increased demand
from our clients to leisure destinations
throughout Southern Spain, " said
Gonzalo Barona, Jr., general manager,
Universal Aviation Spain. " Even with
the current COVID restrictions, many of
these locations are experiencing traffic
levels exceeding their pre-pandemic
numbers. We expect this to only increase
as restrictions hopefully ease in the
coming months. "
Barona said Universal Aviation will
take advantage of the expertise and
experience of the current Andalucia Aviation
team members while continuing to
enhance the company's already strong
track record of safety and service.
Aviator Signs New Contract
with Eurowings
Aviator Airport Alliance, a full-range
provider of aviation services at 15 airports
across the Nordics and a family
member of one of the largest aerospace
service groups Avia Solutions Group,
has strengthened their partnership with
Eurowings by signing a new contract.
Under the new partnership agreement,
Aviator will provide Eurowings with
ground handling and deicing services at
the newly established airline's base at
Stockholm Arlanda airport. The contract
will be in effect until 2028.
Full Service Rental * Supply of Refurbished GSE *
Telematics * Full Fleet Sale & Rent Back * Fleet Consultancy
Fleet flexibility
Guaranteed availability
Operational reliability
Improved punctuality
28 - 29 March
29 - 31 March
17 - 19 May
14 || Ground Support Worldwide || March 2022
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2/21/22 4:43 PM
Continuous innovation
Fleet optimization
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Global network synergies


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